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Profits4Us is your KEY to FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

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1 Profits4Us is your KEY to FINANCIAL FREEDOM!
WELCOME! Profits4Us is your KEY to FINANCIAL FREEDOM! Profits4Us cc (Reg: CK1988/028091/23) is owned by Paul von Wildenrath. This Presentation is compiled and presented by Paul von Wildenrath. December, 2012.

2 About Us We have the right products, and our
Profits4Us is a close corporation registered in 1988 and has always been involved in sales and marketing. In December 2012 we added prepaid airtime, prepaid electricity, Lotto and Sports Betting to our growing range of products. In 2013 we are adding even more exciting products, most of which have a commission structure attached. We are constantly sourcing even more essential products for you! We have the right products, and our marketing strategy is unique in the industry! Profits4Us is the only RETAIL company in S. Africa selling prepaid airtime, electricity and Lotto with a NETWORK MARKETING Rewards Program attached! As our name implies, we want EVERYONE to make a PROFIT!

3 Products We have the ABSOLUTE BEST PRODUCTS for sustained growth and long-term profitability. Our primary products are prepaid airtime, electricity and Lotto. These are ideally suited to our Customer Rewards Program, a marketing strategy designed to incentivize our members / customers to buy their prepaid airtime from us and to encourage their friends and family to do the same. Profits4Us members can buy airtime from all Networks, and UniPIN and POWERpin vouchers from the Login interface on our Home page for prepaid electricity. We give discounts and commissions on all these products, 5 levels deep! We recently added Good Card to our range of products, where you can make money by supporting charities! See “Good Card” and “Other Products for Sale” on our web site for details. TIP! The prepaid airtime and vehicle tracking systems make an excellent package deal for fleet owners!

4 Payments – Buying Products
Profits4Us does not charge any joining, admin or monthly fees, nor do we accept payments of any sort. When buying prepaid airtime, electricity or Lotto vouchers from Profits4Us, payments must be made directly to our Service Provider’s bank accounts with FNB or Absa, by EFT or cash deposit (Account name: Quantum Wallet (Pty) Ltd). On the Profits4Us web site, click on the Bank Details or Contact Us links or click on “Login” for our SP’s bank details. NOTE! You must FIRST deposit funds into the Service Provider’s bank account BEFORE you can buy a voucher from your Profits4Us Login page. Put your Member ID No. (NOT your PIN) in the deposit slip’s “Reference” field. Remember, we sell prepaid airtime, so the money must be available in your Profits4Us account before you can spend it! NOTE! When depositing cash you will be charged a cash deposit fee by the bank (see “What it Costs” on our web site), so add R10 to the deposit to cover this. EFT is free or has a small fee attached. Also, make sure you have enough credit to cover the sms cost of 30 cents each in case you prefer sms to .

5 Payments – Buying Products (cont’d)
Your first deposit must be for an amount of R120 or greater, to complete your Registration process! (This money is 100% yours to use). Cash deposits and EFT’s made from Absa-to-Absa or FNB-to-FNB will clear immediately. (You must get internet banking setup at your nearest bank branch to be able to EFT funds. If you don’t have internet banking, visit your branch with your bank account number, SA ID Book and your Proof of Residence and ask the teller to set it up for you). EFT’s from other banks can take up to 48 hours to clear. As soon as your payment has cleared, your airtime credit appears in your Profits4Us account. To complete your registration, you must immediately buy a voucher for R100 or more! Your discount is credited to your account as soon as you purchase an airtime voucher. NOTE! Upline commissions are also paid immediately a voucher is purchased! Check your balance in the Login or Reports modules. From “Login” you can select “Airtime” and buy your voucher. Sms or the voucher PIN to yourself and recharge your phone using the Network’s Recharge Code (your Recharge Code will appear in your back office when you see your voucher PIN). If you have a smartphone, you can access your Profits4Us account from your phone. We recommend that you download the Opera Mobile mobi browser to your phone. To install it, from your cellphone go to and follow the download instructions.

6 Marketing Strategy With our CEO’s 40 years’ experience in retailing and network marketing, we are in the unique position of being able to combine the best elements of both industries. Profits4Us is a NORMAL RETAIL BUSINESS, but we don’t employ salespeople to market our products for us. We save on paying big salaries, car allowances and commissions to a few individuals. Instead, we take our entire wholesaler’s discount on the products we source, and we pay them back to our ACTIVE members as commissions through our Rewards Program , AND we give them discounts on their OWN purchases! In other words, we pay our income back to the people who support us, who Purchase their airtime from us on a regular basis, and Introduce new members / customers to us, who Buy airtime from us and introduce new customers to us. This is an incentive for you to help us grow our business, and our way of saying “Thank You” when you put in the time and effort to do so.

7 What Makes Us Different?
We are a retail business and NOT an MLM because: Profits4Us is FREE to join! Anyone can sign up, even people who are on airtime contracts! We sell actual products & services at current market rates (comm’s are included, not added on). We don't pay commissions for signing people up, only when they buy products – normal retail. Our products come first! Without product sales, there is no Rewards Program! There is no front-end loading of products. You buy what you want, when you want it. YOU DON'T HAVE TO SELL ANYTHING! (If you don't want to). Just give people our URL and your Member ID No. and let them decide if they want to join us and buy their airtime from us out of 10 people will join. (If you actively sell the concept, you will earn even more)! You can earn more than the person who referred you, if you work harder. We don't take payments or deposits from people; our customers pay our Service Provider directly and their Profits4Us account is credited immediately with 100% of the deposit value. We don't use old subscriptions to pay new Members. All commissions come from our reseller's discounts, which we give back to Members who support us and bring us new customers, when they buy products and services from us. You don’t have to wait to get paid! You don’t even need a bank account! You can withdraw money from your ewallet whenever you like, via Absa CashSend (min. R50).

8 What Must You Do? Become a Member! Register as a Profits4Us Member FOR FREE and read the web site and the Terms & Conditions (v. important). Fill in all the fields on the Registration Form (you MUST give us a valid address and cellphone number). Type your Introducer’s Member ID No. into the field at the bottom of the Registration Form and click “Signup”. You will immediately receive an sms with your Member ID No. and PIN. Click on “Login” and change your temporary PIN to a permanent one, to avoid having your membership blocked because your temporary PIN expired. Use only numbers, eg: 73190, no letters or symbols. NOTE! This must be done a.s.a.p. as it is time sensitive! Become a Customer! MOST IMPORTANT! You MUST be a Customer before you can enjoy all the benefits Profits4Us has to offer. Test the system to see how easily it works! Immediately EFT or deposit at least R120 into our SP’s bank account. As soon as it appears in your Profits4Us account, select “Airtime” and buy an airtime voucher for R100+. READ all the web pages. This is your Learning Centre! Learn how the business works, then sign up all your friends, family, co-workers and social media contacts and teach them to do the same!

9 Where to Type Your Introducer’s Member ID No. on the Registration Form
Province * Postal code * address Notification method  How did you hear about Profits4Us? Introducer’s Member ID No.   7475 Signup NOTE! Replace 7475 with the Member ID No. of the person who sent you this presentation. If you don’t have an Introducer, leave this field blank.

10 The Rewards Program Level 4 You Level 3 Your signups (L1) Level 2
Level 1’s signups Level 2’s signups Level 1 Level 3’s signups Level 0 YOU Your downline.

11 The Rewards Program (cont’d).
Here’s how your signups are placed under you in the Rewards Program: 1. When you register with Profits4Us you will receive an instant sms telling you your Introducer’s name, your Member ID No. and your PIN (this is your login password). KEEP YOUR PIN SAFE! DON’T LET ANYONE ELSE KNOW WHAT IT IS! Send out our URL (web address) to everyone you know, AND your Member ID No. NOTE! PLEASE DON’T SPAM! Your membership will be cancelled immediately if you do. (Spammers are removed to safeguard the integrity of Profits4Us and our members). Your signups must type in your Member ID at the bottom of the Registration Form as their Introducer. This is so the system can place your personal signups under you in the Rewards Program so you can earn commissions when they buy airtime from us. 3. When your contacts register with us, they will receive an sms with their own Member ID No. and PIN. They simply send out our URL with their Member ID No. to their contacts. You then earn comm’s when they buy airtime from us, too! NOTE! Download a copy of this presentation and send it out to potential Members. It does all the talking for you! Remember to include your name, contact details and Member ID No. in your .

12 The Rewards Program (cont’d).
Commissions on airtime, electricity and Lotto are very small, which is why vendors never give discounts. They have overheads and they must make a living! Some vendors even charge extra, to boost their profits, eg: they sell a R5 voucher for R6.00 and a R10 voucher for R12. Profits4Us doesn’t do that! We sell vouchers at the rates laid down by the Networks. Profits4Us not only gives discounts on personal purchases, we also pay commissions through our Rewards Program, 4 levels deep! You get 1% discount on your own purchases (Level 0), and 1% commission on your own signups’ purchases and on their signups’ purchases (levels 1-4). That’s a total of 5%! See previous diagram. AND you STILL get whatever discounts or special deals the Networks are offering! When you join Profits4Us, you start off earning discounts and commissions on Levels 0-4. Each level below you (1-4) has unlimited width, so you can sign up as many people as you like! Let’s see how much you can earn on Levels 0-4.

13 Commission Structure Currently, our reseller’s discount on airtime is 5%, electricity is 1% and on Lotto it is 3%. The commission breakdown for airtime purchases is as follows: Level 0: 1% (Discount on your own purchases) Level 1: 1% (Commission on the purchases of the people you signed up) Level 2: 1% (Commission on the purchases of the people they signed up) Level 3: 1% and so on……. Level 4: 1% Total: % The commission on Lotto tickets is 0.6% per person per level (Levels 0-4) and on prepaid electricity it is 0.2% per person per level. Let’s concentrate on the airtime commissions for now. NOTE! Our suppliers can change their prices and our reseller’s discounts at any time without notice. However, any changes will be apparent on our web site.

14 Commission Structure (cont’d)
Statistics show that everyone has at least close contacts – friends, family and co-workers. Also, the average amount spent per person per month on prepaid airtime is R100 – R200. If everyone spends just R200 pm on airtime, you will earn R2.00 per person pm. Look at these examples. If everyone signs up just 10, 15 or 20 of their closest contacts, your Rewards Program will look like this: Level 0: YOU YOU YOU Level 1: Level 2: x 10 = x15 = x 20 = Level 3: x 10 = 1, x15 = 3, x 20 = ,000 Level 4: x 10 = 10, x15 = 50, x 20 = 160,000 TOTAL: , , ,420 people If everyone introduces 20 new customers instead of 10 each, your potential income will jump from R22,220 to R336,840 per month! THAT’S the power of NETWORKING!

15 Commission Structure (cont’d)
Therefore, if everyone signs up just 15 of their closest contacts each, and if everyone only spends R200 pm on airtime, you total monthly commission will be R108,480 pm! If everyone signs up 20 people each, and they all spend R100 pm, your comm. will be R168,420 pm. If everyone spends R200 pm, your comm. will be R336,840 pm! CAN YOU LIVE ON THAT? I know I can! Do you agree that everyone knows 15 or 20 people who spend R100 or R200 per month on prepaid airtime? Imagine how much you will be earning when the people in your downline spend R300, R500, R1,000 pm on airtime and they sign up 50, 100, 1,000 new members each over the next few years!

16 Online Reports Our system keeps records of every transaction and new member signup that occurs. To view your reports, click on the “Reports” link and login with your Member ID and PIN. This interface provides access to a number of reporting and management functions, including: A sales dashboard containing charts showing the sales value, sales volume and commissions associated with the sales of the members that you have signed up. See how many members are on the 4 levels below you. everyone on your top line with one click! View detailed reports about your own sales and statements of transactions against your wallet. View the reports of the sales of the members that you have signed up. And much more!

17 New Addition - Good Card
Good Card is a project that has been around in South Africa for several years, and it is well established. It is endorsed by many top celebrities, and it is audited by one of the biggest law firms in the country. Good Card PAYS YOU when you support charities – 5 levels deep! The top 10 charities in SA are beneficiaries, and you can add you own favourite charity. Go to and click on “Good Card” in the navigation bar or on the left of our Home page for more information, and to see the 5-level income plan. I strongly recommend you join Good Card because of the high commissions, excellent bonuses and the good work your subscriptions will do. The bonuses from just 2 signups will cover your own costs! To join, sms to (That’s my cell number). Or sms the cell no. of the person who sent you this presentation to On our Good Card page, scroll down and click where it says “Click Here” to register, then follow the steps for online registration. NOTE! Please replace the cell no. in the Good Card URL with your introducer’s cellphone number. To complete the registration process, it is necessary for you to Good Card a copy of your SA ID document, proof of residence and a copy of your bank statement for FICA purposes.

To succeed in any business endeavour, you must have a STRONG POSITIVE BELIEF SYSTEM! (You can make a lot of money with Profits4Us, so consider it YOUR business)! To succeed in business, you MUST believe in yourself, the company and the products! It all comes down to your ATTITUDE! Your ATTITUDE determines your ALTITUDE! People who don’t want to succeed in life and who don’t want to see YOU succeed, either, will try and turn your positive belief system into a negative belief system – without even checking the facts first! DO NOT ALLOW negative-minded people to destroy your positive belief system, especially if they are your immediate family members or your best friend. Don’t let them influence you negatively, especially if you know they haven’t bothered to read our web site first! Profits4Us is a legitimate retail business and is really easy to make money with. We have made it so! You must just get into the habit of buying your prepaid airtime through us instead of from the local supermarket or spaza shop. it’s worth the effort, considering what we give back to you! (Potentially R54,000+ pm!). What you BELIEVE and what your mind can CONCEIVE, you can ACHIEVE!

19 Ask Yourself These Questions:
How much am I earning in my job right now? How many hours do I work per day to earn that? How many hours do I spend commuting every day? How much does it cost me each month in petrol alone to go to work each day? Do I even like my job and my boss? Can I buy the things I’d LIKE to have on my salary? How long will it take me in this job to earn over R100,000 per month? NOW ask yourself: How many people do I know who use prepaid airtime and/or need extra cash? How many people do THEY know? Can I get used to buying airtime from Profits4Us instead of from the supermarket? Which is more convenient: buying online from home, or walking or driving to a shop? How easy is it to EFT money to buy airtime vouchers online or to make a cash deposit? How easy is it to send out a URL for people to sign up with Profits4Us for FREE? Would I prefer to work 2-4 hours a day from home and have more free time with my family? Could I do this for a living?? If you can do this, full time or part time, you WILL make money with Profits4Us!

20 Potential Customers EVERYONE who uses a cellphone in SA (prepaid AND contract) is a potential P4Us customer! Sign up your contacts before someone else does, and the commissions from their purchases are lost to you FOREVER! Potential Customers include: friends, family, neighbours, co-workers, customers, suppliers, people in your phone book, your address book, LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook, Pinterest, Badoo, MyGenius, Flikr and other social media sites. Talk to the staff at supermarkets, petrol stations, hospitals, hotels and restaurants. Talk to fleet operators, trucking and courier companies, security companies, taxi association chairmen, taxi owners, policemen, prison warders and teachers. These are just a few ideas of where to market Profits4Us. When they see the benefits, THEY WANT IN! YOU just have to show them! So far, NOT ONE PERSON has said they don’t like the concept or don’t believe it will generate huge incomes for all concerned! What about schools, churches and charities? Wouldn’t they appreciate a regular monthly income instead of relying on the uncertainties of flea markets, cake sales and tombola stalls? Take those ideas I have just given you and talk to the people where YOU live! Put the word out online. You don’t even have to leave home!

21 THAT’s where the POWER of our Rewards Program lies!
The USA and the rest of the world are sliding back into recession, and it won’t take long to hit SA again. Unemployed people will be hardest hit, and employed people, who think they are safe, could be downsized without warning! YOU NEED A SUPPLEMENTARY SOURCE OF INCOME! And, with an essential service like prepaid airtime, we are recession-proof! It is 2013 and petrol is now well over R13.00 per litre, and showing no signs of coming down, so driving to the shop to buy airtime is costing you far more than just the airtime! Get into the HABIT of buying online from Profits4Us and REAP THE REWARDS! Plus, the fact that we are willing to share our income with you, you can’t help making money with us! It’s a no-brainer! The SECRET OF SUCCESS with Profits4Us is in SHARING! WE share our reseller’s discounts with you, and YOU share your contacts with us! Discounts are limited, but the VOLUME OF PEOPLE is UNLIMITED! THAT’s where the POWER of our Rewards Program lies! The MORE PEOPLE each Member introduces to us, the more airtime they buy, and the more people they help join Good Card, the MORE COMMISSION everyone earns! Therefore, EVERYONE is capable of earning HUGE INCOMES with Profits4Us! The only thing stopping you is YOU!

22 There are no hassles getting your money out!
Here’s the BEST Bit! There are no hassles getting your money out! You don’t have to WAIT to get paid, you can withdraw your money whenever you like! To get money out, you simply order an Absa CashSend Voucher from the Login interface on our web site and say how much you want to withdraw (min. R50). You will receive 2 codes by sms on your phone within 24 hours. The cellphone number you registered with us is the default recipient, so no-one else can hack into your back office and steal your money! (You can also send the voucher to another cellphone). Make sure you don’t lose your cell number or your PIN. If your phone is lost or stolen, get a new SIM card immediately and port your number onto the new card. Contact our Helpdesk to get a new PIN if necessary or do it via sms (see our web site). You then go to any Absa ATM, select "CashSend" and follow the prompts! Voila! You have cash! How cool is that? NB! It’s OK if you don’t have or don’t want to use a bank account. With Profits4Us you don’t have to!

23 Other Services Wallet-to-wallet transfers. Transfer money to another member’s Profits4Us account. Airtime transfers. Buy airtime and transfer the voucher PIN to someone else’s phone by sms, or it to them. Bulk purchases. Buy vouchers in bulk for resale. (eg: if you own a retail store). Get Network discounts as well. Get whatever discounts the Networks are offering, as well as your Profits4Us discounts and commissions! No need for a bank account. Deposit cash to buy vouchers, and withdraw profits in cash. Cash withdrawals. Buy an Absa CashSend voucher and send it to your own or another phone for withdrawal at any Absa ATM countrywide. Pay family, friends, creditors. No need for a smartphone. Use the Networks’ codes to download voucher PIN’s to your phone, WAP-enabled or not, eg: Vodacom is *100*01*PIN# Send. No need to have a computer. Use a computer at work, a friend’s or an internet café. (You must be computer and internet literate).

24 Community Service As I mentioned earlier, we can only prosper if we share our good fortune with others. However, there are those who are less fortunate than ourselves, and they are often unable to help themselves. They need our help! We want to implement a community service where we “pay it forward” to help those in need, specifically destitute elderly people, abused women and children and abused animals. We have decided to use the Good Card program for this, and to nominate our own favourite charities we want to support. We expect all our members to participate in this charitable cause by joining Good Card, because 20% of all subscriptions go to charities (by law) and another 60% comes to us, paid over 5 levels. From this money we can give back to our own charities – and it doesn’t come out of our pockets! It’s a community program that everyone shares in. AND you earn substantial returns for yourself, too! So sms to (or sms the cellphone no. of your Introducer to 34131) and join Good Card TODAY! So we can improve our own quality of life and those of the less fortunate. We thank all of you in advance for your generosity and your participation.

25 Profits4Us CEO & Founder:
Thank You For Watching! Now that you can see the potential that Profits4Us offers you for your FINANCIAL FREEDOM, we hope you will join us, give us your business and introduce your friends to us. Remember, EVERYONE uses airtime! You have to buy it to communicate! So, why not buy it from us, SHARE us with others, get something back, and HELP others do the same! In return, we will share our income with you and together we will all become successful, prosperous and WEALTHY! To join Profits4Us for FREE, go to and click on the “Register” button. NOTE! Remember to type in your Introducer’s Member ID No. on the Registration Form. If you don’t have an Introducer, leave this field blank. You can contact Profits4Us directly on or Or, you can us at Download a copy of this presentation to to potential Members. When sending it out, make sure you include your first & last name and Profits4Us Member ID No. Profits4Us CEO & Founder: Paul von Wildenrath

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