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Heart-to-heart messages. " … and grant peace to the Land of Israel and everlasting happiness to its inhabitants … from the prayer for the welfare of the.

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1 Heart-to-heart messages

2 " … and grant peace to the Land of Israel and everlasting happiness to its inhabitants … from the prayer for the welfare of the State of Israel Dear Staff, During Operation Cast Lead, we asked children from all over Israel to show their involvement through "heart-to-heart messages," and received more than 200 illustrated texts in response. These messages have been delivered to the UN and to elementary schools around the world and have also been published online in the virtual gallery at In this kit, you'll find some of these messages. We invite you and your students to read and be moved by them, and to take part in the activities found at the end of the kit. With our prayers for peace and tranquility, Zehava Shemesh

3 Come, let's put down the rifles And forget about the missiles, The soldiers will go home And the children's laughter will return! Peace Lidor 5th. Grade Ashdod

4 War - Peace - is pain is pleasant Eden, 2nd. Grade Ashdod

5 Peace will bring happiness and war will bring death Noam, 4th. Grade Jerusalem

6 To the children in the South … There are moments in life -- You don t understand where they come from, and whether it's a good thing or bad And so you feel terribly weak But try to close your eyes for a moment Feel that you, and only you, can take control of your own life Try to get in touch with yourself, to feel you are there And you'll realize just how much you really do exist. Believe that you have the power to change And to overcome every crisis in life. You'll never "fail" as long as you keep trying, even if It seems that you always have to do so. Learn to grow from the crisis That's my advice for a good life And it's for you – friends. Adi and Carmel 4th. Grade Kiryat-Shmona

7 No one want to live in a bomb shelter Yuval 6th. Grade Rehovot

8 I want to say to the residents of the South … Don t be afraid, overcome your fears and be brave. I want to ask that … the war between us and Hamas will stop, that all the missiles and rockets will stop. Peace be unto us. Revital 5th. Grade Kiryat-Malachi

9 Roy 8th. Grade Ramat-Gan

10 We feel bad that our families have been getting hurt by the Qassam rockets and missiles that terrorists are using. The State of Israel is asking for a cooling off period", our desire is to live our lives quietly. It is a natural request. Shai, Ramla

11 Israel is a democratic country And like any country, protects its citizens and residents. I am 11 years old, and I want peace. Unfortunately, though, with each passing year, I am understanding a different message that continually appears: We will not reach peace in the near future. But we can all try And we can all do our part For peace needs a lot of discipline And, most important, real desire. Ido, Emek-Hefer

12 The hope is in our heads, The love is in our hearts, The dream is in our spirit, So we will always continue in our path! Stav 6th. Grade Rishon-lezion

13 We are the people of Israel and our God is with us!! We have a large and strong army to fight our enemies and to protect our people and our land. And especially the residents of the South, who have suffered for many years from missile attacks. We hope that the war will end quickly and that Israel will have peace. 1st. Grade, Ofra

14 What a pity -- for every citizen and for every drop of blood that is spilled Jonathan 4th. Grade Regba

15 He who makes peace in high places … I want to say to you that there is a war in Israel. The soldiers are sad and everyone's worried. I'm also worried about the soldiers. I want to ask the world – please help us. We want you to know that we are a little country but also strong, and it's important that you support us. To Hamas, I say: enough firing rockets at Israel. Come, let us make peace. Come and let s make peace. Ran 3rd. Grade Jerusalem

16 One piece of land, two people involved in a blood feud, Help us live a quiet life, like normal children! Or 6th. Grade Rehovot

17 Children on both sides get hurt and are full of anxiety because of all that is happening. We all want the missile fire on those living in the settlements bordering Gaza to stop, so that there will be quiet and tranquility. Let us grow up without fear. Let us meet the children of the other side. Surely, we can be friends. Eden 8th. Grade Ramat-Gan

18 I am sad now because my brother is in the army and I worry about him. I hope he comes home safely and I won t have to worry anymore. Avraham, Ramla

19 I wish for peace And that no one s father goes to war. And that from Lebanon to Gaza, they will stop firing Katyusha and Grad missiles and rockets at Israel. I want all the world to be friends. Danit 1st. Grade Ginosar

20 Every morning, I hear the boom of the Qassam and Grad rockets that are falling in the area. Every day, I stay close to a protected room, or else remain inside it. I hardly go out of the house, and only sometimes get to play outside with friends. Most of the day, I am alone But I get by, and I can take care of myself. Noam 6th. Grade Be er-Tuvia

21 Israel is going through a difficult period. In the south, rockets are being fired at us And we live in fear that the missiles may reach the center of the country as well. We are hosting a girl from the south in our class, and it is really scary to hear her stories. Hamas is firing missiles at us And what is it that we want -- just a little quiet. Not to hear about injuries or deaths. Eden 3rd. Grade Alfei-Menashe

22 To the UN Secretary General, His Honor Ban Ki Moon! Dear Sir, In these days a war is going on in the south of our country in order to free the people of the south from having to live under the constant threat of missile fire. While you sit in the Security Council and deliberate about the situation, men, women and children are sitting in bomb shelters. Children my age in cities such as Sderot, Ashkelon and Ashdod are learning how to find shelter in less than 60 seconds. Your Honor, Mr. Secretary General of the UN, for us, Color Red is no longer just a color on the spectrum. For us, the Color Red is a warning that a missile is on its way. Ido 6th. Grade Herzelia

23 What a time this is. It's not so nice. No classes, no friends What a time, what a time … We are at home all the time Sitting watching the clock Waiting for the siren, the alarm Which isn't so pretty, but it's nice, It wakes me from my sleep. What a time, what a time … We sit in the shelters Sitting, sitting, eating, drinking, What a time, what a time … With family, with parents, with cousins, sometimes with friends. What a time, what a time … There are people who have been wounded, property that's been damaged, homes as well. What a time, what a time … It happens in the south. It happens in the north. It s not a bad dream, it s the terrible reality. What a time, what a time … In Sderot, it s been 8 years, in Ashkelon, 2 years, in Ashdod, 2 weeks. What a time, what a time … The army attacks them, it doesn t miss. We're taking vacations from the rocket explosions What a time, what a time … Tom 5th. Grade Ashdod

24 If only there were no more sirens and "Color Red" alerts Not in my neighborhood and not in others. I want to go back to school with my friends, to play a little soccer and basketball, and to learn. If only there'd be quiet in the area quiet in the world. Maor 4th. Grade Ashkelon

25 To the world s children There shouldn t be any more wars. You should be healthy and you shouldn t have to be in bomb shelters – it s not fun. Oshri 2nd. Grade Kiryat-Shmona

26 I want to tell the world that you have to do everything you can to be protected. I want to request from the world that it win the war on terror so there will be peace and serenity. Whoever doesn t agree with us, I want to suggest that they stay in their homes, without going out, just praying that it's not the end of the world. So everyone, stay in your homes and stay protected. We will do our best to win the war. Nisiel 2nd. Grade Ashkelon

27 I want to ask for peace in the world and also in our country of Israel. For wars to end And for talks and discussions to start. So that all the children can learn and enjoy themselves. Tal, Natania

28 To the children of the world Let everyone be healthy, It's not pleasant to be in a bomb shelter. There should be no more wars. Liel 1st. Grade Kiryat-Shmona

29 I hope the war will end quickly That our soldiers will come home safe and sound And, most important, that things go back to normal as soon as possible! May 5th. Grade Ashdod

30 A prayer to God … That missile fire will turn into words That Color Red will turn into peace.. Lior 6th. Grade Ashdod

31 You have seen our heart-to-heart messages What is your message?

32 Instructions for discussion/activities: Carefully examine both the texts and the illustrations in the 'heart-to-heart messages which were written by children in Israel during the military operation Cast Lead Choose those cards whose texts and/or illustrations arouse empathy, specific feelings, memories, thoughts, or questions Share your thoughts with your friends: I chose this message or picture … because I … " Break into groups and create a short message to send to members of the Knesset. It can be a message of hope, a wish or a request, or a prayer that came to you as a result of the military operation. Check the possibility of acting on your message in some manner. Write your message on the card titled message to Israel's leaders, and add an appropriate illustration Send your message to the Ministry of Education, Elementary Education Division, 2 Rehov Devora Haneviyah, Jerusalem; we will forward it to the Knesset.

33 Our message to Israel's leaders:

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