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Technology – Based Initiatives. Retail Outlet Automation On line Density Meters Card System & Integration RF based Automatic Vehicle Identification Survelliance.

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1 Technology – Based Initiatives

2 Retail Outlet Automation On line Density Meters Card System & Integration RF based Automatic Vehicle Identification Survelliance Cameras & DU Replication Data Aggregation C R M initiatives for customers Data Analytics & Marketing Program Multi Utility Kiosk Retail Outlet Centric Retail Outlet Centric Integrated Solution For Fuel Retailing

3 Automatic Tank Replenishment Indent Generation & Secondary Scheduling GPS based Tracking System Sealed Parcel Delivery System Sealing System Wet leg Sensors Cross Over Prevention Supply Point & Tank Truck Centric Supply Point & Tank Truck Centric Integrated Solution For Fuel Retailing

4 Retail Automation

5 Q & Q Assurance Depot to Outlet : Taken care by VMS At Retail Outlet : Taken care by Retail Automation Quality Assurance thru Quantity Control - International Practice.

6 Business ObjectiveFunctionality Quality Assurance Thru Quantity Control Real Time Material Balance Build Customer Confidence System Driven Transactions Company Control on Forecourt Operation Sales / Stock Analysis Capture, Collate, Relay & Analyse Sales / Stock data thru MIS Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integrate Card transactions (EFT) Adds face to otherwise faceless transaction Remote Diagnostics of Site Equipments Remote Diagnostics Retail Automation : Business Case

7 CO FC ATG OPT BOS RFID Tag POS ATG Display EDC Typical Architecture Of RA Critical

8 Payment Solutions

9 PAYMENT SYSTEM Current Architecture OPTOPT FCCFCC MSR CSC Switch Dial Up M V AmEx Issuing Bank ICICI Bank Acquiring Bank Issuing Bank Card swiped EDCEDC Acquiring Bank (ICICI) OMC Retail Outlet Verifone terminal PSTN

10 NEED FOR STANDALONE TERMINALS OPTOPT FCCFCC MSR Switch ICICI Bank GUI : 1.SALE 2.VOID 3.REFUND EDCEDC EFT Verifone terminal (Upgraded software) PSTN EDCEDC Standalone Verifone terminal (EXISTING TERMINAL) PSTN Only for EMV / Maestro / PIN based transactions - Sale, void, refund - Initialization. - Logon - Settlement. - Reports generation Transactions: - Initialization. - Logon - Settlement. - Reports generation

11 The New Architecture (Ph III) OPTOPT FCCFCC Payment Module MSR Printer Switch Dial Up M V AmEx Issuing Bank Bank Agnostic Issuing Bank Card swiped EMV Compliant OMC Retail Outlet Third party

12 Customer Benefits System Driven Processes Computer Generated Receipts Density at the Point of Dispensation Cards Swiped on the Island in Customer Presence On line CRM Possible Faster Turnaround Time Vehicle Registration Number Captured in Receipt Quality & Quantity perception in the mind of the customer Builds Customer Confidence

13 Dealer Benefits Automates & Integrates all business operations of site Day End, Shift End and other sales stock recon and reports avl Accurately & in a jiffy; thereby Frees up manpower & faster accomplishment of outlet activities Eliminates human error and malpractices by staff Better customer handling thru credit accounts and cards Better control on forecourt operations and overall outlet activities. Overall drives more traffic to outlet leading to increased sales & profitability.

14 On line Densitometer

15 On Line Densitometer Contaminant Fuel Water Sediment Pipe outlet to Dispenser

16 Conveniently Displayed at the Point of Sale Measures Density of Product that is Dispensed Automatic cut off of supply from the UGT if density goes beyond tolerance limits : Possible, to be augmented Builds Customer Confidence on Fuel Quality Benefits of Densitometer

17 Key Objective: Anytime anywhere inspection (Sales ~ Stock Recon) Monitoring software (client application) to be installed in laptops for sales officers Viewing real-time snapshot of activities happening at outlets possible Control Orders to be issued for acceptance of automation based on inspection by various statutory authorities NEVER allow the site / any DU to run on manual mode Easy to monitor / keep track of activities anytime anywhere Remote Inspection

18 Real Time Forecourt Snapshot Tagging Finalising Sale Ushering Vehicle Waiting for Customers Real time monitoring by field officers

19 Report Generation Variety of system generated reports mapped into the system Sale – stock reconciliation / DSR / exception reports etc. can be viewed remotely BOS reports to be familiarized to Dealers Hands-on Training & hand holding sessions Shall be conducted for Field Officers

20 Expectations from Sales Officers as end-users / beneficiaries of Retail Automation System

21 Ensure availability of dedicated telephone line from dealers for automation system Ensure general upkeep & maintenance of the system installed at the outlets Ensure replenishment of consumables (receipt paper rolls, printer cartridges etc.) Ensure system generated receipt printing for every transaction at the outlets Ensure operation of automation system by the dealer in prescribed manner ; performing End of Day / End of Shift on regular basis Dealer Management Issues

22 Usage of Controlling Office System Variety of reports & data pertaining to each automated outlet can be viewed at Regional Office Field officers to ensure usage of CO System in the best possible manner.

23 Automatic Tank Replenishment

24 IMSIMS JDEJDE Schedule Engine Indent Generation Honeywell Final Schedule Manual I V R S Portal S M S A T G Aggregated Indents Indicative Process Diagram Sales Order Generation

25 The Process Flow Indents flow in from any of the touch points: Manual SMS Web Portal I V R S Indent Management System ( IMS) captures these indents. For automated sites HAIL software generates indents and sends to IMS IMS aggregates all indents and carries out basic validations Manual intervention for Planning Officer to alter quantity, check for duplicate indents etc. IMS sends the validated aggregate indent file back to HAIL scheduling engine for schedule generation The final schedule sent to IMS who in turn sends to JDE for automatic sales order generation and manual load building depending on availability of TTs

26 A T R - Architecture 1.Scheduling 2.Secondary Distribution Plan Tank Data x times a day to terminal

27 Automatic Vehicle Identification

28 Nozzle Unit Easy Fuel – The Concept Automatic Vehicle Identification ensuring customer loyalty

29 Benefits of A V I Lifetime Customer Loyalty Eradicates malpractices / manipulations at island while fuelling Faster turnaround time (Just Fuel and Zip Off …) Better Fleet & Driver Management Vehicle configured for fuelling specific Grade of product Time / Day of Fuelling Type of vehicle in a fleet Amount / Quantity of fuel Savings on Fuel (Proven savings of at least 10%) Automatic Prevention of wrong product going into the vehicle Captures odometer reading between consecutive fuelling, hence accurately assess the fuel efficiency (read mileage) Payback period of vehicle unit : 6 - 9 months

30 Implementation Status : A V I Successfully Piloted at BKC COCO, Mumbai as well as at COCO Airport, Bangalore Roll Out Plan: Scale up to select 300 sites pan India by March, 2007 50 ~ 100 vehicles at each site to be fitted with the Vehicle Tag. Number of vehicle to be covered : 30,000 OMC is the first to bring such innovative contact less chip – based / RF based system

31 Sealed Parcel Delivery System

32 Roll Out Plan Two Bid Tender in advanced stage of floatation Supply Location : 50; TTs : 500; Retail Outlets : 1000 to be covered Roll Out Plan Two Bid Tender in advanced stage of floatation Supply Location : 50; TTs : 500; Retail Outlets : 1000 to be covered

33 API Valve Hose SPDS Controller To UGT Fill Pipe Retail Outlet Tank Truck Cross Over Prevention System RFID Chip

34 Tank Truck Benefits of SPDS Correct Product loaded in right compartment & Accuracy of Loading (Integrated with Terminal Automation) Automatic detection of opening of compartment (SPDS Controller) Correct & Complete Decantation at Authorized Retail Outlets (Wet Leg Sensors & Cross Over Prevention) Automatic Built In Safety Measures (Does not Decant if earthing is not done) No hassles of Key Management Net : Assured product quality & quantity en route (From Supply Point to Decantation at outlet)

35 Vehicle Management System (VMS)

36 GPS Satellite Base Station GSM Network Vehicle movement is identified over area maps through Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global System for Mobile (GSM) to base computer. BASE STATION RECEIVER Vehicle Management System - Architecture VEHICLE MOUNTED UNIT

37 Components of VMS VMU (Vehicle Mounted Unit) GPS (Global Positioning System) GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) GIS (Geographical Information System): Loaded on Server Seal Monitoring System with Sensors Software Application : Loaded on Server

38 Multi – utility Kiosk

39 The Concept Petrol Retail Store ICICI ATM Convenience Home Convenience Banking Convenience Transaction Convenience Fuel Convenience

40 The Services Book Air Tickets Book Event Tickets Pay Telephone Bills Pay Electricity Bills Pay Mobile Bills Pay Credit Card Bills Pay Other Bills Book Rail Tickets Mobile Top-Up Maximize Service = Maximize Usage = Maximum Revenues

41 The Technical Architecture OMC Network Transaction Server Mobile Companies Movie Tickets Event Tickets Database Bi-Lateral Bank Tie-Up for Direct Debit Payment Gateway ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OUTSOURCED DOMAIN OUTSIDE OMC Credit Cards Discussions underway 70% of credit card transactions Discussions underway For air tickets

42 The Model Stereo Speakers LCD Monitor Card Reader PIN PAD Bar Code Scanner Telephone Key Board Optional Special Receipts Processor Contact-Less Smart Card Reader

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