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Introducing the Panasonic KX-TD500

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1 Introducing the Panasonic KX-TD500

2 KX-TD500 Digital Super Hybrid PABX
The latest in the TD series family, the TD500 offers a smooth upgrade path for existing 2-cabinet TD1232 users as well as providing a high-quality communications system for medium-sized businesses or Hotel/Motel applications.

3 KX-TD500 Digital Super Hybrid PABX
Provides a no-nonsense, highly functional PABX without the ‘bells and whistles’ of much more expensive offerings, with a familiar feature set and user interface. A well-proportioned balance between a basic no-nonsense PABX and a reliable, easy to use and feature-rich key system… With networking and a few other goodies thrown in for good measure.

4 KX-TD500

5 KX-TD500 System Outline The system consists of a basic shelf and up to two expansion shelves. It features a universal slot design. This enables a variety of station, CO and other function cards to be installed into any of the free slots in the cabinet.

6 Basic Shelf KX-TD500 The Basic Shelf is the foundation unit of the KX-TD500 system, providing a single-shelf system that can be configured with up to a maximum of 192 ports. The Basic Shelf configuration can then be expanded by adding expansion shelves to configure a system up to a maximum of 512 ports.

7 Basic Shelf KX-TD500 The Basic Shelf houses the system’s common control cards including the Central Processing Unit (CPU) card and the Time Switch (TSW) card. Both these cards are included with the Basic Shelf. Optional feature modules, the DOHCA* and TSW-CONF cards may be added to the TSW card as required.

8 Basic Shelf KX-TD500 12 Free Slots (FS1-FS12) are available in the Basic Shelf and can be equipped with CO, station, or other function cards as required for the customer’s installation. If the installation configuration requires more than 12 Slots, the system can be expanded by adding up to 2 Expansion Shelves to the Basic Shelf.

9 Expansion Shelf KX-TD520 The KX-TD520 Expansion Shelf can be installed onto the Basic Shelf adding a maximum of 224 additional ports. This provides a two-shelf system with a maximum configuration of 416 ports. A second Expansion Shelf may then be added bringing the system up to it’s maximum configuration of 512 ports.

10 Maximum System Configurations
The absolute maximum configuration of the system is 512 ports. This port configuration cannot be exceeded. Careful consideration is required when planning a customer’s configuration.

11 Maximum System Configurations
512 ports are achieved by configuring up to 28 Free Slots with 16 port Digital Station or 16 port SLT expansion cards. Eight additional Free Slots configured with 8 port CO cards bring the maximum allowable port configuration up to 512 ports, leaving 4 Free Slots available for other function cards.

12 Maximum System Configurations
Hardware configuration limits 512 ports/system is the maximum allowed 448 extensions/system is the maximum allowed 192 CO Lines/system is the maximum allowed 138 Lines Max in a shelf 224 PT, SLT, & CO ports/expansion shelf 192 PT and SLT ext./shelf is the max. allowed 128 PT/Shelf is the maximum allowed 64 DSS Consoles is the maximum per system

13 Maximum System Configurations Example
Final system configuration of 64 CO lines and 448 extensions (320 DPT & 128 SLT) = 512 Total

14 TD500 System Hardware

15 KX-TD50101 CPU Card Intel 386-based Main Central Processing Unit (CPU) included in the Basic Shelf. This card provides control and call processing data for all system functions, including TSW control, power down and system clock alarms. Its components include processor, System ROM, battery-backed RAM.

16 KX-TD500 Cards include: KX-TD50170-Digital Hybrid Line Card (DHLC)
KX-TD50172-Digital Line Card (DLC) KX-TD50175-Enhanced Single Line Card (ESLC) KX-TD50180-Enhanced Loop Central Office Trunk (ELCOT) KX-TD50189-Paytone unit. (12KHz metering)

17 KX-TD500 Cards include: KX-TD50197-Enhanced Remote Card (ERMT)
KX-TD50288-ISDN Basic Rate (16ch) KX-TD50290-ISDN Primary Rate (30ch) KX-TD193-Caller ID unit (4 cct) KX-T96161-Doorphone/opener (4 ccts) KX-T96184-E&M Tie Line card (4 ccts)

18 KX-TD500 Cards include: KX-T96188-E1 Digital Tie Line card
KX-T96191-DISA/OGM card (4 ports)

19 TD500 Future Enhancements
PC Console PC Phone ISDN Extensions (S-bus) CTI incl. PMSI for Hotel Feature

20 KX-TD500 cct limitations

21 System Resources

22 System Resources

23 System Resources


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