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Contracts, Procurement, and Risk Management Tuesday, August 18, 2009 9:00 a.m. Open Forum.

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1 Contracts, Procurement, and Risk Management Tuesday, August 18, 2009 9:00 a.m. Open Forum

2 Topics of the Day New Risk Manager Introduction P-Card Updates Office Max Toner Program Non-Profit Mailing Contract Purchasing Tips Brochure International Education Programs Q & A

3 Risk Management David Carroll, ARM CSP, Campus Risk Manager Ext x66755, Risk Management Department Email: Office: Admin. Bldg. 01, Room 128

4 P- Card Administration P-Card statements with all supporting receipts are due in the Accounts Payable office no later than the 15th of each month Each line item on the P-Card statement must be accompanied by a receipt – A receipt should list items purchased, the quantity of items purchased and the dollar amount incurred. If the receipt does not provide all necessary information then provide the missing information on your P-Card Monthly Purchase Report statement – P-Card statements should not be accompanied by more than one receipt for an individual purchase. i.e. no packing slips, vendor communications etc

5 P- Card Administration In order to facilitate imaging P-Card statements and related documents we ask that you: – Tape down all receipts smaller than 8.5 x 11 onto an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper – Submit your monthly purchase report with paperclips, please do not use staples

6 P- Card Administration Helpful Hints: – Internet vendors often do not mail receipts. As a result, you should print your order confirmations at the time of purchase – Goods purchased should be mailed to a Cal Poly address – As a reminder the P-Card must not be used for any Hospitality expenses Hospitality expenses are generally comprised of hosting related expenses such as food, beverages, and promotional items

7 P- Card Administration – P-Card privileges are contingent on compliance with P-Card policies and procedures: The P-Card handbook can be found at the following link – Contact Contracts, Procurement, and Risk Management (CPRM) for questions regarding issuing new P-Cards and adjusting limits on existing P-Cards Georgia (756-2820) – Contact Accounts Payable with questions regarding your Monthly Purchase Report, and allowable types of purchases (756-2291)

8 Office Max Toner Program Save money! Buy KTEK recycled toner cartridges Who is KTEK? KTEK is a California Certified Small Business & Certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE).

9 Office Max Toner Program Why KTEK Toners instead of HP? -Lower price = $500,000 savings based on annual CSU spend, forecasted savings of $20,000 for Cal Poly. -Support Cal Polys sustainability goals. -Cal Poly earns DVBE, Small Business, and Recycled credits per State of CA Requirements. -Quality Guarantee: 1-Year Warranty on all Cartridges

10 Office Max Toner Program How has Cal Poly started? -KTEK products have been added as contract items. -Webinar on Aug 6 th, 2009



13 If you type in the HP OEM Cartridge Part#, it will automatically convert over to the appropriate KTEK cartridge.

14 Office Max Toner Program Recycling Your Old Cartridges Process remains the same for Cal Poly. -Box or bag to avoid spills. -Place empty toner cartridges in outgoing mail. -If too big for mail slot, leave instructions with location.

15 Office Max Toner Program Questions? Please contact Leah Kirklin at x65455

16 Non-Profit Mailing Services by San Luis Mailing and Poor Richards Press Full-service mailing facility that provides Non-Profit mail services to the University. Contractor will determine the correct USPS mail entry point (either the San Luis Obispo DDU or the Goleta SCF) to ensure the lowest postage rate for each project. Other Mailing Services: Consulting on Mailings and Print Design Database/List Clean Up and Appending Laser Copies and Merging of Letters Mailing Services Including Addressing and Sorting Printing and Mailing by Poor Richards Press/San Luis Mailing and Other Printer

17 Billing Process San Luis Mailing will have one (1) chart field string per department on file for postage billing. Voucher up load process. Streamlines billing and payment process. Verification of chart field string.

18 San Luis Mailing/Poor Richards Press Contact Information PRP/SLMS Contact Information Rick Griswold, Mail Manager 805-543-8880 – Fax 805-540-3960 Thad Stelly, Mail Specialist 805-543-8880 – Fax 805-540-3959 – Cell 805-878-5738 Zach Brenner, Account Executive (Printing) 805-597-7540 – Fax 805-540-3950 – Cell 805-878-4680 Paige Chamberlain, Account Executive (Printing) 805-597-7534 – Fax 805-540-3967 – Cell 805-878-8920

19 International Education Programs John Battenburg John Battenburg, Director of International Education & Programs, 805.756.2945, What offices and individuals must be contacted before students, staff, and faculty travel abroad? Where are students prohibited from traveling? What documents are required before students travel abroad? What policies must faculty and staff follow concerning student travel abroad? What other documents are required for independent study through Cal Poly? What information should be sent to IEP prior to students traveling abroad? What policies exist for proposing or handling finances for extended field trips? Why does Cal Poly require faculty and staff to devote time and energy to these administrative duties?

20 Thank You Reminder- purchasing analysis is available Questions?

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