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Berlin – Test Side Presentation

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1 Berlin – Test Side Presentation
Hermann Bluemel Senate Department for Urban Development and Environmental Protection Berlin

2 Agenda Berlin test side – the members Berlin test side – some basics
Berlin is different Berlin – high share of green modes Charging infrastructure in Berlin Carsharing in Berlin Use cases – overview Peculiarities in Berlin

3 Member Berlin test site

4 Berlin - some structural basics
Berlin and the metropolitan area are not growing (overall) growing and shrinking nearby in the boroughs high rate of exchange of inhabitants greying of inhabitants, migration and segregation population and employment density is very high in Berlin small number of commuters in Berlin Berlin is still in the process of overcoming the consequences of partition and economic upheaval

5 Berlin is different Road Transport
excellent infrastructure and capacities traffic quality on arterial roads show no significant capacity problem road transport is decreasing (based on detection) congestion is rather unknown cycling is a success story Public Transport excellent infrastructure and excellent service quality Freight Transport best infrastructure (road, rail, water)

6 high share of green modes
Decrease in car use Constant public transport Notable increase in cycling (+ 50% since 1998) Projected Trends Overall decrease in transport volumes Further increase in cycling Increasing demand for multimodal mobility (no strong attachment to individual modes) 28,6% Car Public Transport 26,5% 12,6% 32,3% Cycling Walking Modal Share 2008 Source of Data: SrV 2008

7 charging infrastructure
110 stations in (limited public funding) decrease in infrastructure 300 stations expected end of 2013 due to public funding

8 carsharing in Berlin 6 operators of station based carsharing in Berlin
Greenwheels DB-Flinkster Cambio stadtmobil Hertz On Demand Peugeot µ fleet ~ vehicle (expected) 27 e-cars

9 Operation areas of flexible carsharing
2 operators of flexible carsharing in Berlin DriveNow – BMW (350 vehicles) Car2go – Daimler (1.000 vehicles) introduction of first e-cars in 2012, bigger fleets expected in summer 2013

10 11 Use cases - overview Lead Use Case Synonym Including VMZ MM002
Erika User's preferences (weather) MM003 Heidi 1 Time optimization MM004 Paul CO2 optimization MM005 Werner 1 Incident (mode change) SH005 Heidi & Claudia Charging advice SH007 Werner 2 Incident (route change) SP001 Peter & Paul Sharepooling DLR FL002 Rudolf Monitoring environmental impact SenStadt SH001  -- Decision postponed SH003 Greenwheels MM001 Heidi 2 Freebie charge SH006 -- Be skipped

11 Peculiarities in Berlin
Station based car sharing No one way car sharing  EV has to be returned at home station User has an annual card for PT

12 5 of 7 service categories used
Multimodal solution integrating electric car sharing and carpooling schemas. Will allow the user to book the electric part of the trip. PTP · Personal Trip Planner Will integrate two groups of incentives: (i) those applied to any EV user. (ii) those depending on the user carbon footprint. ITEM: Incentives to Electromobility Combines carsharing with carpooling services at better prices. ESS: EV Sharpooling Support Offers the user advice on the most energy efficient way of recharging according price, origin of electricity, foreseen trips, battery status, etc. PERA: Personal Recharging Advisor Integrates seamless ticket and billing facilities for electro-mobility. EBIS: Electromobility Billing Support Based on the real-time carbon emissions registered, applies traffic and public transport strategies in order to balance emissions and recover the acceptable values NSE: Network Strategies for Electromobility Registers the user carbon footprint based on his/her behavior when using MOLECULES, and gives advice to enhance it. PECA: Personal Carbon Footprint Advisor 12

13 Implementation roadmap
Month 7 Month 10 Start content development Start development of interfaces Vehicles have to be ordered Small scale pilot

14 Thank you very much and see you in Berlin! Contact
Senate Department for Urban Development and Environmental Protection Am Koellnischen Park 3 D Berlin Hermann Bluemel phone +49-(0)

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