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PayPunch Xpress Software Inc.

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1 PayPunch Xpress Software Inc.
The ultimate Time and Attendance Solution Xpress Software Inc.

2 PayPunch System Overview
PayPunch Time and Attendance System consists of 3 main parts: Punch Clock device such as Fingerprint Reader, Hand Reader, Proximity Card or HID Reader. Universal Biometric Driver (UBD) software which provides communication between device and computer with database PayPunch software which provides the necessary user interface to review and modify punches, print various reports and export data to a payroll system.

3 Punch Clock Device PayPunch Time and Attendance System works with various Punch Clock devices. Fingerprint Readers – user is identified by the fingerprint stored on the device. Click on the movie icon to view demo HandPunch Reader – user is identified by the geometry of the whole hand. You can view a demo movie at Proximity/HID Card Reader – user is identified by the card. This is similar to Fingerprint Reader, but uses Proximity Cards or HID Cards to register user.

4 UBD Universal Biometric Driver is a software that provides communication between PayPunch and Punch Clock Device. This is a windows service, that runs on a background and periodically connecting to each of the devices as per schedule to download attendance logs to the PayPunch database.

5 UBD MS Edition In addition to standalone fingerprint readers, proximity/HID card readers and hand punches, PayPunch can work with standard USB Microsoft Fingerprint Reader. Universal Biometric Driver MS Edition is a software that provides communication between PayPunch and Microsoft Fingerprint Reader. Since, MS Fingerprint Reader is a USB device which does not have internal memory, UBD MS Edition must be running all the time for the user to punch in or out.

6 PayPunch Web Login In some cases, employees might not have access to a time clock to punch in or out. Some employees can be granted a permission to punch in through a web interface. PayPunch Web Login is a web base program that allow employees to punch in through a website.

7 PayPunch PayPunch software is a program that provides User Interface to review and modify employee attendance as well as generate reports such as Time Card, Late Comers, Absent and much more. PayPunch comes in 3 different editions: Lite, Professional and Enterprise.

8 PayPunch Editions Some major differences between 3 editions are highlighted bellow. For a complete comparison table visit Features: Lite (Free, but limited to 25 employees) Professional Enterprise Users Not password protected 1 User Many users with access permissions Shifts None Unlimited Accruals (Vacations, Sick Days, Holidays, etc.) Included Change Attendance History Not tracked Tracked Database Engine MS Access MS Access or SQL Server TimeCard Export Excel, Comma-Delimited, etc. Reports Simple Advanced Advanced and Customizable

9 Integrating PayPunch with your Payroll program
PayPunch includes an export functionality that allows user to export all attendance hours to a CSV or Excel file to be imported into Payroll program. Export can be easily modified to match the standards of the specific Payroll program.

10 More Information To obtain more information about PayPunch, Universal Biometric Driver, Biometric Devices, and more, please visit our website We can be contacted via or by phone

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