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2010 State Employees Campaign New Coordinators Course.

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1 2010 State Employees Campaign New Coordinators Course

2 2010 Connecticut State Campaign Welcome! Welcome! Thank you for agreeing to be a Campaign Coordinator. This year, we have prepared this instructional program so that you may learn right at your desk. If, after viewing, you have additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call Jan at the office at 860-887-5288 or the cell phone at 860-402-8430. Please watch the show & contact us with any concerns. THANK YOU

3 How do I explain what it is? The Connecticut State Employees Campaign: Is the once a year opportunity to do good in our communities by charitable works. As part of a community, people can feel moved to work for the greater good by: Being financially generous; Showing goodwill and benevolence; Providing relief to those in need.

4 Why does the State do this? The State, as our employer, recognizes and encourages that desire and has provided an organized way to act for the good of the community. The Campaign prevents disorganization and over-solicitation by only allowing this one Campaign to be held in adherence with State Regulations. (Public Act 92-142)

5 Who is the Campaign for? The Connecticut State Employees Campaign: all Is made up of and for the benefit of all CT State employeessecretaries, the Governor, doctors, Legislative members, State police, social workers, road crews and plow drivers, and the retirees from all State agencies. Anyone who receives a paycheck from the State of CT can take advantage of giving through payroll deduction.

6 The Campaign… Connecticut State Employees Campaign This is the Connecticut State Employees Campaign …made up of YOU and all your co- workers across the State of Connecticut. CSEC The CSEC is the ONLY campaign allowed into the State of Connecticut workplaces. …is NOT the United Way Campaign.

7 YOUR Campaign… … is made up of nine Federations of charities. One is the United Way whos agencies could be potential recipients. However, the Campaign is made up of more than 700 different charitable organizations, all who have been carefully screened for compliance to State Regulations. The Campaign is all about YOU and YOUR choices.

8 What is my role? A CSEC Coordinator : Acts as primary organizer & cheerleader. Gives direction to the campaign team. Educates employees about the Campaign. Facilitates plans to allow all employees to participate in the Campaign.

9 What do I do first? 1. View this presentation; it can be emailed to you for repeat viewing. 2. Remember to keep, refer to and review your Coordinator's Guide. 3. Keep your Campaign materials together. 4. Ask lots of questions.

10 I. Take simple steps 1. Review previous results. 2. Learn about the CSEC website. 3. Involve your agency head. 4. Form a campaign team to work with you. 5. Develop an action plan. 6. Utilize tools provided. 7. Accept help from Loaned Employee volunteers. 8. Conduct solicitations. 9. Report campaign progress. 10. Be very visible.

11 1. Review previous results Read 2009 Final Report. * (next slides) Gather any records you were given from 2009. Prepare statistics & be familiar with Percentage of 2009 participation; Total agency or location amount. Formulate goals based on above. Utilize this information to motivate others to surpass previous goals.

12 2. * Using the CSEC website to glean information about the Campaign: This is the main page…from here, you can: 1. Look up the 2009 Final Report so you can access your 2009 Agency information. 2. See an on-line searchable 2010 Directory. 3. Obtain a printable pledge form. 4. Access the Coordinator area. (next slide shows what the Home Page looks like…)

13 Notice the Coordinators pages

14 2. (cont) Using the Website Please take time to go through the CSEC website. Become familiar with its features. Know where information is located. Dont hesitate to call the Campaign office if you cant find something or are unsure how to use a feature.

15 2. Involve your Agency head Schedule a 1-to-1 meeting. Discuss last years results & 2010 goals. Brainstorm for more participation. Gain support by asking for ideas on: Dates to hold events; Support of awareness ventures, i.e. a letter of support from the agency head & to disseminate email reminders; Suggestions of other employees to assist you.

16 3. Form a team Recruit fellow employees who have been served by or for CSEC charities to speak at rallies or events. This demonstrates the real value of the Campaign. Encourage co-workers fundraising, organization, graphics or event managing talents to enhance the Campaign. Ask Agency head to encourage volunteerism & to make suggestions.

17 4. Develop an action plan Create a count-down schedule. Plan when to meet individually, if possible, with co-workers to distribute materials. Collaborate with team to decide: What type of events, when 2010 where they will be, who will publicize, etc.; Who will distribute Campaign materials; When will materials be distributed.

18 5. Using tools Read, review and consult your NEW COORDINATORS GUIDE that lists all of this information and so much more. Fun raising events Bake sales or vendor sales Coin wars Volleyball, golf, or walks, for instance… Campaign letterhead Use when asking for donations from vendors. Email logo Insert CSEC logo into your Outlook signature.

19 5. Using (more) tools Personalized PowerPoint specific to your locale. Built by the Campaign staff, this product can be emailed to everyone in your agency to view at his or her own desk. Posters to call attention to Campaign. Speakers of local interestcall Jan to arrange for a speaker to come to your Agency to speak about a particular charity during a staff meeting, during lunch or as a special event.

20 6. What is a Loaned Employee? An experienced CSEC volunteer who travels among agencies to provide leadership. They assist local coordinators by: 1. Ensuring statewide participation; 2. Maximizing your efforts by helping you over any little bumps in the road. 3. Encouraging you, offering suggestions; 4. Picking up pledges and donations; dropping off additional needed materials.

21 6. Who is MY Loaned Employee? The Loaned Employee assigned to your agency will contact with you shortly. He or she will call you and/or email you in September so you can introduce yourselves to each other and exchange contact information and schedules.

22 6. Conducting solicitations Avoid leaving materials on unattended desksthey tend to get buried. The same for placing in mailboxes…information gets thrown away. Try handing Campaign materials directly to co-workers at planned Campaign meetings or make one-to-one appointments. Focus on educating employee about the benefits of the Campaignnever, NEVER argue or get angry. Just smile & say Thank you for your time.

23 7. Reporting progress Be sure to fill out envelopes & turn in pledge cards. Hold regular meetings with your team. Fill out progress poster, the blue one with the heart. Publicize events. Ask Agency head to send out your progress reports. Contact the CSEC office at any time with questions.

24 8. Be visible poster Request a personalized introduction poster from the CSEC office for you to post near your workstation. emails, notes, posters Communicate with your coworkers, using emails, notes, posters, etc. CSEC logo Add your title as coordinator, the CSEC logo, & website address to your Outlook signature during Campaign. Talksmile Talk, say thank you & smile a lot!

25 II. Filling out the Pledge Card As a Coordinator, you need to be familiar with the pledge card. Reminders include making sure that you have: 6-digit ID number. Employee 6-digit ID number. signature. Employee signature. copy of the card Remind employee to make a copy of the card for income tax purposes. charity codes Use charity codes only from the 2010 Directory.

26 III. Pledge Collection Envelope collect Try to collect pledge cards weekly. employee ID numbers signatures Double-check for accurate employee ID numbers & for signatures on all Payroll Deductions. verify After filling out the Envelope, please have a co-worker verify the cash/check total & initial it. arrange for pick-upinclude your contact info Call your local Campaign Manager or the CSEC office to arrange for pick-up. PLEASE include your contact info on every envelope.

27 IV. Events Special events can be a fun way to bring positive attention to the Campaign. People will often be motivated to take part in a charity event. Employees who attend can be encouraged to fill out a pledge form, even for a one time gift thus increasing your participation percentage.

28 Events ---RAFFLES By order of the State NO RAFFLES can be conducted in a State Agency. A drawing wherein money is exchanged, directly or indirectly, for a ticket to win a prize is considered to be a raffle and is regulated by the Division of Special Revenue. Therefore it is not allowed. NONE OF THE FOLLOWING ARE ALLOWED: NONE OF THE FOLLOWING ARE ALLOWED: Money wheels, 50-50, duck races, etc.

29 Events to try Vendor Sales Bake Sales Sports Games Basket Sales Coin Wars Contests Used Book Sales Dress down days

30 Event Ideas Please consult the New Coordinators Guide for more suggestions. Call Jan for speakers from various charities to speak on their topic during your staff meeting or at lunch. Call the Campaign office for other ideas.

31 Event Goodies & Give-Aways Call the Campaign office for limited amounts of balloons, stickers, pins, calendars, pencils, and other give-aways. Remember to use the Campaign logo on material that will attract attention to the Campaign.

32 V. Final thoughts Know your purpose: Know your purpose: to educate your coworkers about the wide variety of charitable needs that can be met with their help. Remember all the resources you have at hand. Be organized. Take one step at a time. Have a good time!

33 V. Final thoughts (cont…) We are here for you…Jan and Joyce are just a phone call or email away. We both really believe in this Campaign and are happy to help you succeed. Together, we can demonstrate how we are Caring for Connecticut and Beyond! © Caring for Connecticut and Beyond! ©

34 THANK YOU! Help is on the way, from Connecticut State employees… …like YOU!

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