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Information Systems Technologies, Inc. QQuest Corporation ATS Features and Benefits.

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1 Information Systems Technologies, Inc. QQuest Corporation ATS Features and Benefits

2 people · process · technology Effective Resource Management Largest Cost of an Organization is Human Resources. Daily Absence Rates Can Average Between 5 and 15%. Tardiness of Employees Usually Goes Untracked in Most Organizations. Effects on Absences and Tardiness Can Be Costly. UAW Has Strict Rules Governing Absences New Rules in FMLA Allow Greater use of Time Off.

3 people · process · technology Effects of Absences and Tardiness If a Company requires staffing levels of 1700 Employees (two shifts) everyday to meet customer demand, the following scenario can occur: Use DOL wage for the customers industry exmpl. $25.73 / hr with benefits * Total daily absence cost is calculated by multiplying $25.73 x 34 employees x 8 hours ** Total daily tardy cost is calculated by dividing total tardy time by 60 minutes (hr) multiplying by $25.73/hr.

4 people · process · technology Effects continued….. Total Yearly Hard Costs for the Corporation would be: $35,720 per day x 235 working days $8,394,200

5 people · process · technology Soft Costs of Absences and Tardiness Tardy Employees Supervisors must cover for them Other Employees must cover for them Overtime might be needed from previous shift According to the American Payroll Association (APA) The rate of manual time card computation error is1% to 8 % of an annual payroll. 1700 employees x 40 hours/week x 52 weeks x $34.72*/hr. x 1% = $1,227,699 (* associated cost for accountant/book keeper)

6 people · process · technology Soft Costs continued…….. APA also estimates it takes 5 minutes to add and audit one employees time card. 1700 employees x 5 minutes x 26 pay periods a year / 60 minutes x average managers hourly cost of $56.00 = $ 206,266 Changes in the FMLA law Make time off harder to track Increase errors in payroll Can result in expensive litigation

7 people · process · technology Total Costs Adding up all Hard and Soft costs for Absenteeism and Tardiness, a Company may spend: Hard costs $8,394,200 Soft costs $1,433,965 Total costs $9,828,165

8 people · process · technology To help Corporations reduce these costs and increase their effectiveness, QQuest created the leading Attendance Tracking System on the Market Today

9 people · process · technology Attendance Tracking System

10 people · process · technology Endorsed by the UAW Ford Motor Company 25 North American Vehicle Operations plants Visteon Most Mfg and Assembly Plants in North America American Axle Forge and Gear Plants Lear Corporation Kansas City, Bridgeton, Wentzville, Romulus Plants, Hazlewood Over 300,000 Existing ATS Users

11 people · process · technology Attendance Tracking System Employees Call In Absent without Leave (AWOL) (Sick, No Transportation, FMLA) Coming in Late Supervisors Plan Shift Work Call substitutes Human Resources Tracks Occurrences Consistent Discipline

12 Information Systems Technologies, Inc. How ATS Works

13 people · process · technology Employee Call-In

14 people · process · technology Actual Customer Results 2004 Monthly Absent/Tardy Counts Year- Month 2004- 01 2004- 02 2004- 03 2004- 04 2004- 05 2004- 06 2004-07 2004- 08 2004- 09 2004- 10 2004- 11 2004- 12 Absent2386218117832169179120049651406124711959981162 Tardy3041517010414275175209227193217 Major Manufacturer with 6,500 employees experienced a 51% reduction in absences in the first year of implementation

15 people · process · technology Actual Customer Results continued… 2004 Monthly Absent/Tardy Counts Year-Month2004-03 2004-04 2004-05 2004-06 2004-07 2004-08 2004-09 2004-10 2004-11 2004-12 2005-01 2005-02 Calls 864 839 681 731 258 737 593 658 468 343 370 497 Events 659 624 499 570 176 535 407 468 346 270 258 351 Medium size company with 2,000 employees experienced a 46% reduction in absences in the first year and a 51% reduction in Tardiness.

16 people · process · technology Accurately tracks employee absenteeism and Tardiness Lowers Absences Reduces tardy times Improves manpower planning Provides historical statistical data for budgeting Maintains fair and consistent procedures Automatically interfaces with Payroll Corporate Benefits of ATS

17 people · process · technology Instant notification via pager, e-mail, cell phone Check Call-In Log for the days absences. Make schedule changes to have shift covered. Review Supervisor Report - determine if employee will require discipline upon returning from absence – if so, make schedule meetings with HR. Accurate and cumulative FMLA recording and reporting. Automatic interface with Payroll system eliminates manual calculations and mistakes. Supervisor / Manager Benefits

18 people · process · technology Employee Benefits Consistant process eliminates confusion. Simple 1-800 is the only tool employee uses. Confirmation # assures the employee they have successfully reported their status and can protect them from unnecessary discipline.

19 people · process · technology Call-In Log

20 people · process · technology Employee History

21 people · process · technology Statistic Reports 4600 - Discipline 586 - Jury Duty 618 - Bereavement

22 people · process · technology Additional ATS Features Time Usage Report Call Deep Dive Report Ability to Change Reason Types Voice Prompts Location Level Reports Shift Level Reports Global Notification Update Changeable Broadcast Messages Traceable Confirmation Number Excel Import

23 people · process · technology ATS Solution Choices: Hosted ATS Enterprise ATS

24 people · process · technology Hosted Version Hosted ATS offers: Quick startup and Low entry cost with monthly payments. QQuest hosts the application and data at our data center. The only customer requirement is an internet connection.

25 people · process · technology Enterprise Version Enterprise ATS: Provides the greatest flexibility Allows for customization Incorporates Payroll feeds Includes Hardware servers Software licenses Customization programming Implementation assistance

26 people · process · technology Installation and Set-Up Telephone Number Vanity number if so desired. For example 1-888- Customer name Rollout Kits A letter describing the benefits and new procedures. A refrigerator magnet to with the call-in phone number. Wallet-sized card with the call-in phone number and any other Customer-requested information Employee Training Program Employees Supervisors Human Resources

27 people · process · technology ROI (Absence Reduction) Assumption is absence can be reduced by using ATS for attendance and tardiness tracking and reporting for absence and tardiness discipline and management. Assume 5% reduction of reported annual absences. Absence Reduction Hourly rate of $21.85 was used for this calculation

28 people · process · technology ROI (Administration Reduction) Assumption is that 5 minutes per employee per month can be saved in administrative work by using ATS for attendance and tardiness tracking and reporting. ** 5 minutes per employee x 1700 employees / 60 minutes *** $34.00 average hourly Manager pay rate x 1,692 hours

29 people · process · technology ROI (Incorrect Recording) Assumption is that miss-recording or not recording absence information will be eliminated or greatly reduced and that accrued and used sick time will more accurately calculated by using ATS for attendance and tardiness tracking and reporting. Assume that 5% of total employees using ATS will have improved reporting. **American Payroll Association report on costs of time card fraud and inaccuracy. Cost was calculated at $150 for time card inaccuracy and $232 for time card fraud.

30 people · process · technology ROI Summary Absence Reduction Efficiencies = $148,580 Administration Efficiencies= $57,528 Recording Efficiencies= $32,470 Total Savings= $238,578 Additional savings are experienced through the reduction in workforce needed. When a Company has a better understanding of their average absences and Tardys for a given day, a more precise staffing plan can be created eliminating excess staff.

31 people · process · technology Exception Reporting All Companies offer time off as part of the benefit packages given to employees. Vacations, sick, and personal days are a normal part of a Companys policies. The ATS system deals only with those employees that take more than the allotted time off or are habitually tardy. The system can and will improve a Companys overall efficiencies!

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