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Advantages Over Ocius for PC

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2 Advantages Over Ocius for PC
PCI-DSS Compliant - follow the 12 requirements outlined in the standard. Any host machine should be kept up to date with the latest windows updates Change all default passwords (setup pin, manager pin, refund pin) Merchant is behind a firewall with access for Sentinel allowed to the following ip addresses ports 29006, 29005, 29002 ports 29006, 29005, 29002 ports 29006, 29002 Active MAC address management for authorised POS units Verifone vx810 chip and pin terminal All communication is encrypted on the PED through the POS and up to the Commidea Servers.

3 Ocius Sentinel Vx810 Terminal
Reprinting of both the Merchant copy and Customer copy receipt can be done through OpenXTouch. Cash back is determined by the chip on the customer card rather than operator entry. Customer not present (Keyed card) is all done on the Pin Pad. The Sentinel service is advised to be quicker to authorise. Additional error handling for less operator error and integration problems. Socket communication rather than text file to eradicate file locking and quicker communication between OpenXTouch and Sentinel. Additional add-ons (E-Top up, Gift cards)

4 Advantages Continued Ocius for PC Ocius Sentinel
Submission of offline credit card transactions can be controlled through OpenXTouch. (Done at operator Login) Automatic login of Ocius Sentinel can be done through OpenXTouch to help stop failed transactions. Greater control over the menu options on the sentinel screen to stop operator interference. Ocius for PC Ocius Sentinel

5 Offline Floor Limits Cisco / Draytek routers with automatic failover 3G dongle adapter for loss of local broadband service

6 Ocius Using GPRS Features: Pricing:
GPRS mobile terminal with integrated receipt printer Vx670. Choice of mobile sim card (Orange, Vodaphone, Etc) GPRS enters commidea via a different chanel, not using ISP. Pricing: Initial Setup at £50.00 per terminal 36 month contract at £30.00 a month. (This includes all phone call charges)

7 Ocius Sentinel Pricing
One off initial setup charge: Current customers £50.00 per terminal New customers £ per terminal Monthly charges: 4 Year contract at £23.50 per terminal 3 Year contract at £24.99 per terminal 2 Year contract at £25.99 per terminal Gold support at £4.00 per month per terminal (£48.00 per year over 4 years totals £ per Terminal) Additional terminal as spare at £245.00

8 Webcom Schedule Schedule EOD reports to save time each morning – 5 addresses allowed.

9 Demonstration of Ocius Sentinel with OpenXTouch

10 Pin Pad Process Idle Screen Insert Or Swipe Card

11 Pin Pad Process Enter Pin Number Processing Card

12 Pin Pad Process Authorised

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