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Helpful Tips for Graduation Day from the staff of the UM School of Applied Sciences.

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2 Helpful Tips for Graduation Day from the staff of the UM School of Applied Sciences

3 There is minimal parking outside the Indoor Practice Facility. Park as close to the IPF as you can even though the first ceremony is in The Grove. Youll find it much easier to get off campus after the School of Applied Sciences ceremony if you are parked closer to the IPF.

4 Dont oversleep! We line up in front of Farley Hall at 8:30 am. The processional starts promptly at 9:00!

5 Secure your mortar board with safety pins, particularly if its a windy day!

6 Be sure to visit the ladies or gents BEFORE coming to the Indoor Practice Facility if at all possible and tell your guests to do the same. The lines get pretty long outside the facilities at the IPF! Buildings open for Restrooms: Lyceum Coulter Hall Faser Hall Law School Carrier Hall Hume Hall Student Union Farley Hall Shoemaker Hall

7 Ladies, Beware of high heel shoes!!!! Youll be climbing up and down the steps in front of thousands of guests! Wear comfy shoes safe for going up and down steps. =

8 Undergrad students tassels should be GOLD check this out when you pick up your cap & gown. Undergrad tassels are worn on the right initially. Change them to the left after walking across the stage to receive your diploma cover. Graduate students wear yours to the left throughout.

9 Make sure you have your name card with you (the one we mailed you)! If you forget it or didnt get yours in the mail, your department secretary will have a duplicate copy for you at the IPF lineup. Write your e-mail address on the BACK of your name card so the photographer can send your proofs electronically.

10 When you see the bagpiper on stage and he starts to play, you need to be ready to start the procession! We dont process to an organ playing Pomp and Circumstance!

11 Carry your name card with you when its your turn to walk across the stage. Its the only way anyone will know who you are…..we are NOT reading from a list of names!

12 A photographer will take your picture as you walk across the stage. Youll receive proofs via e-mail a few weeks after graduation.

13 Dont forget to return your cap and gown! There will be a sign designating a cap and gown return area near the rear entrance as you exit the IPFjust add yours to the pile.

14 On behalf of Interim Dean Boyd and the staff of the Office of the Dean of the School of Applied Sciences, we give all of our graduates a hearty CONGRATULATIONS and wish the best for you all in your future endeavors!

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