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WILLIS/XIS ELPAN2 Pilot Process Overview Graham Card, Willis May 2008.

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1 WILLIS/XIS ELPAN2 Pilot Process Overview Graham Card, Willis May 2008

2 1WILLIS/XIS ELPAN2 Pilot First the van, now the PAN! ELPAN2 benefit opportunities include : Process redesign – De-linking supported by ELPAN2 supports changes to Willis core London Market process (e.g. 100% BSM auto-match supporting pre-cash reconciliation) Speed – data based process provides opportunity to improve speed of payment to Insurers (e.g. automated pay-as-paid) Integrity – removing the re-keying of data ensures data integrity and a robust audit trail (e.g. Broker ref 1 and 2) Common process – the removal of Non-Fundamental splits moves the London Market process model closer to that of other Carriers (e.g. EBOT and ELPAN2 similarities) Cost reduction – automation and the removal of complexity has reduced the need for expensive technical support.

3 2WILLIS/XIS ELPAN2 Pilot CURRENT PROCESS FLOW DIAGRAM CONVERT DOCS TO PDF BILLING DOCS GENERATED ATTACH PDF DOCS TO DIRECT LOAD Account HandlerTrinity (Mumbai)Bureaux Submissions Team For Additional/Return Premium Transactions, associated endorsement documentation is created by account handler and uploaded by the Bureaux Submissions Team (containing underwriter signature) Fee Transactions also require agreement documentation Cancel & Replace transactions require amended slip/relevant pages of slip which provide reasoning for cancel and replacement

4 3WILLIS/XIS ELPAN2 Pilot PROPOSED PROCESS FLOW DIAGRAM DOCUMENTS & ATTACHMENTS SELECTED BILLING DOCS GENERATED WORK PACKAGE SENT Account HandlerTrinity (Mumbai)Bureaux Submissions Team Documents selected for upload At point of posting transaction to ledger automatic creation of Technical Account (Financial Account) message Eclipse validation of mandatory fields & unique work package generation Work package delivery through XML message via Willis Gateway

5 4WILLIS/XIS ELPAN2 Pilot PROPOSED (ELPAN2) PROCESS ACORD TA Message XIS Auto-load ACORD Level 3 & Level 4 Acknowledgement messages Fundamental Splits (Non Fundamental splits not provided) ACORD FA

6 5WILLIS/XIS ELPAN2 Pilot Tasks to be incorporated within XIS/WILLIS plans Understand the Fundamental Split requirement and propose rules Action XIS/Willis via joint workshop (support material to include current SoFL LPAN splitting criteria map + existing London Market definitions) Based on Fundamental Split rules, define and build logic within Eclipse Action Willis Define Pilot Implementation approach e.g. Transaction Type, Contract Type, or Business Unit. Agreed approach to be reviewed through plan Action Willis Define TA creation and transmission requirements Action Willis Review contract certainty rules and overlay to ELPAN2 processes – ensure current rules are compatible, identify opportunities for improvement Action XIS/Willis Define process for TA query and rejection Action XIS/Willis

7 6WILLIS/XIS ELPAN2 Pilot Draft Release Plan

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