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Banking & Financial Solutions Visit us at Hasibat Information Technologies Co. K.S.C.C.

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1 Banking & Financial Solutions Visit us at Hasibat Information Technologies Co. K.S.C.C.

2 Tel: +965 22240600 – Fax: +965 22240601 Email: Hasibat Information Technologies Co. (HIT) Began providing IT solutions and services in Kuwait & the region in 1983 under the name of Kuwait Computer Company (Hasibat) HIT was established in May 2004 as a Kuwaiti closed shareholding company with a capital of One Million Kuwaiti Dinars Hasibat was the First Publicly-Traded IT Company listed in Kuwait Stock Exchange Continues to grow in all directions – Revenue – Number of staff – Products & Markets – Strategic Vision and Mission

3 Tel: +965 22240600 – Fax: +965 22240601 Email: To be the pioneer in providing IT solutions & services in the region Our Vision

4 Tel: +965 22240600 – Fax: +965 22240601 Email: Strong emphasis on Customer Satisfaction, Individual Initiative, Continuous learning and the pursuit of excellence. Minimum bureaucracy which results in faster and better service for our customers. Our Culture

5 Tel: +965 22240600 – Fax: +965 22240601 Email: Why HIT Strong History and Well Established Foundation Distinguished Proven Methodology Unique Professional Services The Right Solution Delivering Performance Business Know-how Long-term Relationship with Customers High Quality Project Management On-going Support Leading Industry Partners Skilled and Certified Team Understanding Market Needs

6 Tel: +965 22240600 – Fax: +965 22240601 Email: Banking & Financial Solutions Retail Banking ATM Transaction Switching Card Management System EBP & P Data Warehousing Internet Banking Smart Card Solutions Portfolio Management POS Transaction Switching Card Fraud Management e-Payment Gateways Anti-Money Laundering Brokerage & Internet Trading M-Commerce Swift Wholesale Banking Workflow Web Kiosks Document Archiving Cash Counting Machine

7 Tel: +965 22240600 – Fax: +965 22240601 Email: Retail Banking Highlights Multi-Lingual/Multi-CurrencyMulti-Lingual/Multi-Currency Current & Savings AccountsCurrent & Savings Accounts DepositsDeposits Consumer LoansConsumer Loans Signature VerificationSignature Verification Funds TransferFunds Transfer Standing InstructionsStanding Instructions Electronic MessagingElectronic Messaging Workflow ManagementWorkflow Management Customer Information SystemCustomer Information System General LedgerGeneral Ledger Management Information SystemManagement Information System Risk ManagementRisk Management

8 Tel: +965 22240600 – Fax: +965 22240601 Email: Wholesale Banking Highlights Management Information Systems Management Information Systems Risk Management Risk Management Check Clearing Check Clearing Nostro Reconciliation Nostro Reconciliation Loans & Loan Syndications Loans & Loan Syndications Letters of Credit & Guarantees Letters of Credit & Guarantees Foreign Exchange & Money Market Foreign Exchange & Money Market Cash & Liquidity Management Cash & Liquidity Management Asset Management Asset Management Derivatives Derivatives Securities management Securities management Fixed Assets Management Fixed Assets Management Expenses Processing Expenses Processing

9 Tel: +965 22240600 – Fax: +965 22240601 Email: ATM Transaction Switching Features Handles all transaction routing, switching and authorization 24/7/365 operation through fault tolerant hardware Most widely used EFT transaction-processing product in the world. ATM transaction set supported: Fast Cash ( Multi Currency/ Multi Account ) Cash Withdrawal Balance Enquiry Mini & Full Statement PIN Change Transfer (own account & third party) Check Book Request Statement Request Utility payments

10 Tel: +965 22240600 – Fax: +965 22240601 Email: POS Transaction Switching Features Handles all transaction routing, switching and authorization 24/7/365 operation through fault tolerant hardware POS transaction set supported: Normal Purchase Pre-Authorization Purchase Pre-Authorization Completion Merchandise Return Balance Inquiry Adjustment (Purchase) Adjustment (Merchandise Return) Adjustment (Cast Advance) Adjustment (Cash Back) Purchase with Cash Back Cash Advance

11 Tel: +965 22240600 – Fax: +965 22240601 Email: Card Management System Highlights Allows processing for multiple institutions Approved by Visa and MasterCard Offers integrated support for debit, prepaid debit, pre-authorised debit, deferred debit, credit and multi -function cards. Ensures card association mandate compliance with regular software updates Presents an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) Enables users to access any and all data in the system to create reports

12 Tel: +965 22240600 – Fax: +965 22240601 Email: Card Fraud Management Benefits Fraud risk management solution provides state-of-the-art fraud monitoring & detection tools. Recognize transaction behavior, identify fraud faster and reduce losses. Fraud risk management solutions combat all types of fraud including online and offline debit cards, credit cards, merchant, e-commerce and money laundering. Complies to Visa and MasterCard requirements.

13 Tel: +965 22240600 – Fax: +965 22240601 Email: Smart Card Solutions Highlights Provides various solutions to help organizations harness the power of smart cards. Enables management of multifunction cards to supporting transactions initiated with EMV-compliant smart debit and credit cards. Provides support for key management, personalization, real-time management of applications and profiles.

14 Tel: +965 22240600 – Fax: +965 22240601 Email: e-Payment Gateway Highlights Provides comprehensive support for consumer e-payment transactions, including credit, debit and chip cards. Supports consumer authentication and authorization processing Provides flexible switching and routing to major networks, card associations and processors Uses industry standard technologies, such as C++, Java, XML Supports multiple communication protocols Supports new e-commerce delivery channels, including the Internet, PDAs and mobile telephones.

15 Tel: +965 22240600 – Fax: +965 22240601 Email: Internet Banking Highlights Comprehensive support for PC/Kiosk/ browser based digital television Presentation layer provides tailored branding for customer groups Flexible branding using standard web tools Delivery of bank-owned and third party products and services Flexible transaction sets Web language flexibility through XML Multi-level authorization Support for both retail and corporate banking needs

16 Tel: +965 22240600 – Fax: +965 22240601 Email: sales@hasibat.comM-Commerce Highlights Offers a comprehensive suite of components: transaction authorization & routing account management merchant settlement online registration risk management transaction warehousing and analysis Improves service and business information and operations, including gateways to the Internet Interfaces to call centers and account authorization systems

17 Tel: +965 22240600 – Fax: +965 22240601 Email: Data Warehousing Highlights Enterprise-wide large data warehouse solutions in the financial industry Application Neutral Open Platform Multi-OLAP server support Integrated with Data Modeling Tool and repository End-to-End solution for Information Management Integration of all diverse vendor tools, under one security shell Component based architecture Automated aggregation & OLAP loading Pre-configured Business Solution Packs Integrated Metadata control center

18 Tel: +965 22240600 – Fax: +965 22240601 Email: Anti-Money Laundering Highlights Allows organizations to react quickly to emerging fraud Pulls data from all payment and account types for a complete view of account activity Captures and maintains statistical data on queue status reviewer and model performance Interoperates with an existing authorization system Operates on a wide range of platforms

19 Tel: +965 22240600 – Fax: +965 22240601 Email: Portfolio Management Highlights It comprises of bank portfolio, issuer portfolio and customer portfolio The module supports the following corporate actions: Settlement (Money as well as security) Bonds Interest coupon payment Redemption Maturities Calls End of trading Warrants Equities Dividend payment Bonus Rights (Tear-off, exercise, expiry)

20 Tel: +965 22240600 – Fax: +965 22240601 Email: Brokerage and Internet Trading Highlights Off-the-shelf front-end securities trading System Retail brokerage operations Click & Brick delivery models Cross boarder operations Multiple instrument trading Multi-lingual operations Client Account & Portfolio Maintenance Interface with other market participants 24 predefined reports Current & historical reporting

21 Tel: +965 22240600 – Fax: +965 22240601 Email: EBP & P Highlights Supplies an end-to-end solution for statement delivery, bill delivery and bill payment Interoperates with other systems via open industry-standard technology Provides online Web access to current and past statements and bills Allows simple system management with components integrated into a single command and control administration interface Tracks statements and bills with patent pending technology

22 Tel: +965 22240600 – Fax: +965 22240601 Email: sales@hasibat.comSwift Features Message Transformation & Repair Real-time Routing and Distribution Liquidity Monitoring Message Work Flow Monitor Message Persistence and Archiving Duplicate Message Detection ACK/NAK control, delivery notifications Broadcasting Facilities Store-and-Forward Processing SWIFT XML Library - full syntactic and semantic Validation of SWIFT messages

23 Tel: +965 22240600 – Fax: +965 22240601 Email: Web Kiosks Kiosk Hardware Platform Base Unit (Mother board with PIII 800 MHz Processor and on-board LAN) 30 GB FAST IDE Hard drive; 256 MB RAM High performance video card Windows 2000 Operating System 18" / 20.1 TFT LCD Screen SST Watchdog Card/Screen RGB Sensor A4Thermal Printer/112mm receipt Printer MicroTouch IntelliTouch Panel/Micro Touch,ToughTouch Panel Vandal resistant touchscreen Card Reader DIP/Motorized 3 track & SmartCard RW Telephone Handset Vandal Resistant

24 Tel: +965 22240600 – Fax: +965 22240601 Email: Web Kiosks Kiosk Hardware Platform Modems/Smart UPS Full colour customisation – standard unit 106 grey color Enhanced Sound System ISDN Card Proximity Sensor Document Scanner 300x600 dpi 3.5 x2 – 8.5x14 Signature Capture Pad 1 x 5 capture pad with pen Kiosk application development/management software

25 Tel: +965 22240600 – Fax: +965 22240601 Email: sales@hasibat.comWorkflow Highlights Enable customers to graphically design workflow processes. Automate & extend internal application to a web based environment. No programming, scripting or macros required for development & deployment Rapid application development and deployment. Cross platform browser-based clients. Application server runs on NT server or window 2002 server. Suite developed in and uses familiar technology like Visual C++, Visual Basic, Java, Active X, HTML and XML.

26 Tel: +965 22240600 – Fax: +965 22240601 Email: Document Archiving Highlights Electronically store and organize all kinds of documents, statements, advices, letters, faxes, legal documents, contracts, etc. Extremely simple installation, usability and administration Integrated full-text retrieval Tamper-free document security Integrated client-server database based on MS SQL-server Annotations and individually created stamps – signature stamps File cabinets on CD and DVD COLD Support Full text indexing

27 Tel: +965 22240600 – Fax: +965 22240601 Email: Cash Counting Machine Features Counts coins loose/Bagged,Notes Loose/ Bundled and tokens Allows starting balance/float Minus key, Plus key, Clear subtotals key and clear total key Two line display Auto add/auto scroll function Splash proof keys Battery or mains operated Link to PC or printer Built in carry handle

28 Tel: +965 22240600 – Fax: +965 22240601 Email: HIT Financial Services Banking Sector Program / Project Management Product Consultancy Technical and Business Consultancy Computer Room Design and Implementation IT Strategy Study Help Desk Hardware Maintenance and Support Network – Active and Passive Components (3Com/CISCO) Custom Application Development (offshore)

29 Tel: +965 22240600 – Fax: +965 22240601 Email: Banking Sector HRMS (Personal & Payroll system) Disaster Recovery implementation Compaq/HP Servers and PCs IVR/Speech enabled automated telephone operator (English/Arabic voice recognition) Network Security/Firewall/Anti-virus solutions Intrusion detection & ethical hacking Smart Building – IP Telephony IT & Non-it Manpower supply HIT Financial Services

30 Tel: +965 22240600 – Fax: +965 22240601 Email: Synergy Financial Systems Ltd. specializes in the provision of systems support & the development of financial application software involved in the automated funds transfer & S.W.I.F.T. operations domain. Oracle is a high-performance leader in enterprise applications, development tools, HRMS and Financials for businesses seeking competitive advantage through superior technology. Hewlett-Packard Company is a leading global provider of products, technologies, solutions and services to consumers and business; IT infrastructure, personal computing and access devices. Viztel Solutions is a leading technology provider for Wireless and Voice Applications. Viztel's unique technology offering transcends across various wired and wireless channels. 3Com is a worldwide leader building networks that linked people and enterprises into this new world of commerce and communications. Network Associates is a leading supplier of security and availability solutions for units-PGP Security, Sniffer Technologies, Magic Solutions and McAfee (anti-virus). HIT - Banking Solution Partners Ultimus is a pioneer in the development of flexible end-to-end workflow platforms that allow companies across industries to realize enhanced revenues through improved worker productivity.

31 Tel: +965 22240600 – Fax: +965 22240601 Email: Thank ! Thank You !

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