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Intro to China Title a blank sheet of paper Brainstart – Intro to China.

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1 Intro to China Title a blank sheet of paper Brainstart – Intro to China

2 Brainstart – Intro to China Divide your page into four sections Label the sections picture 1, picture 2, etc... On the next slide, you will see four pictures related to China. In each section of your graphic organizer, identify 2 strands of Social Studies that can be inferred from the picture, and explain your connection Five Strands of Social Studies are: –Government- Geography –Culture- History –Economics

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4 Brainstart – Intro to China Share your answers Did you notice any similarities? Geography is a common theme among these pictures

5 Title the next page China Geography Terms Copy these words onto the next page in your notebook, skipping a line between each Yellow Riversocial structure Tibetan Plateausilt Taklamakan Desertmillet Chinas sorrowYangtze River religionclimate riceflood barrier

6 Yellow River The Huang He, or Yellow River flows across China for more than 2,900 miles. It gets its name from the rich yellow soil it carries from Mongolia to the Pacific Ocean. Nicknamed Chinas Sorrow because when the river flooded many people drowned and many homes were destroyed.

7 Silt Fine particles of rock that can be found in the rivers and are deposited along the banks during flooding. It provides fertile land for farming.

8 Tibetan Plateau Nicknamed The Roof of the World, because its average elevation is more than two miles above sea level. Covers almost a quarter of the land in China. Rocky land surrounded by the Himalayas on the southern edge. Mt. Everest is the highest mountain in the world.

9 Taklamakan Desert 105,000 square miles in northwestern China Considered one of the most dangerous deserts in the world.

10 Gobi Desert Over 500,000 square miles, the Gobi Desert is one of the worlds largest deserts. Covers part of China and Mongolia

11 Millet A type of grain that is grown in Inner China.

12 Yangtze River Also known as Chang Jiang, it means Long River. It has hundreds of tributaries, or streams that feed into a larger river. Good area to grow rice because there is a lot of warmth and moisture. It is used to transport goods between the eastern and western regions.

13 Shang Social Structure Six social classes –King –Nobles –Craftspeople –Traders –Farmers –Slaves

14 Religion Religion centered on ancestor worship. –They believed it was important to honor their ancestors because they had power to help or harm the living. –Kings had the power to rule because they descended from powerful ancestors. –Used oracle bones to ask their ancestors advice on important matters.

15 Workshop Instructions Use the following resources to find information about each of these terms: –Chapter 19 in History Alive! –Informational handout on the Yellow River – Record important information as you research Think about how these terms might be related and gather evidence to support your connections Once you have finished researching, complete the webbing assignment

16 Exit Slip Answer the following questions on an index card 1.Based on your research today, where did early people settle in ancient China? Why? 2.Explain how geography influenced 2 other aspects of the 5 Strands of Social Studies in ancient China.

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