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Leading Manufacturer of (G)MR Head Test Equipment Since 1995 3000 Olcott St. Santa Clara, CA 95131 Tel: 408 941-8300 Web:

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1 Leading Manufacturer of (G)MR Head Test Equipment Since Olcott St. Santa Clara, CA Tel: Web:

2 ISI Confidential

3 Topics Introduction to ISI ISI Technology and Test Capabilities Product Suite

4 ISI Confidential Corporate Headquarters Santa Clara, California 17,500 Sq.Ft. Total 7,500 Sq.Ft R&D 10,000 Sq.Ft. Manufacturing

5 ISI Confidential MMI Systems PTE LTD in Singapore is ISIs Manufacturing Partner The MMI Group is a publicly-held company in Singapore providing Contract Manufacturing Services in the form of Precision Engineering Components, Factory Automation Equipment, Electronics (PCB Assembly), Electro- mechanical assembly of Intermediate and Finished products. Industries covered includes Data Storage, Telecommunications, Computer Peripherals, Optics, Photonics and Semiconductor Equipment.

6 ISI Confidential Design Development / Prototype Area/ Assembly Areas Components Precision Machining Main Office/ Assembly Areas 370+ Personnel sq.ft. Dedicated to Equipment CM and Automation MMI Systems: Kaki Bukit, Singapore

7 ISI Confidential MMI Class 10K Assembly Area ISI Assembly Final Test Area

8 ISI Confidential ISI Customers Fujitsu Hitachi GST HnT Samsung Headway Teleplan Western Digital Seagate SFIT TDK/SAE Toshiba Sony Sun Microsystems

9 ISI Confidential ISI Production Installed Base OVER 600+ QST-2002 HSA Production Testers OVER 250+ Blazer-X5B Row Production Testers Multiple Engineering F/A and Reliability Systems Major Customer AMajor Customer B

10 ISI Confidential World Wide Support USA – Integral Solutions Intl Malaysia – Integral Solutions Intl Thailand – Integral Solutions Intl Philippines – Integral Solutions Intl Japan – Xyratex Japan Singapore – WesTech China – WesTech Korea – Bay Solutions

11 ISI Confidential ISI QST Tester in a Nutshell QST test equipment for Wafer, Row, Slider, HGA, HSA, and HDD test applications, using a common electronics/software platform: Static Tests Voice coil, Shorts, Fault Detection,... Low Frequency Measurements Transfer Curve, Amplitude, Resistance,... High Frequency Measurements SMAN, SMAN II, AC Noise, Popcorn, FFT,...

12 ISI Confidential Low Frequency Measurements Measures head resistance change versus an externally applied magnetic field through a low frequency channel. The following Low Frequency tests can be performed. Resistance Transfer curve Stability Bias angle Asymmetry sweep Resistance delta

13 ISI Confidential Transverse Transfer Curve

14 ISI Confidential Static Tests (HSA / HDA) As an optional plug-in board for HSA/HDA test applications, verification of the Preamp Chip, Flex, and Voice Coil assembly can be performed. Voice coil measurements Fault detection Current consumption Pin-Pin and Pin-Ground shorts Temperature Sensor control Passive component measurements RDX / RDY offset voltage

15 ISI Confidential High Frequency Measurements Measures high frequency read sensor noise as influenced by write, field, temperature, ESD stress, or combinations of those stresses. The following High Frequency tests can be performed SMAN and SMAN II FFT Frequency Response Glitch After Write (Popcorn /w digitizer) and simultaneous field sweep AC Noise Test W/R Recovery (/w digitizer)

16 ISI Confidential High Frequency Channel Technology 200 Mhz Analog Bandwidth 160 Mhz 10-bit digitizer Real-Time 250 uS Memory per cycle /w pre-trigger Simulates HDD HF Channel (measures from Rdx/Rdy) Smart Threshold Trigger for Digitizer Very Low Noise Channel W/R Recovery < 500 ns 12.5 – 400 Mhz Write Frequency Programmable Last Edge Polarity 2 User Selectable Filters (High-Pass freq defined by customer) Low Cut-Off Frequency 1-3 Mhz (defined by customer)

17 ISI Confidential Field Induced Instability Soft Kink at 160 Oe

18 ISI Confidential Field Induced 150 Oe

19 ISI Confidential Field Induced Oe

20 ISI Confidential Field Induced 170 Oe

21 ISI Confidential Spectral Maximum Amplitude Noise (SMAN) Test Patent: US Soft Kink at 160 Oe

22 ISI Confidential Digitizer is The Key to S.M.A.N. Qualifies Three Types of Instability Events in One Second Test RMS Noise for broadband noise Max Amp for rare events such as Barkh. Jumps and Write Induced Instability Amp Noise for high probability noise

23 ISI Confidential Popcorn/AC Noise tests vs. SMAN Popcorn/AC noise set a threshold and count pulses exceeding the threshold Result is a count i.e. 10 or 10,000 Not enough information and not repeatable enough for pass/fail SMAN digitizes all pulses and gets noise amplitude in uV. Results are repeatable within 15% Allows prediction of drive level performance. Screens out heads that will cause high BER or loss of servo.

24 ISI Confidential Spectrum Analysis


26 ISI Confidential Slider Fab Testers Blazer-X5B Row/Bar Level Blazer-X5S Slider Level DSI-3000 Device Sorter Inspection

27 ISI Confidential Blazer-X5B Row/Bar Level Analyzer

28 ISI Confidential Blazer-X5S Slider Level Analyzer

29 ISI Confidential Blazer-X5 Platform Electronics Uses QST-2002E for all measurements Dual LF simultaneous measurement channels Pad miss-contact detection Four point resistance measurement Up/Down slider selection with single Probe Card Writer resistance measurement Contacts grounded during probing Selectable gain channels Programmable diode clamping High Field Intensity +/ Oe Field Resolution Oe L-Field < 2% Field Uniformity 2%

30 ISI Confidential Blazer-X5 System Features Supports Pico and Femto devices Compact footprint Automated device handling Uses process trays as test trays Bar Sizes mm Minimum Pad Size 80uM Missing device detection Compact Probe Card (2x3) 8 Point Probe Card, 2 sets Probe contacts both writer and reader Simple Probe Card Alignment without tools Active slider pickup nozzle OCR option

31 ISI Confidential DSI-3000 Device Sorter Inspection

32 ISI Confidential DSI-3000 Features Input: Up to 2 user defined de-bond trays or 10 standard 2x2 Waffle Trays* Output: Up to 20 standard 2x2 Waffle Trays* Slider not flat in output tray: <0.5% Unable to pick up slider: <0.5% Sliders dropped: <0.01% Sliders lost: % Uptime: >98% Semi-Auto Nozzle Verification: Yes Semi-Auto Nozzle Calibration: Yes 1, 4 or 9 Point tray calibration: Yes ESD Safe: Yes Application Dependent* UPH (Femto/Pemto w/ OCR): Unread OCR: <0.1% Mis-Read OCR: <0.05% * Note: Input/Output side is user defined

33 ISI Confidential Head Fab Products QST-2002 table top unit Universal tooling interface Available toolings for HGAs, HSAs, HDAs Optional magnet configurations QST-2002HF

34 ISI Confidential QST-2002 SYSTEM

35 ISI Confidential QST-2002 Toolings

36 ISI Confidential Optional Magnet Configurations High Field Magnet Side Field Magnet

37 ISI Confidential QST-2002 Technical Features Low Noise < 20 uV Pk-Pk Dual DC Channel High Accuracy/Repeatability Adjustable Field Angle 360° High Field Intensity +/ Oe Uniform Field < 1% High Write Current Open Architecture Software

38 ISI Confidential QST-2002HF High Field QST System

39 ISI Confidential QST-2002HF Technical Features +/- 15,000 Oe Field Blazer-X5 Platform Air Cooled Magnet Support standard AC Channel Analysis 0-90 Deg Rotation Standard 2x HGA Tooling Support

40 ISI Confidential Sample Test Plots Transverse Transfer Curve Longitudinal Transfer Curve

41 ISI Confidential Thermal Reliability Products Blazer-X5L Row/Bar Level Lifecycle tester QST-2002 /w 8x Temperature Control Module QST-2002RT /w 12x Temperature Control Module

42 ISI Confidential Blazer-X5L Row/Bar Lifecycle Tester Patent: US

43 ISI Confidential Blazer-X5L Electrical Features Temperature up to 100° C with <1° C Accuracy Bias Current/Voltage selectable Tests up to 96 elements at a time Writer Stress capable 200 Mhz AC Channel capable Uses QST-2002E for all measurements

44 ISI Confidential QST-2002 with 8x Tooling QST-2002 /w 1x and 8x Temp Control Module QST-2002 with 1x Tooling

45 ISI Confidential QST-2002 /w Temp. Control Module Unique 1x and 8x Head Hot Plate Design Max Temperature 250° C 1° C Temperature Accuracy.01° C Temperature Stability 8x Cartridge Design Independent Bias current/voltage control for all heads

46 ISI Confidential 1x and 8x Hot/Cold Test System 1x Hot Cold Plate on Gen2 2x Platform

47 ISI Confidential QST-2002 with Hot/Cold Module Unique 1x and 8x Head Hot Plate Design Temperature 5-120° C 1° C Temperature Accuracy Cartridge Design Independent Bias current/voltage control for all heads

48 ISI Confidential QST-2002RT /w 12x Temp Control Module Hot/Cold Option /w Humidity Control Hot Only Option

49 ISI Confidential QST-2002RT Temp Range (Hot-Only):......ambient to 250° C Temp Range (Hot/Cold): ° to 80° C Humidity Control: Yes (Hot/Cold only) Accuracy: % Stability: ° C Control: Closed Loop Gen3 2xBar Electronics Front-end Dual 6xHGA Cartridges HGA Cartridges customizable for different head types and configurations Offline HGA mounting Simultaneous Electrical Stress with Temperature Electrical Stress includes any combination of Bias, Bias Pulsing, Write, DFH, or Field Stress Full LF and HF measurement capability with short interconnections

50 ISI Confidential Temperature Test Transfer Curve QST-2002 /w Temp. Control Test Results

51 ISI Confidential Accelerated Life 5.5 Days Resistance and Amplitude Deteriorating after 5.5 Days of elevated temperature (100C) and elevated VBias

52 ISI Confidential ESD Products EPS-100 ESD/CDM Pulse System ESD Waveform Modules D-CDM (Direct Charged Device Model) HBM (Human Body Model) MM (Machine Model) EPS-100 ESD/CDM /w Blazer-X5B

53 ISI Confidential ESD/CDM Pulse System /w D-CDM Cartridge Patent Pending EPS-100 ESD/CDM TESTER

54 ISI Confidential EPS-100 ESD/CDM Tester /w Blazer-X5B DCDM Module on Blazer-X5B EPS-100 on Blazer-X5B

55 ISI Confidential EPS-100 Available Waveforms

56 ISI Confidential EPS-100 ESD/CDM Pulse System Bipolar Voltage +/- 100 V High Resolution < 3 mV In-Situ Measurement Built-in CT-6 Waveform Monitor (D-CDM) Simple conversion between Waveform Modules Easy conversion between HGA products

57 ISI Confidential Direct-CDM Sweep CDM Failure Threshold at 3.5V 25% lower than Amp Failure at 5V

58 ISI Confidential Summary Common test capability from Bar/Slider to Drive Most Universal QST Tester available Field-proven in Engineering, Manufacturing and Failure Analysis Open modular-design system Low cost, high throughput Manufacturing solution Most advanced High Frequency Channel capability available

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