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Longfields-Davison Heights Secondary School Grade 9 Program Planning For Next Year.

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1 Longfields-Davison Heights Secondary School Grade 9 Program Planning For Next Year

2 Grade 9 Timetable Semester 1 September to January Semester 2 January to June 4 classes per day (8:45 – 3:20) 75 minute period 60 minutes for lunch and extra curricular activities 5 exam days each semester

3 Graduation Requirements 30 credits (18 compulsory + 12 optional) 4 English 1 French 3 Mathematics (at least 1 in grade 11 or 12) 2 Science 1 Canadian History 1 Canadian Geography 1 Arts (Art, Music, Drama) 1 Health and Physical Education 0.5 Civics/ 0.5 Career Studies 3 Additional Compulsory Credits (Group 1, 2, 3)

4 Grade 9 Courses English Mathematics Science – in English or French French – Core, Immersion or Extended Geography - in English or French Health and Physical Education Art – Music Instrumental Music Vocal, Drama or Visual Art (in English or French) 1 Elective – Foods, Business, Exploring Technology or an Additional Art Course Repertoire: extra out of school 1/2 credit

5 Other Graduation Requirements Literacy Test (based on Grade 9 curriculum) 40 hours of Community Involvement

6 In Grade 9 and 10… Applied Academic 3 Course Types Open

7 Open Courses Prepare students for further study Appropriate for all students Examples: Tech, Art, Phys Ed, Business…

8 Academic or Applied Core Subjects Science, English, Math, French, Geography, History How do we know which one to choose?

9 Academic or Applied How does your child learn best?

10 Academic or Applied Essential Concepts Theory How? And Why? Reading and Writing Essential Concepts Concrete How? Doing

11 Academic and Applied Academic D Core Courses – D courses in Grade 10 are required for students to take University U level courses in Grade 11 ENG1DEnglish MPM1DMathematics SNC1DScience CGC1DGeography

12 Academic and Applied Applied P Core Courses – Grade 10 P courses required for Grade 11 College C courses. ENG1PEnglish MPM1PMathematics SNC1PScience CGC1PGeography

13 GOAL Choose courses in which your student can be successful.

14 Academic or Applied 3 tools to help make a decision:

15 Academic or Applied 1.Report Card: A mark of 70% or higher indicates Academic courses. Learning skills with G or E valuations

16 Academic or Applied 2.Learning Skills section of report card. If student has S and Ns then Academic program will be very difficult for them.

17 Academic or Applied 3. Talk with Your Students Grade 8 Teacher

18 Extended French Certificate Extended French Certificate: 7 Credits 4 courses in French: FEF1D, 2D, FIF3U, 4U 3 courses in other subjects taught in French. Grade 9 and 10 courses taught in French include: –CGC1DF - GeographyCGW4UF - Geography –SNC1DF – ScienceSNC2DF - Science –CHC2DF – HistoryCHA3UF - History –CHV2OF/GLC20F – Civics & Careers

19 French Immersion Certificate French Immersion Certificate: 10 Credits 4 courses in French: FIF1D, 2D, 3U, and 4U 6 courses in other subjects taught in French Grade 9 and 10 courses taught in French include: CGC1DF - GeographyCGW4UF - Geography SNC1DF – ScienceSNC2DF CHC2DF – HistoryCHA3UF – History CHV2OF/GLC20F – Civics & Careers

20 Option Sheet Consult your students teachers to help you choose courses and level of difficulty, fill out paper copy of option sheet and bring to school Grade 8 teachers will take classes to computer labs to electronically select their courses. Once the online option sheet is filled out students will need to print out and have parents sign and return to Grade 8 teacher. Return of paper and signed e-option sheet to your Grade 8 teacher by: Feb 15th

21 More Information on Curriculum Board Website: School Website: Pathways: e%20Preparing%20Programs/Program_P athways.pdf e%20Preparing%20Programs/Program_P athways.pdf

22 Every Student Wants to be Successful Two reasons that result in lack of success 1. Lagging Skills 2. Unresolved Problems

23 Lagging Skills To build skills you need to practice *Skills in school require practice in Reading, Writing, Homework and Organization *How much time is spent at home practicing these skills

24 Unresolved Problems Regardless of skills unresolved problems can negate the ability to use skills Just think of Tiger Woods Unresolved problems can be very powerful

25 Skills and Practice If boys practiced reading and writing as much as they often play video games imagine their success at school If girls practiced reading and writing as much as the spend time on social media imagine their success at school Unresolved problem = addiction to bad habits??

26 Thank you for your Interest If you have Any other Questions? Speak with the LDHSS Guidance Counsellors Mrs. Brennan Surnames A-Be Mrs. Storey Surnames Bh-Hm Mr. Mochizuki Surnames Ho-My Mr. Rodger Surnames N - Z

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