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IDCS 500 Programming January 2002.

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1 iDCS 500 Programming January 2002

2 Programming Range of new Features have been added
For convenience have broken into 3 parts Technician System Station User

3 Technician MMC 804 - System I/O Parameters Range of new services
TRAFFIC - prints traffic reports TRF/SMDR - for traffic plus SMDR ALARMS - prints system alarms ALM/TRAF - prints system alarms and traffic reports REMO M/A - remote Maintenance & Admin - does not use PCMMC as per current DCS. UCD View - for UCD application program developed in the US requires UCD view to be enabled in MMC 860 Serial cables as for DCS 70 (Compact 11) Serial port speed - 38,400 baud (default 19,200)

4 Technician MMC 815 - Customer Database
Allows the customer database saved/recovered from Smart Media card SMDB: S: 00/00/00 00:00 - last time it was backed up Clear SMDB: Yes/No Copy to SRAM: Yes/No SRAM: S: 00/00/00 00:00 - last time it was backed up Daily Save: 00:00 - daily save of database Copy to SMDB: Yes/No - for manual database backup

5 Technician MMC 818 - Program Download
Allows the downloading of programs held on the Smart Media card Smart Media card supports the following programs M Version L Version MCP main program MCP main program LAN SCP PRI LCP PRI LAN Note: 8 BSI, 4 BRI software cannot be supported on the Smart Media card

6 Technician MMC 826 - Clock Source
Allows the technician to define the primary clock source and backup sources M Version L Version Priority Priority 1 - 9 Options M Version C1:S1-3 or self L Version Cx:S1-3 or self where x = cabinet 1-3

7 Technician MMC 850 - System Resources
Provides details of system resources idle and in use: DTMFR DSPs Use: xxx Free: xxx CID DSPs Use: xxx Free: xxx R2MFC DSPs Use: xxx Free: xxx CONF Groups Use: xxx Free: xxx Adding in Use and Free provides total available in system

8 Technician MMC 851 - System Alarm Reporting
provides a buffer of last 100 alarms Requires a LAN card installed MMC System Alarm Assignment sets the various types of alarms to provide an audible indication at Keysets with Alarm keys programmed requires a LAN card installed MMC Maintenance Busy Assignment allows Trunks, stations and DSPs to be busied out for maintenance purposes

9 Technician MMC 854 - Diagnostic time MMC 855 - System Options
sets time for system to perform diagnostic tests MMC System Options allows the technician to check what is installed on the MCP/SCP/LCP cards in the daughter board positions PSU60B installed Dip Switch settings on cards if provided whether daughter cards are installed on Cadence/SVMi-8 or ITM3 by Cabinet/Slot no.

10 Technician MMC 856 - Tech Programming Log
keeps a log of all stations that have enabled system programming - technician or System Admin level LAN card required for this option.

11 Technician MMC 859 Hardware Version
allows the Technician to view the firmware version of the Programmable logic devices on the following cards: MCP including daughter card slots Motherboard of Cabinets SCP including daughter card slots LCP including daughter card slots 8BSI card??????

12 System MMC 209 Assign AOM Max iDCS 64B AOMs per station
M version - 2 L Version - 4 Max iDCS 64B AOMs per system M version - 4 L Version - 32

13 System MMC 210 - Tenant On/Off Number of New Options
DSP SSPDNAME - displays system speed dial name when set to ON Recall Pickup - allows a station user to pick up a reverting call at another station ICM EXT FWD - when set to ON allows intercom calls to be externally forwarded SEC 2 BOSS AA - when set to ON calls from a programmed Secretary station to the boss station will automatically answer DID ERR TONE - to provide error tone when an invalid DID number is received SL SELF RING - When set to ON allows a SLT to ring its own number and be rung back

14 System MMC 210 Continued SGR INC Busy - when set to ON when all members of a station group are busy it will return busy to exchange - ISDN only KTS DISC ALM - When ON, generates system alarm when a keyset plug out or in. OFF Hook ALM - When ON, generates system alarm when a phone maintains off hook condition longer than timer TRSF CANCEL - when on allows SLT to handle 2 calls simultaneously, pressing the recall key will toggle between the calls ON - pressing Recall key will disconnect the second caller RECALL DISC - When ON, the system disconnects a call when transfer recall. LCR DIALTONE - When ON, generates different dial tone when LCR dial mode.

15 System MMC 210 Continued LCR DIALTONE - When ON, generates different dial tone when LCR dial mode. DSS KEY DPU - When ON, directed pick-up the call when press ringing DS key. - ????? BEGIN DGT DSP - when set to ON the first 11 digits of a speed dial or redial number will be displayed. OFF the last 11 digits will be displayed ONE TOUCH FACC - when set to ON an ACCT key with an account code extender can be used. OFF account code must be dialled via keypad SGR ALL OUT - when set to ON all station group members may log out of the group

16 System MMC 210 Continued CHAIN FWD - when set to ON a call to a station forwarded to a station forwarded to a VMAA will send the caller into the mailbox of the last station. OFF caller will go to the original station’s mailbox TRUNK MONITOR - When ON, can override to trunk and a call is connected override extension when a original caller hang on. When OFF, can override to extension only and a call is disconnected when a original caller hang on. VOIP MFRALOC - When ON, a MFR assigned for VoIP tandem call when a call incoming from VoIP trunk to another trunk outgoing. NTWK AUTOTMR - When OFF, a call duration timer disabled via networking intercom call. - Available in Networking enabled only

17 System MMC 217 - Traffic Report Printout
allows traffic reports to be printed on demand, or hourly or timed for 3 shifts Automatic printing always clears totals MMC Assigned Forced Codes Account code with verification ie. checks codes set in MMC 708 Account codes no verification Authorisation codes None To print Account codes on SMDR set option to yes in MMC 725

18 System MMC 501 - System Timers MMC 502 - Station Timers
new maximum timer setting 250 seconds MMC Station Timers New items added Offhook Sel [ sec] can set to 000 to disable EFWD delay [ sec] previously a system wide timer rather than per station

19 System MMC 601 - Assign Station Group M version 500 - 529
L version New Group type -MSG Group (L version only) Overflow seconds New Option Next Hunt (L version only) when timer is set will cause group to ring as a circular hunt group.

20 System MMC 603 MMC 604 - Internal Page Zones
M Version 0, L version 0, up to 99 members per trunk group MMC Internal Page Zones up to 99 members MMC External Page Zones up to 8 members MISC card required

21 System MMC 606 - Assign Speed Block MMC 607 - UCD Options
M version 1500 bins L version 2500 bins 500 maximum per system, 50 per station max MMC UCD Options new option added - All Out > Final destination all members of group can be logged out MMC CID Review Block M version 1000 bins L version 1550 bins

22 System MMC 609 - Call Log Block MMC 701 COS
1500 bins available for outgoing call log Maximum of 50 per station LAN card required MMC 701 COS Features are broken up into different groups Useable features Call STN Group Call Trunk Group Call BIVMS STN

23 System MMC 707 - Authorisation Codes MMC 708 - Account Codes
M version 250 entries - up to 4 digits L version 500 entries - up to 10 digits MMC Account Codes M version 500 entries L version 999 entries MMC Toll Pass Codes PBX Access Codes - 1 to 5 Special codes - 1 to 10 Toll Override - 1 to 8 bypasses all dialling restrictions up to 14 digits system will use OVRD trunk grp (LCR code cannot be used) OVRD Use Trunk Grp - none, 0,

24 System MMC 714 - DID Digit Table M version up to 400 entries
L version 999 entries DID digits - up to 16 1-6 ring Plans MOH source can be associated with each DID number

25 System MMC 722 - Key Programming Number of new key options
ACC XXX - account code from MMC 708 (L version) Alarm Key CAD - Call Activity key to view activity on Trunks and Extensions CONP - Networking feature ??? DNDO - DND override key EP - Established call pickup must program an extender for SLT extension - dialing via modem in PC poor man’s CTI LANREQ - LAN Request (LAN board required) MCID - Malicious Call Trace Key LOG - Call log key to view previous calls LAN card required

26 System MMC 722 Continued MS - manual signalling - networking feature ??? MW - VM Message wait key for other extensions, groups, virtual extensions NOCLIP - stops the sending of CLI information PMSG - program message key with extender PRB - privacy release bridge - allows another station to dial trunk number and enter conversation PROG - allows a station user to program certain functions for other stations eg. STN FWD, STN Name, STN lock, Time and date without entering program mode. PTHR - Path Replacement (Networking feature) RP - Ring Plan with ring plan extender RTO - Ring Time Override SETDND - allows a station to set DND for another station

27 System MMC 722 Continued SYSALM - system diagnostic alarm key (LAN card required) TRARPT - Traffic report key

28 System MMC 724 - Numbering Plan New Options added New Feature Codes
Network LCR Number Plan - L version only Virtual Extension Number Plan - SLT M version L version New Feature Codes CONP - ???? (Networking Feature) DNDO - DND override PTHR - Path replacement (Networking Feature) SLTMMC - allow SLT to use MMC SRELOC - code to do Set Relocate poor man’s hot desking function

29 System MMC 725 - SMDR Options MMC 802 - CUSTOMER MMC New Option
Print KMMC Log in/out - yes/no MMC CUSTOMER MMC Now this can be programmed by tenant 1&2

30 System New Ring Plans - 6 in total Impacted MMCs
MMC 507 Assign Ring Plan time MMC 211 Door Ring Assignment MMC 212 Alarm Ringing Station MMC 214 DISA Alarm Ringing Station MMC 301 Assign Station COS MMC 403 Trunk Toll Class MMC 406 Trunk Ring Assignment MMC 421 Assign MSN Digit MMC 512 Holiday Ring Plan - I plan can be assigned MMC 600 Assign Operator Group MMC 714 DID Digit Translation MMC 733 AA Plan MMC 758 Cadence VM/Day/Night

31 System 6 Ring Plans per day
each plan can be assigned manually or automatically via MMC 507 Ring Plan times are assigned per day MMC 507 Assign Ring Plan Time Program START and End Time for each of 6 Plans Must be done for each day of Week ANS/RLS for ALL does not operate

32 Ring Plans Before Programming Ring Plans it is important to draw a diagram The diagram should show the time of day along the bottom and Ring Plans 1-6 on the vertical axis See example

33 Ring Plans

34 Ring Plans

35 The Ring Plan that applies is the highest numbered Ring Plan that can be seen looking down from the top of the diagram

36 Ring Plans For the previous example the chart below shows the actual ring plan in operation

37 Ring Plans Ring Plan (RP) Keys can be assigned for each Ring Plan.
If the RP key is used to set the ring plan manually, the system will remain in the new ring plan until it is cleared Ring Time Override (RTO) key If the RTO key is used to override the ring plan in operation, the system remains in this plan until the start time of the next Ring Plan RTO ‘0’ will clear the setting

38 User MMC - 102 Call Forward MMC 110 - Station On/Off new Options
Forward DND CFU - Call Forward Unconditional (Networking Feature) CFB - Call Forward Busy (Networking Feature) CFNA - Call Forward No Answer (Networking Feature) MMC Station On/Off New Options Not Cont.CID - displays CID on Keyset display during call if set to ON and Auto timer is set to OFF DISP SPD NAME - displays speed dial name if set to YES - refer MMC 210 for system wide setting Secure OHVA - OHVA will only work if busy keyset is using the Handset if set to ON

39 User MMC 115 Set Program Message M version 20 messages
L version 30 messages Messages can have a time or date associated with them Program Messages are set in MMC 715

40 iDCS 500 Programming 3 Levels of Programming Programming methods
Technician System Administrator Station User Programming methods PC - DPAP-PCMMC local or Remote System Administrator Version available Keyset Programming consistent with existing DCS systems MMC based

41 DPAP-PCMMC Windows based Systems can be configured Off-Line
Card Configuration Number Plan entered manually Data can be imported from Excel Spreadsheet MMCs 104, 105, 404, 405, 705, 707, 708 Option to format MMC group mode 100s, 200s etc. Functional Group mode Stations, System, Groups/Tables, etc.

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