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Series, Sequels, & Companion Books by Authors Last Names.

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1 Series, Sequels, & Companion Books by Authors Last Names

2 GENRE GUIDE If youre looking for high-flying, swashbuckling tales of courageous deeds and brave heroes, look for books in this genre. These books will keep your head spinning with stories about whos who, what she said, whos keeping secrets, and other gossip. These books involve the supernatural. If youre looking for a book with magic, mythical creatures, or fairy tales, pick up a fantasy novel. Stories in this genre are set in a particular period of history, such as World War II or colonial America. They range from retellings of actual events to fictional stories and characters set in a specific time period. Vampires, demons, devils, the occult, and other dark and gothic themes characterize this genre. These books will have you holding your sides and rolling on the floor laughing! If you want a nail-biter, pick up one of these books. Everything from unsolved crimes to supernatural thrillers fit in this category. Stories in this genre didnt actually happen, but they could have! These books have characters and problems just like the ones you have in real life. These books will give you butterflies in your stomach and make you swoon. Books in this genre deal with the impacts of real or imagined sciences and technologies on society. Think outer space, time travel, genetic engineering, weaponry, and much more. These books focus on sports and athletes. Pick up something from this genre if you want to read about people who are forced to survive on a desert island, lost in the woods, or otherwise without easy access to food, shelter, or help.

3 Author Series NameSeries Sequence various39 Clues 1. The Maze of Bones (Riordan, Rick) 2. One False Note (Korman, Gordon) 3. The Sword Thief (Lerangis, Peter) 4. Beyond the Grave (Watson, Jude) 5. The Black Circle (Carman, Patrick) 6. In Too Deep (Watson, Jude) 7. The Vipers Nest (Lerangis, Peter) 8. The Emperors Code (Korman, Gordon) 9. Storm Warning (Park, Linda Sue) Into the Gauntlet (Haddix, Margaret) /20/2010

4 Author Series NameSeries Sequence various39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers 1. The Medusa Plot (Korman, Gordon) 2.A Kings Ransom (Watson, Jude) 3.The Dead of the Night (Lerangis, Peter) (2012) 4.Shatterproof (Smith, Roland) (2012) 3/6/12 mystery

5 Author Series Name Series Sequence Various: Langan, Paul; Schraff, Anne; Langan, John; Blackwell, DM; Alirez, Ben Bluford High 1.Lost and Found 2.A Matter of Trust 3.Secrets in the Shadows 4.Someone to Love Me 5.The Bully 6.Payback 7.Until We Meet Again 8.Blood is Thicker 9.Brothers in Arms 10. Summer of Secrets 11. The Fallen 12. Shattered 13. Search for Safety 14. No Way Out 15. Schooled 4/20/2010

6 Author Series Name Book Titles Abrahams, Peter Echo Falls1.Down the Rabbit Hole 2.Behind the Curtain 3.Into the Dark 4/20/2010

7 Author Series Name Series Sequence Adams, Douglas Hitchhiker 1.The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 2.The Restaurant at the End of the Universe 3.Life, the Universe and Everything 4.So Long and Thanks for All The Fish 5.Mostly Harmless 6.And Another Thing 2009 written with Eoin Colfer 4/20/2010

8 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Aiken, Joan Wolves Chronicles 1.The Wolves of Willoughby Chase 2.Black Hearts in Battersea 3.Nightbirds on Nantucket 4.The Whispering Mountain 5.The Cuckoo Tree 6.Midnight in Place 7.The Stolen Lake 8.Dido and Pa 9.Is Underground 10.Cold Shoulder Road 11.Dangerous Games 12.Midwinter Nightingale 13.The Witch of Clatteringshaws 4/20/2010

9 Author Series Name Series Sequence Alexander, Lloyd Prydain Chronicles 1.The Book of Three 2.The Black Cauldron 3.The Castle of Llyr 4.Taran Wanderer 5.The High King 4/20/2010

10 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Alexander, Lloyd Vesper Holly 1.The Illyrian Adventure 2.The El Dorado Adventure 3.The Drackenberg Adventure 4.The Jedera Adventure 5.The Philadelphia Adventure 6.The Xanadu Adventure 4/20/2010

11 Author Series Name Series Sequence Alexander, LloydWestmark 1.Westmark 2.The Kestrel 3.The Beggar Queen 4/20/2010

12 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Allende, Isabel Alexander Cold Series 1.City of the Beasts 2.Kingdom of the Golden Dragon 3.Forest of the Pygmies 4/20/2010

13 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Allison, Jennifer Gilda Joyce 1. Psychic Investigator 2. The Ladies of the Lake 3. The Ghost Sonata 4. The Dead Drop (2009) 5. The Bones of the Holy (2011) 4/20/2010

14 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Amano, Shiro Kingdom Hearts II 1. Volume I 2. Volume II 4/23/2010

15 Anderson, Laurie Halse Chains 1. Chains 2. Forge (2009) 12/3/2010

16 Angleberger, Tom Origami Yoda 1.The Strange Case of Origami Yoda 2.Darth Paper Strikes Back 3/9/2012 fiction

17 1.The Invasion 2.The Visitor 3.The Encounter 4.The Message 5.The Predator 6.The Capture 7.The Stranger 8.The Alien 9.The Secret 10.The Android 11.The Forgotten 12.The Reaction 13.The Change 14.The Unknown 15. The Escape 16.The Warning 17.The Underground 18.The Decision 19.The Departure 20. The Discovery 21.The Threat 22. The Solution 23.The Pretender 24.The Suspicion 25. The Extreme 26. The Attack 27.The Exposed 28. The Experiment 29. The Sickness 30. The Reunion 31.The Conspiracy 32.The Separation 33.The Illusion 34.The Prophecy 35.The Proposal 36.The Mutation 37.The Weakness 38. The Arrival 39. The Hidden 40. The Other 41.The Familiar 42.The Journey 43.The Test 44.The Unexpected 45. The Revelation 46.The Deception 47. The Resistance 48. The Return 49. The Diversion 50.The Ultimate 51. The Absolute 52.The Sacrifice 53. The Answer 54.The Beginning Animorphs by Applegate, Katherine 4/20/2010

18 Author Series Name Series Sequence Applegate, Katherine Everworld 1. The Search for Senna 2. Land of Loss 3. Enter the Enchanted 4. Realm of the Reaper 5. Discover the Destroyer 6. Fear the Fantastic 7. Gateway to the Gods 8. Brave the Betrayal 9. Inside the Illusion 10. Understand the Unknown 11. Mystify the Magician 12. Entertain the End 4/20/2010

19 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Ardagh, Philip Eddie Dickens Trilogy 1.A House Called Awful End 2. Dreadful Acts 3. Terrible Times 2/15/2012 humor fiction

20 Author Series Name Series Sequence Armstrong, Jennifer and Nancy Butcher Fire-Us1. The Kindling 2. Keepers of the Flame 3. The Kiln 4/16/2010

21 Author Series Name Series Sequence Armstrong, Kelley Darkest Powers 1.The Summoning 2. The Awakening 3. The Reckoning supernatural 2/22/2012

22 Author Series Name Series Sequence Asimov, Isaac Foundation1.Prelude to Foundation 2.Forward to Foundation 3.Foundation (aka The Year Plan) 4.Foundation and Empire (aka The Man Who Upset the Universe) 5.Second Foundation 6.Foundations Edge 7.Foundation and Earth 4/24/2012 Science fiction

23 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Atwater- Rhodes, Amelia Kieshara 1.Hawksong 2.Snakecharm 3.Falcondance 4.Wolfcry 5. Wyvernhail 4/16/2010

24 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Atwater- Rhodes, Amelia Den of Shadows 1. In the Forests of the Night 2. Demon in My View 3. Shattered Mirror 4. Midnight Predator 5. All Just Glass (2011) 4/12/2011

25 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence AviBeyond the Western Sea 1. The Escape from Home 2. Lord Kirkles Money 4/16/2010

26 Author Series Name Series Sequence AviCrispin 1.The Cross of Lead 2.At the Edge of the World 3.The End of Time (2010) 4/16/2010

27 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence AviTales from Dimwood Forest 1.Ragweed (prequel to Poppy) 2.Poppy 3.Poppy and Rye 4.Ereths Birthday 5.Poppys Return 4/16/2010

28 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Baker, E. D. Tales of the Frog Princess 1.The Frog Princess 2.Dragons Breath 3.Once Upon a Curse 4.No Place for Magic 5.The Salamander 6.The Dragon Princess 7.Dragon Kiss (2009) 8.A Prince Among Frogs (2010) 4/16/2010

29 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Barron, T. A. Merlin Saga 1.The Lost Years 2.The Seven Songs 3.The Raging Fires or Fires of Merlin 4.The Mirror of Fate or Mirror of Merlin 5.The Wizards Wings or The Wings of Merlin 6.The Dragon of Avalon or Merlins Dragon 7.Doomragas Revenge 8.Ultimate Magic 9.The Great Tree of Avalon or Child of the Dark Prophecy 10.Shadows on the Stars 11. The Eternal Flame 12. The Book of Magic Illustrated Treasury (companion guide) fantasy 1/10/2012

30 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Barry, Dave (with Ridley Pearson) Peter and the Starcatchers 1.Peter and the Starcatchers 2.Peter and the Shadow Thieves 3.Peter and the Secret of Rundoon 4.Peter and the Sword of Mercy (2009) 5.Bridge to Never Land 12/2/2011

31 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Bauer, Joan Rules of the Road Companion Novels 1. Rules of the Road 2. Best Foot Forward 4/20/2010

32 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Beddor, Frank Looking Glass Wars 1. The Looking Glass Wars 2. Seeing Redd 3. Arch Enemy 4/12/2011

33 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Blackwood, Gary Shakespeare Stealer 1.Shakespeare Stealer 2.Shakespeares Scribe 3.Shakespeares Spy 4/20/2010

34 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Benz, DerekGrey Griffins The Clockwork Chronicles 1.The Brimstone Key (June 2010) 2.The Relic Hunters 3.The Paragon Engine (May, 2012) 4/20/2010

35 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Benz, Derek and J.S. Lewis Grey Griffins 1.The Revenge Of The Shadow King 2.The Rise of the Black Wolf 3.The Fall of the Templar 4/20/2010

36 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Benz, Derek and J.S. Lewis Grey Griffins: The Clockwork Chronicles 1.The Brimstone Key 2. Relic Hunters (2011) 4/

37 Author Series Name Series Sequence Bosch, Pseudonymous Secret 1.The Name of This Book is Secret 2.If Youre Reading This, Its Too Late 3.This Book is Not Good for You 4.This Isnt What It Looks Like 5. You Have To Stop This Adventure 8/27/2012

38 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Brashares, Ann Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 1. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. Second Summer of the Sisterhood 3. Girls in Pants: The Third Summer of the Sisterhood 4.Forever in Blue 5.3 Willows: The Sisterhood Grows 4/21/2010

39 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Bray, LibbaGemma Doyle 1.A Great and Terrible Beauty 2.Rebel Angels 3.The Sweet Far Thing 3/9/2012 fiction

40 Author Series Name Series Sequence Brooke, Lauren Heartland 1.Coming Home After the Storm 2.Breaking Free 3.Taking Chances 4.Come What May 5.One Day You'll Know 6.Out of the Darkness 7.Thicker Than Water 8.Every New Day 9.Tomorrow's Promise 10.True Enough 11. Sooner or Later 12. Darkest Hour 13. Everything Changes 14. Love Is a Gift 15. Holding Fast 16. A Season of Hope 17. New Beginning 18. From This Day On 19. Always There 20. Beyond the Horizon 21. Winter's Gift 4/21/2010

41 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Brewer, Heather The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod 1. Eighth Grade Bites 2. Ninth Grade Slays 3. Tenth Grade Bleeds 4. Eleventh Grade Burns (2010) 5. Twelfth Grade Kills (2010) 4/21/2010

42 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Brooks, Terry Shannara 1. Sword of Shannara 2. Elfstones of Shannara 3. Wishsong of Shannara 4. First King of Shannara 5. The World of Shannara 4/21/2010

43 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Bruchac, Joseph Skeleton Man 1. Skeleton Man 2. The Return of Skeleton Man 4/20/2010

44 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Bryant, Bonnie Saddle Club There are 101+ titles in this series! 1.Horse Crazy 2.Horse Shy 3.Horse Sense 4.Horse Power 5.Trail Mates 6.Dude Ranch 7.Horse Play 8.Horse Show 9.Hoof Beat 10.Riding Camp 4/21/2010

45 Author Series Name Series Sequence Bryant, Bonnie Pine Hollow 1. The Long Ride 2. The Trail Home 3. Reining In 4. Changing Leads 5. Conformation Faults 6. Shying at Trouble 7. Penalty Points 8. Course of Action 9. Riding to Win 10. Ground Training 11. Cross-Ties 12. Back in the Saddle 13. High Stakes 14. Headstrong 15. Setting the Pace 16. Track Record 17. Full Gallop 4/21/2010

46 Author Series Name Series Sequence Buckley- Archer, Linda Gideon Trilogy 1. Gideon the Cutpurse or The Time Travelers 2. The Time Thief 3. Time Quake (2009) 4/21/2010

47 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Buckley, Michael Sisters Grimm 1.The Fairy Tale Detectives 2. The Unusual Suspects 3.The Problem Child 4.Once Upon a Crime 5.Magic and Other Misdemeanors 6.Tales from the Hood 7.The Everafter War (2009) 8.The Inside Story (2010) 4/20/2010

48 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Burns, Laura Wright and Wong Mysteries 1.The Case of the Prank that Stank 2.The Case of the Nana- Napper 3.The Case of the Trail Mix-Up 4.The Case of the Slippery Soap Star 4/21/2010

49 Author Series Name Series Sequence Cabot, Meg Princess Diaries 1.The Princess Diaries 2.Princess in the Spotlight 3.Princess in Love 4.Princess in Waiting 5.Project Princess 6.Princess In Pink 7.Princess in Training 8.Princess Present 9.Party Princess 10.Sweet Sixteen Princess 11.Valentine Princess 12.Princess on the Brink 13.Princess Mia 14.Forever Princess 15.Guide to Life 16.The Secret Princess Diaries 17.Holiday Princess 4/21/2010

50 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Cabot, Meg (writing as Jenny Carroll) Where-R-You 1.When Lightning Strikes 2.Codename Cassandra 3.Safe House 4. Sanctuary 5.Missing You 4/21/2010

51 Author Series Name Series Sequence Cabot, Meg (writing as Jenny Carroll) Mediator 1.Shadowland 2. Ninth Key 3.Reunion 4.Darkest Hour 5. Haunted 6.Twilight 4/21/2010

52 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Cabot, MegAll-American Girl 1.All-American Girl 2. Ready or Not 4/21/2010

53 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Cabot, Meg Allie Finkles Rules for Girls 1. Moving Day 2. The New Girl 3. Best Friends and Drama Queens 4. Fifth Grades not for Babies 5. Nature Calls! (2009) 6. Sixth Grade Sux (2010) 4/21/2010

54 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Cabot, MegAirhead 1. Airhead 2. Being Nikki 3. Runaway (2010) 4/20/2010

55 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Cabot, MegAbandon Trilogy 1. Abandon 2. Underworld (2012) 2/23/2012 supernatural fiction

56 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Calonita, JenSecrets Of My Hollywood Life 1.Secrets Of My Hollywood Life 2.On Location 3.Family Affairs 4.Paparazzi Princess 5. Broadway Lights (2010) 6.Theres No Place Like Home (2011) 4/21/2010

57 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Card, Orson Scott Homecoming 1.Memory of Earth 2.Call of Earth 3.The Ships of Earth 4.Earthfall 5.Earthborn 4/21/2010

58 Author Series Name Series Sequence Card, Orson Scott Tales of Alvin Maker 1.Seventh Son 2.Red Prophet 3.Prentice Alvin 4.Alvin Journeyman 5.Heart Fire 6.Crystal City 7.Hatrack City (stories) 4/21/2010

59 Author Series Name Series Sequence Card, Orson Scott Ender Wiggin 1. First Meetings (stories) 2. Enders Game 3.A War of Gifts 4. Enders Shadow 5.Ender in Exile 6.Shadow of the Hegemon 7.Shadow Puppets 8.Shadow of the Giant 9.Speaker for the Dead 10. Xenocide 11. Children of the Mind 4/21/2010

60 Author Series Name Series Sequence Carroll, Michael New Heroes 1. The Quantum Prophecy aka The Awakening 2. Sakkara aka The Gathering 3. Absolute Power aka The Reckoning 5/12/2010

61 Author Series Name Series Sequence Carter, Ally Gallagher Girls 1. Id Tell You I Love You, But Then Id Have to Kill You 2. Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy 3. Dont Judge a Girl by Her Cover (2009) 4. Only the Good Spy Young (2010) 4/16/2010

62 Author Series Name Series Sequence Carter, Ally Heist Society 1. Heist Society 2. Uncommon Criminals 8/29/2012 fiction

63 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Carman, Patrick Skeleton Creek. 1.Skeleton Creek 2. Ghost in the Machine 3. The Crossbones 4. The Raven 11/29/2011

64 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Carman, Patrick Land of Elyon 1.The Dark Hills Divide 2. Beyond the Valley of Thorns 3. The Tenth City 4. Stargazer 5. Into the Mist 11/29/11

65 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Carman, Patrick Trackers 1.Trackers 2. Shantorian 11/29/11

66 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Cashore, Kristin Seven Kingdoms Trilogy 1. Graceling 2. Fire (2009) 3. Bitterblue (2011) 9/20/2010

67 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Caveney, Philip Sebastian Darke 1.Prince of Fools 2. Prince of Pirates 3.Prince of Explorers 5/12/2010

68 Author Series Name Series Sequence Childs, Tera Lynn Oh. My. Gods. 1.Oh. My. Gods. 2.Goddess Boot Camp 4/21/2010

69 Author Series Name Series Sequence Childs, Tera Lynn Fins 1. Forgive My Fins 2. Fins Are Forever (2011) 4/12/2011

70 Author Series Name Series Sequence Carman, Patrick Atheron 1. House of Power 2. Rivers of Fire 3. The Dark Planet 4/19/2010

71 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Cashore, Kristin Seven Kingdom Trilogy 1. Graceling 2. Fire 3. Bitterblue (2011) 10/07/10

72 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Childs, Tera Lynn Medusa Girls 1. Sweet Venom 2. Sweet Shadows 8/30/2012 fiction mythology

73 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Christopher, John Tripods Trilogy 1.When the Tripods Came (Prequel to Trilogy) 2.The White Mountains 3.The City of Gold and Lead 4.The Pool of Fire Be sure to read these in their correct sequence! 4/21/2010

74 Author Series Name Series Sequence Colfer, Eoin Artemis Fowl 1.Artemis Fowl 2.The Arctic Incident 3.The Eternity Code 4.The Opal Deception 5.The Lost Colony 6.The Time Paradox 7.The Atlantis Complex (2010) 4/16/10

75 Author Series Name Series Sequence Collins, Suzanne Underland Chronicles 1.Gregor the Overlander 2.Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane 3.Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods 4.Gregor and the Marks of Secret 5.Gregor and the Code of the Claw 4/16/2010

76 Author Series Name Series Sequence Collins, Suxanne Hunger Games 1. Hunger Games 2. Catching Fire 3. Mockingjay (2010) 4/21/2010

77 Author Series Name Series Sequence Condie, AllyMatched 1. Matched 2. Crossed 1/11/12

78 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Constable, Kate Chanters of Tremaris 1. Singer of All Songs 2.The Waterless Sea 3.The Tenth Power 4/21/2010

79 Author Series Name Series Sequence Cooney, Caroline B. Both Sides of Time 1.Both Sides of Time 2.Out of Time 3.Prisoner of Time 4.For All Time 4/21/2010

80 Author Series Name Series Sequence Cooney, Caroline B. Janie Quartet 1.Face on the Milk Carton 2.Whatever Happened to Janie 3.The Voice on the Radio 4.What Janie Found 4/21/2010

81 Author Series Name Series Sequence Cooper, Susan Dark Is Rising 1.Over Sea, Under Stone 2.The Dark is Rising 3.Greenwitch 4.The Grey King 5.Silver on the Tree 4/21/2010

82 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Corder, ZizouLionBoy Trilogy 1.LionBoy 2.The Chase 3.The Truth 4/21/2010

83 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Cormier, Robert Chocolate War 1.The Chocolate War 2. Beyond the Chocolate War 4/16/2010

84 Author Series Name Series Sequence Coville, Bruce Unicorn Chronicles 1.Into the Land of the Unicorns 2.Song of the Wanderer 3.Dark Whispers 4.The Last Hunt (2010) 4/21/2010

85 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Cowell, Cressida Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III 1.How to Train Your Dragon 2.How to Be a Pirate 3.How to Speak Dragonese 4.How to Cheat a Dragons Curse 5.How to Twist a Dragons Tale 6.A Heros Guide to Deadly Dragons 7.How to Ride a Dragons Storm 8. How to Break a Dragons Heart 4/21/2010

86 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Crossley- Holland, Kevin Arthur Trilogy 1.The Seeing Stone 2.At the Crossing Places 3. King of the Middle March 4/21/2010

87 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Curley, Marianne The Guardians of Time 1.The Named 2.The Dark 3. The Key 4/21/2010

88 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Delaney, Joseph Last Apprentice (Called Spooks Apprentice in United Kingdom) 1.Revenge of the Witch 2.The Curse of the Bane 3.The Night of the Soul Stealer 4.Attack of the Fiend 5.Wrath Of The Blood- Eye 6.Clash of the Demons (2009) 4/21/2010

89 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence dLaceyLast Dragon Chronicles 1. The Fire Within 2. Icefire 3. Fire Star 4. The Fire Eternal 5. Dark Fire (2009) 6. Fire World (2011) 12/3/2010

90 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan Sherlock Holmes 1.A Study in Scarlet 2.The Sign of the Four 3.The Hound of the Baskervilles 4.The Valley of Fear 5.The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (stories) 6.The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (stories) 7.The Return of Sherlock Holmes (stories) 8.His Law Bow (stories) 9.The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes (stories) 4/21/2010

91 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Doyle, BillCrime Through Time 1.Swindled!: The 1906 Journal of Fitz Morgan 2.Nabbed!: The 1925 Journal of G. Codd Fitzmorgan 3. Silenced!: The 1969 Journal of Malcolm Moorie 4. Betrayed!: The 1977 Journal of Zeke Moorie 5.Iced! : The 2007 Journal of Nick Fitzmorgan 6.Trapped! The 2031 Journal Of Otis Fitzmorgan 4/21/2010

92 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Draper, Sharon Hazelwood High 1.Tears of a Tiger 2.Forged by Fire 3. Darkness Before Dawn 4/16/2010

93 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Draper, Sharon Jericho Prescott 1.The Battle of Jericho 2.November Blues 3.Just Another Hero 4/21/2010

94 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Draper, Sharon Ziggy and the Black Dinosaurs 1.The Buried Bones Mystery 2.Lost in the Tunnel of Time 3.Shadows of Caesars Creek 4.The Space Mission Adventure 5.The Backyard Animal Show 6.Stars and Sparks Onstage 2/23/2012

95 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Druitt, Tobias Corydon 1.Corydon and the Island of Monsters 2.Corydon And the Fall of Atlantis 3.Corydon and the Siege of Troy (2009) 4/21/2010

96 Author Series Name Series Sequence Duane, DianeYoung Wizards 1. So You Want to be a Wizard 2. Deep Wizardy 3. High Wizardy 4. A Wizard Abroad 5. A Wizards Dilemma 6. A Wizard Alone 7. Wizards Holiday 8. Wizards at War 9. A Wizard of Mars 10/6/10

97 Author Series Name Series Sequence DuPrau, Jeanne Books of Ember 1. City of Ember 2. The People of Sparks 3. The Prophet of Yonwood (prequel to City of Ember) 4. The Diamond of Darkhold 4/21/2010

98 Author Series Name Series Sequence Eddings, David Mallorean 1.Guardians of the West 2.King of the Murgos 3.Demon Lord of Karanda 4.Sorceress of Darshiva 5.The Seeress of Kell 4/21/2010

99 Author Series Name Series Sequence Evans, Richard Paul Michael Vey 1.The Prisoner of Cell 25 2.Rise of the Elgen (2012) 3/16/2012 fiction

100 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Feinstein, John The Steve and Susan Sports Mystery Series 1. Last Shot 2.Vanishing Act 3. Cover-Up: Mystery at the Super Bowl 4.Change-Up: Mystery at the World Series (2009) 4/21/2010

101 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Flake, Sharon Money Hungry 1.Money Hungry 2.Begging for Change 4/21/2010

102 AuthorSeries Name(Order) Book Titles Flanagan, John Ranger's Apprentice 1.The Ruins of Gorlan 2.The Burning Bridge 3.The Icebound Land 4.The Battle for Skandia 5.The Sorcerer of the North 6.The Siege of Macindaw 7. Eraks Ransom (2010) 8. The Kings of Clonmel (2010) 9. Halts Peril (not yet released) 10. The Emperor of Nihon-Jin (2011) 4/22/2010

103 fantasy AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Flanagan, John Brotherband Chronicles 1.The Outcasts 2.The Invaders (2012) 3.The Hunters (2012)

104 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Fletcher, Charlie Stoneheart 1.Stoneheart 2. Iron Hand 3. Silvertongue 1/4/2012

105 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Fletcher, Susan Dragon Chronicles 1.Dragons Milk 2.Flight of the Dragon Kyn 3.Sign of the Dove 4.Ancient, Strange, and Lovely (2010) 4/22/2010

106 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Ford, Michael Spartan 1.The Fire of Ares 2.Birth of a Warrior 3.Legacy of Blood 4/22/2010

107 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Forman, Gayle If I Stay 1. If I Stay 2. Where She Went 4/7/2011

108 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Friesner, Esther Nobody 1.Nobodys Princess 2.Nobodys Prize 4/22/2010

109 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Funke, Cornelia Inkheart 1.Inkheart 2.Inkspell 3.Inkdeath 4/22/2010

110 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Gantos, Jack Joey Pigza 1.Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key 2.Joey Pigza Loses Control 3.What Would Joey Do? 4.I am not Joey Pigza 4/22/2010

111 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Gantos, Jack Jack Henry 1. Heads or Tails 2. Jacks New Power 3. Jacks Black Book 4. Jack on the Tracks 5. Jack Adrift 4/7/2011

112 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence GleitzmanFelix and Zelda 1. Once 2. Then 3. Now 4. After (2012) 2/27/2012 holocaust fiction

113 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Garcia, Kami & Stohl, Margaret Beautiful Creatures 1. Beautiful Creatures 2. Beautiful Darkness 3. Beautiful Chaos (2011) 12/9/2011

114 Author Series Name Series Sequence George, Jessica Day Dragon Slippers 1. Dragon Flight 2. Dragon Spear 4/7/2011

115 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence George, Jessica Day Princess of the Midnight Ball 1. Princess of the Midnight Ball 2. Princess of Glass 4/7/2011

116 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Givner, Joan Ellen Fremedon 1.Ellen Fremedon 2.Ellen Fremedon, Journalist 3.Ellen Fremedon, Volunteer 4.Ellens Book of Life 4/22/2010

117 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Golding, Julia Cat Royal 1.The Diamond of Drury Lane 2.Cat Among the Pigeons 3.Den of Thieves 4.Cat o Nine Tails 5.Black Heart of Jamaica 6.Cats Cradle 4/22/2010

118 Author Series Name Series Sequence Goodman, Alison Eon 1. Dragoneye Reborn 2. The Last Dragoneye 3. Return of the Dragoneye 9/2/2010

119 Author Series Name Series Sequence Gordon, Roderick & Brian Williams Tunnels 1.Tunnels 2.Deeper 3.Freefall 4.Closer (May, 2010) 4/22/2010

120 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Grant, MichaelGone 1. Gone 2. Hunger 3. Lies (2010) 4. Plague (2011) 5.Fear (2012) 3/9/2012

121 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Grant, MichaelMagnificent Twelve 1. The Call 2. The Trap (2012) 2/23/2012 fantasy

122 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Grant, VickiQuid Pro Quo 1. Quid Pro Quo 2. Res Judicata 4/7/2011

123 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Gray, EvaTomorrow Girls 1. Behind the Gates 2. Run for Cover 3. With the Enemy 4. Set Me Free 12/6/2011 Dystopia

124 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Green, TimFootball Genius 1. Football Genius 2. Football Hero 3. Football Champ 4. The Big Time 5. Deep Zone 8/27/2012 Fiction

125 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Green, TimBaseball Great 1. Baseball Great 2. Rivals 3. Best of the Best 8/27/2012 Fiction

126 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Gregory, Deborah Cheetah Girls 1.Wishing on a Star 2.Shop In The Name of Love 3.Who's 'Bout to Bound 4.Hey, Ho, Hollywood 5.Woof, There It Is 6.It's Raining Benjamins 7.Dorinda's Secret 8.Growl Power 9.Showdown at the Okie-Dokie 10.Cuchifrita, Ballerina 11.Dorinda Gets A Groove 12.In the House With Mouse 13.Oops, Doggy Dog 4/22/2010

127 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Grisham, John Theodore Boone 1. Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer 2. The Abduction 3. The Accused (2012) 1/11/2012

128 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Haddix, Margaret Peterson Just Ella 1.Just Ella 2.Palace of Mirrors 4/22/2010

129 Author Series Name Series Sequence Haddix, Margaret Peterson Shadow Children 1.Among the Hidden 2.Among the Impostors 3.Among the Betrayed 4.Among the Barons 5.Among the Brave 6.Among the Enemy 7.Among the Free 4/22/2010

130 Author Series Name Series Sequence Haddix, Margaret Peterson Missing 1.Found 2.Sent 3.Sabotaged (2010) 4/16/2010

131 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Hale, ShannonBayern1. The Goose Girl 2. Enna Burning 3. River Secrets 4.Forest Born (2009) 4/22/2010

132 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Hamilton, Virginia Cousins 1.Cousins 2. Second Cousins 4/22/2010

133 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Hamilton, Virginia Justice Trilogy1.Justice and Her Brothers 2. Dustland 3.The Gathering 4/22/2010

134 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Hand, Cynthia Unearthly1.Unearthly 2.Hallowed (2012) 4/16/2012 supernatural

135 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Harland, Richard Worldshaker1. Worldshaker 2. Liberator (2011) 4/7/2011

136 Author Series Name Series Sequence Harrison, Lisi The Clique 1.The Clique 2.Best Friends for Never 3.Revenge of the Wannabes 4.Invasion of the Boy Snatchers 5.The Pretty Committee Strikes Back 6.Dial L for Loser 7.Its Not Easy Being Mean 8.Sealed with a Diss 9.Bratfest at Tiffanys 10.P.S. I Loathe You 11. Boys r Us (2009) 12. These Boots Are Made for Stalking (2010) 13. My Little Phony (2010) 14. A Tale of Two Pretties (2011) 4/19/2010

137 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Harrison, LisiClique Summer Collection 1. Massie 2. Dylan 3. Alicia 4. Kristen 5. Claire 10/27/2010

138 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Harrison, LisiPoppy 1. Alphas 2. Movers and Fakers 3. Belle of the Brawl 4. Top of the Feud Chain Schools 8/27/2012

139 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Harrison, Michelle Thirteen Treasures 1. The Thirteen Treasures 2. The Thirteen Curses 3. The Thirteen Secrets (2011) 4/7/2011

140 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Haydon, Elizabeth The Lost Journals of Ven Polypheme 1.The Floating Island 2.The Thief Queens Daughter 3.The Dragons Lair 4/22/2010

141 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Heath, Jack Six of Hearts 1. The Lab 2. Remote Control 8/30/2010

142 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Hiaasen, Carl Juvenile 1. Hoot 2. Flush 3. Scat 12/13/11

143 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Higson, Charlie Young Bond 1.Silverfin 2.Blood Fever 3.Double or Die 4.Hurricane Gold 5.By Royal Command 4/22/2010

144 Author Series Name Series Sequence Hobbs, WillJason's Gold 1.Jason's Gold 2.Down The Yukon 4/22/2010

145 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Hobbs, Will Downriver 1.Downriver 2.River Thunder 4/22/2010

146 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Hobbs, WillBearstone 1.Bearstone 2.Beardance 4/22/2010

147 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Hoffman, Mary Stravaganza 1.City of Masks 2.City of Stars 3.City of Flowers 4.City of Secrets 5.City of Ships (2010) 4/22/2010

148 Author Series Name Series Sequence Horowitz, Anthony Diamond Brothers Mystery 1.The Falcons Malteser 2.Public Enemy Number Two 3.South by South East 4.The French Confection (novella) 5.The Blurred Man (novella) 6.I Know What You Did Last Wednesday (novella) 7.The Greek Who Stole Christmas 4/22/2010

149 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Horowitz, Anthony Alex Rider Adventures 1.Stormbreaker 2.Point Blank 3.Skeleton Key 4.Eagle Strike 5.Scorpia 6.Ark Angel 7.Snakehead 8.Crocodile Tears 9.Scorpia Rising 8/29/2011

150 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Horowitz, Anthony The Gatekeepers 1. Raven's Gate 2.Evil Star 3. Nightrise 4. Necropolis: City of the Dead 4/22/2010

151 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Horowitz, Anthony Groosham Grange 1. Groosham Grange 2. The Return to Groosham Grange 8/27/2010

152 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Howe, James Bunnicula 1. Bunnicula Strikes Again! 2. The Celery Stalks at Midnight 3. Howliday Inn 4. Bunnicula 5. Nightie Nightmare 6. The Vampire Bunny and His Friends 7. Return to Howliday Inn 8. A Rabbit Tale of Mystery 9. Bunniculas Pleasantly Perplexing Puzzlers 10. Bunnicula meets Edgar Allan Crow

153 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Howe, James Sebastian Barth Mystery 1. What Eric Knew 2. Stage Fright 3. Dew Drop Dead 4. Eat Your Poison, Dear 10/8/10

154 Author Series Name Series Sequence Hunter, Erin Warriors 1.Into the Wild 2.Fire and Ice 3.Forest of Secrets 4.Rising Storm 5.Dangerous Path 6.Darkest Hour 4/19/2010

155 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Hunter, Erin Warriors: Power of Three 1.The Sight 2.Dark River 3.Outcast 4.Eclipse 5. Long Shadows 6. Sunrise (2009) 4/19/2010

156 Author Series Name Series Sequence Hunter, Erin Warriors: The New Prophecy 1.Midnight 2.Moonrise 3.Dawn 4.Starlight 5.Twilight 6.Sunset 4/19/2010

157 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Hunter, Erin Seekers 1.The Quest Begins 2.Great Bear Lake 3.Smoke Mountain 4. The Last Wilderness(2010) 5.Fire in the Sky (2010) 4/19/2010

158 Author Series Name Series Sequence Hunter, Erin Warriors: Super Edition 1. Firestars Quest 2. Bluestars Prophecy (2009) 3. SkyClans Destiny (2010) 4/19/2010

159 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Hunter, Erin Warriors Manga: Graystripes Adventure 1. The Lost Warrior 2. Warriors Refuge 3. Warriors Return 4/19/2010

160 Author Series Name Series Sequence Hunter, Erin Warriors: Field Guide 1. Secrets of the Clans 2. Cats of the Clans 3. Code of the Clans 4/19/2010

161 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Hunter, Erin Warriors Manga: Tigerstar and Sasha 1. Into the Woods 2. Escape from the Forest (2009) 3. Return to the Clans (2009) 4/19/2010

162 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Hunter, Erin Warriors: Omen of the Stars 1. The Fourth Apprentice 2. Fading Echoes 3. Night Whispers 4. Sign of the Moon (2011) 5. The Forgotten Warrior (2011) 4/12/2011

163 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Hurley, Tonya Ghostgirl 1. Ghostgirl 2. Homecoming 3. Lovesick 4/7/2011

164 Author Series Name Series Sequence Jacques, Brian Redwall (in order of publication) 1.Redwall 2.Mossflower 3.Mattimeo 4.Mariel of Redwall 5.Salamandastron 6.Martin the Warrior 7.The Bellmaker 8.Outcast of Redwall 9.The Pearls of Lutra 10.The Long Patrol 11.Marlfox 12.The Legend of Luke 13.Lord Brocktree 14.Taggerung 15.Triss 16.Loamhedge 17.Rakkety Tam 18.High Rhulain 19.Eulalia 20.Doomwyte 21.The Sable Queen (2010) 22.The Rogue Crew (2011) (posthumous) 23.Pondicherry (Unfinished) 1/10/2012

165 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Jacques, Brian Castaways of the Flying Dutchman 1. Castaways of the Flying Dutchman 2. The Angels Command 3. Voyage of Slaves

166 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Jinks, Catherine Genius 1. Evil Genius 2. Genius Squad 3. Genius Wars 4/27/2012 science fiction

167 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Jones, Diana Wynne Howl's Moving Castle 1.Howl's Moving Castle 2.Castle in the Air 3.House of Many Ways 4/26/2010

168 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Jones, Diana Wynne Derkholm 1. Dark Lord of Derkholm 2. Year of the Griffin 4/12/11

169 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Jordan, RobertWheel of Time (in order of publication) 1.The Eye of the World Part 1: From the Two Rivers 2.The Eye of the World Part 2: To the Blight 3.The Great Hunt 4.The Dragon Reborn 5.The Shadow Rising 6.The Fires of Heaven 7.Lord of Chaos 8.A Crown of Swords 9.The Path of Daggers 10.Winter's Heart 11.Crossroads of Twilight 12. Knife of Dreams 13. The Gathering Storm (2009) 14. Towers of Midnight (2010) 15. A Memory of Light (2011) 4/26/2010

170 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Kay, Elizabeth Divide 1.The Divide 2.Back to the Divide 3.Jinx on the Divide 4/26/2010

171 Author Series Name Series Sequence Kaye, Marilyn Gifted 1. Out of Sight, Out of Mind 2. Better Late Than Never 3. Here Today Gone Tomorrow 4. Finders Keepers 5.Now You See It 6. Speak No Evil 1/26/2012

172 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Kerr, Philip Children of the Lamp 1.The Akhenaten Adventure 2.The Blue Djinn Of Babylon 3.The Cobra King Of Kathmandu 4.The Day of the Djinn Warriors 5.The Eye of the Forest 4/26/2010

173 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Kibuishi, Kazu Amulet 1.The Stonekeeper 2. The Stonekeepers Curse 3. The Cloud Searchers 4. The Last Council 5. The Prince of the Elves (2012) graphic novel 4/10/12

174 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Kinney, Jeff Diary of a Wimpy Kid 1.Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2.Rodrick Rules 3.The Last Straw 4. Dog Days (2009) 5. Ugly Truth 6. Cabin Fever 12/6/11

175 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Klass, David Caretaker Trilogy 1.Firestorm 2.Whirlwind 3.Timelock (2009) 4/26/2010

176 Author Series Name Series Sequence Korman, Gordon Island – 1 st Trilogy 1.Shipwreck 2.Survival 3.Escape 4/26/2010

177 Author Series Name Series Sequence Korman, Gordon Everest – 2 nd Trilogy 1.The Contest 2.The Climb 3.The Summit 4/26/2010

178 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Korman, Gordon Dive – 3 rd Trilogy 1.The Discovery 2.The Deep 3.The Danger 4/26/2010

179 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Korman, Gordon On the Run – 1 st series with Aiden & Meg 1.Chasing the Falconers 2.The Fugitive Factor 3.Now You See Them, Now You Dont 4.The Stowaway Solution 5.Public Enemies 6.Hunting the Hunter Aiden and Meg are a brother and sister who are on the run from the FBI. Their parents have been framed, and they are trying to clear their names. 4/26/2010

180 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Korman, Gordon Kidnapped – 2 nd series with Aiden & Meg 1.The Abduction 2.The Search 3.The Rescue Aiden and Meg are back in this trilogy. Will things ever be normal again? Who gets kidnapped? And why? 4/26/2010

181 Author Series Name Series Sequence Korman, Gordon Son of the Mob 1.Son of the Mob 2.Hollywood Hustle 4/26/2010

182 Author Series Name Series Sequence Korman, Gordon Griffin Bing 1.Swindle 2.Zoobreak 3.Framed 4.Showoff (2012) 3/7/12 fiction

183 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Knaak, Richard A. Warcraft: Legends 1. Volume I 2. Volume II 3. Volume III 4/23/2010

184 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Knaak, Richard A. Warcraft: The Sunwell Trilogy 1. Dragon Hunt 2. Shadows of Ice 3. Ghostlands 4/19/2010

185 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Lackey, Mercedes Valdemar Series Chronology of Valdemar: Historical Order The Mage Wars 1. The Black Gryphon 2. The White Gryphon 3. The Silver Gryphon The Last Herald Mage Trilogy 1. Magic's Pawn 2. Magic's Promise 3. Magic's Price 4. Brightly Burning Vows & Honor 1. The Oathbound 2. Oathbreakers 3. Oathblood 4. Exile's Honor 5. Exile's Valor 6. Take a Thief Heralds of Valdemar 1. Arrow of the Queen 2. Arrow's Flight 3. Arrow's Fall Kerowyn's Tale 1. By the Sword The Mage Winds Trilogy 1. Winds of Fate 2. Winds of Change 3. Winds of Fury The Mage Storms Trilogy 1. Storm Warning 2. Storm Rising 3. Storm Breaking 4. Owlflight 5. Owlsight 6. Owlknight 4/26/2010

186 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence LaHaye, Tim and Jerry Jenkins Left Behind: The Kids 1. Vanishings 2.Second Chance 3.Through the Flames 4. Facing the Future 5. Nicolae High 6. Underground 7. Busted 8.Death Strike 9.Search 10. On the Run 11. Into the Storm 12. Earthquake 13. The Showdown 14. Judgment Day 15. Battling the Commander 16. Fire from Heaven 17.Terror in the Stadium 18. Darkening Skies 19. Attack of Apollyon 20. A Dangerous Plan 21.Secrets of New Babylon 22. Escape from New Babylon 23. Horseman of Terror 24. Uplink from the Underground 25. Death at the Gala 26.The Beast Arises 27. Wildfire 28. The Mark of the Beast 29. Breakout 30. Murder in the Holy Place 31. Escape to Masada 32. War of the Dragon 33. Attack on Petra 34. Bounty Hunters 35. Rise of False Messiahs 36. Ominous Choices 37. Heat Wave 38. The Perils of Love 39. The Road to War 40. Triumphant Return 4/26/2010

187 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Lake, A.J.Darkest Age 1.Coming of Dragons 2.Book of the Sword 3.Circle of Stone 5/19/2011

188 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Lasky, KathrynGuardians of Ga'Hoole 1.The Capture 2.The Journey 3.The Rescue 4.The Siege 5.The Shattering 6.The Burning 7.The Hatchling 8.The Outcast 9.The First Collier 10. The Coming of Hoole 11. To Be A King 12. The Golden Tree 13. The River of Wind 14. Exile 15. The War of the Ember 4/26/2010

189 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Lasky, Kathryn Wolves of the Beyond 1. Lone Wolf (2010) 2. Shadow Wolf (2010) 4/26/2010

190 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Law. IngridBeaumont Family 1. Savvy 2. Scumble 1/26/2012

191 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Lawhead, Stephen Pendragon Cycle 1.Taliesin 2. Merlin 3.Arthur 4.Pendragon 5. Grail 4/26/2010

192 Author Series Name Series Sequence Le Guin, Ursula K. Earthsea 1.Wizard of Earthsea 2.Tombs of Atuan 3.Farthest Shore 4.Tehanu: The Last Book of Earthsea 5.The Other Wind 6.Tales from Earthsea 4/26/2010

193 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Le Guin, Ursula Annals of the Western Shore 1.Gifts 2.Voices 3.Powers 4/26/2010

194 Author Series Name Series Sequence Lee, TanithPiratica 1. Piratica 2. Return to Parrot Island 3.The Family Sea 4/26/2010

195 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence L'Engle, Madeleine Austin Family Series 1. Meet the Austins 2.The Moon by Night 3.The Young Unicorns 4. A Ring of Endless Light 5.Troubling a Star 4/26/2010

196 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence L'Engle, Madeleine O'Keefe Family Series 1.The Arm of the Starfish 2. Dragons in the Waters 3. A House Like a Lotus See Polly again in An Acceptable Time! 4/26/2010

197 Author Series Name Series Sequence L'Engle, Madeleine Time Fantasy Series 1. A Wrinkle in Time 2. A Wind in the Door 3. A Swiftly Tilting Planet 4. Many Waters 5. An Acceptable Time 4/26/2010

198 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Lewis, C.S. Chronicles of Narnia (in order of publication) 1.The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe 2.Prince Caspian 3.The Voyage of the Dawn Treader 4.The Silver Chair 5.The Horse and His Boy 6.The Magician's Nephew 7.The Last Battle 4/26/2010

199 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Lloyd, SaciCarbon Diaries 1.The Carbon Diaries The Carbon Diaries /12/2010

200 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Lord, GabrielleConspiracy January 2. February 3. March (2010) 4. April (2010) 5. May (2010) 6. June (2010) 7. July (2010) 8. August (2010) 9. September (2010) 10. October (2010) 11. November (2010) 12. December (2010) 9/13/10

201 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Lore, PittacusLorien Legacies 1. I Am Number Four 2. The Power of Six 3. The Rise of Nine 2/23/2012

202 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Lowry, Lois Giver 1.The Giver 2. Gathering Blue 3. Messenger 4/26/2010

203 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Lubar, David Hidden Talents 1. Hidden Talents 2. True Talents 4/26/2010

204 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Lupica, Mike Travel Team 1.Travel Team 2.Summer Ball 4/26/2010

205 AuthorSeries NameSeries Sequence Lynch, Chris Vietnam 1.I Pledge Allegiance 2. Sharpshooter 3. Free-Fire Zone (2012) fiction 4/3/2012

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