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Presents eZee FrontDesk Easy to use hotel front desk software…..

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1 Presents eZee FrontDesk Easy to use hotel front desk software…..

2 Worldwide installations
eZee FrontDesk is Installed in 40 countries round the globe as on April 2006. [Australia] [Bahamas] [Brunei] [Canada] [Costa Rica] [Dom. Republic] [Ecuador] [Ethiopia] [Gambia] [Ghana] [Guam] [Guatemala] [India] [Ireland] [Jamaica] [Kenya] [Latvia] [Lithuania] [Malaysia] [Mexico] [New Zealand] [Nigeria] [Panama] [Philippines] [Puerto Rico] [Seychelles] [Sierra Leone] [Singapore] [South Africa] [Spain] [Switzerland] [Tanzania] [Thailand] [Trin. & Tob.] [UK] [United States] [Venezuela] [Vietnam] [Yugoslavia] [Zambia]

3 The `3S` of eZee FrontDesk before getting started……..
Security In this day and age, security is increasingly becoming a top priority for any business software system.  eZee FrontDesk provides you with the tools to maintain a secure environment for your financial information and your sensitive guest information. Support When the hotel business is directly linked to the hotel software its crucial to have the 24/7 support. Hospitality Smart has the best support options available at a very competitive rates. Stability The software has been tested and approved by 100’s of hotels since Stability of a Company and software product allows us to continue our development of eZee FrontDesk for years to come. We can do so because our software products and design efforts are focused on only the hospitality Industry.

4 The Edge…. Probably THE most easy to use……..!!
eZee FrontDesk has been intelligently designed with lots of research on real users of different background to make things simple and easy. Easy room arrangement (Drag & Drop) on the screen just like the real positions of the rooms in the hotel All rooms are displayed on main screen with color coded room status.   One Click Operations Click on any vacant Room to do the Check-in Same way click on any occupied room to Check Out the guest. No worry for front desk operator turn around…. eZee FrontDesk gets the next one of any caliber, started in just couple of days….

5 The Technology True 32-bit Windows application designed to run on 98 SE/ME/NT/2000/XP application with network compatibility Full network support, can connect unlimited number of PC’s to one database for concurrent operations No additional database to be purchased by the clients.

6 Clean, Clear and Informative
Start-up Screen eZee FrontDesk

7 Key Features…. One Click Operations
Easy room arrangement (Drag & Drop) on the screen just like the real positions of the rooms in the hotel All rooms are displayed on main screen with color coded room status.   One Click Operations Click on any vacant Room to do the Check-in Same way click on any occupied room to Check Out the guest.

8 Key Features Screen Showcase Check-in Form

9 Key Features Screen Showcase Reservation Form
Reservation feature contains facility like searching, editing and deleting reservations. Basic operations include Select Room of your choice from available rooms list Perform rate type and rate related operations To check in a reserved room, open it and check in; a two mouse click operation! Block Reservation Dates for Certain Date range or selected dates

10 Key Features Screen Showcase
Group Management & Operations To complete a group reservation you need to: Select stay duration, complete rate type and rate related operations Select rooms to include in the group and make payment if any Reserve or Check-In the group.

11 Key Features Screen Showcase
Direct Billing/ City Ledger The software supports unlimited company accounts with credit limit. Overpayments, credits and partial payments are supported. The past data can be adjusted to reflect any change in direct billing folio. Once a guest is checked out, the payment is automatically posted to respective company folio. One can generate company wise folio and bad debt marking facility is also available.

12 Key Features Screen Showcase
Multiple rate support in single stay This feature makes our software unique in serving the client in the best way. It is possible that a guest is applied many rate/rate types during his stay. It may be to various packages offered by the hotel. One can do this easily in the following way: Select room where multiple rate type are to be applied Select multiple rate link Divide the entire stay on basis of rate type and offer special rate too if you wish

13 Key Features Screen Showcase
Change Room & Rate Type During the stay, guest wants to change the room for any reason. One can do this easily with eZee FrontDesk . Desk clerk simply selects from any empty room to shift the guest. Rates can be changed or the old rates can continue.

14 Key Features Screen Showcase
Expense Management The software supports account payable and account receivable transaction recording. If hotel pays for any services and the hotel requires a reports on it, the software can generate the account payable reports.

15 Key Features Screen Showcase
Quick check-in through identification card swipe In the busy hours of check out, check in, usually desk clerk finds little time to complete guest information. Our software has come out with a fast solution. The data can be captured through guest’s identity card or driver license with a swipe card reader directly without keying. This avoid any typo error too.

16 Key Features Screen Showcase
Comprehensive User Management In case of a multiple user environment or where the guests are served by different desk clerks, it is necessary to prevent all user form doing everything or viewing all the data. eZee FrontDesk facilitates with various levels of privileges to perfectly define who can do what or who can view what.

17 Key Features Screen Showcase
House Keeping The software allows to schedule housekeepers based on projected occupancy using the built-in scheduler. It can handle multiple groups and rooms can be assigned and reports can be printed for assigning tasks. So it would be easy for a desk clerk to verify if some housekeeping work is done or pending.

18 Key Features Screen Showcase
Extended Help eZee FrontDesk provides you with a complete instructive guide which will help you to get to know our system better and to manage in the best possible way its different applications and options. Help Module contains information on the following topics: table of contents, index, search and favorites. Allowing its users to search information about different topics, eZee FrontDesk reduces significantly the time and the expenses necessary to solve any potential problems.

19 Features Overview Main Features
Hotel status from main screen with easy Check in Check Out Guest Room Reservation Group Management/ Operations Direct Billing/ City Ledger Database and Operation Guest Photo can be taken at various events like Check in, Check out, Payment eZee FrontDesk is available on Local Area Network Guest can be assigned different Room Rent and Rate Type Comprehensive User Management to control/restrict User Functions Integration with Magnetic Reader to check in using Driving license or ID Card Easy Room Rent Management at any juncture of the Guest Stay Simple Back up and Restore Database Operations for Data Security Transaction management with insert, delete & restore feature Expense Management with Account Receivable and Account Payable Credit Card Payment Authorization (Open credit card transaction) Hotel Configuration Viz. Room Rate, Rate Type, Amenities, Desk Clerk etc. House Keeping Module for better Room Control Lost Item and Found Item Register Continued >>

20 Features Overview Main Features
Facility to record Guest Message and Message Delivery intimation to Desk Clerk Easy to Use Address Book for Contact Management Facility to Export Reports in HTML, Word and XLS format Reminder Feature for Desk Clerk to set Reminder for own/ other Desk Clerk Ability to set up Seasonal Rates for Hotel Allows Payment transaction in Multiple Currency Facility to set up individual special rates for each Travel Agent Ability to keep track of Business Source for Marketing Department

21 Features Overview Other Important Features
Password Protected Daywise Data blocking Easy to Locate, retrieve and Edit Past Guest Folio Flash room features to filter certain rooms Late check outs Software may be configured at any time without impacting past rental data UNDO room status facility with Reports UNDO/Void Checking/Check out, with Audit Report Guest database with advance search, export & import facility Automatic and Manual data back Guest History Interface to change Room Status in bulk Weed out trouble customers by marking them as DNR (Do Not Rent) Room Blocking for any transaction Extended Help on each and every functions and screens Hotel Software eZee FrontDesk

22 Features Overview Reports
eZee FrontDesk has more then 200 reports available. Charts for better representation of data Daily Collection, Revenue and Rooming List Reports Daily Guest Balance Report Daily Guest Arrival List Guest Folio and Receipts Direct Billing Folio City Ledger and Aging Report Hotel Statistics Report Night Audit Reports Monthly Sales Report Monthly Credit Card Report Monthly Other Charges Report Monthly Statistics Report House Keeping Reports Guest Stay Summary Monthly Travel Agent Commission Report Charts for better representation of data Reports can be customize on certain level Password protected reports Summary reports for the exact picture of the property at a particular time Receipt or Folio printing Flexible automatic invoice printing if desired Custom Reports Available in Demand

23 Additional Interfaces
Call Logging Module to interface Call Accounting Software with eZee FrontDesk Credit Card Interface Guest Pictures Interface Point-of-Sale Interface Swipe Card Reader Interface

24 Download your 45 Days trial version
today from our website

25 Contact Information eZee Technologies 2/4256, Kalamehta Street, Sagrampura, Surat, Gujarat, India. Pincode: Sales Phone: Support Phone: Website

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