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Jeffrey Kovar U.S. Department of State Migrating to an eApostille.

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1 Jeffrey Kovar U.S. Department of State Migrating to an eApostille

2 U.S. Department of State2 Agenda Part I: Introduction Part II: Why Digital Signatures? Part III: Requirements Part IV: How would it work?

3 Part I: Introduction

4 U.S. Department of State4 1961 Hague Convention Apostille Home Page Text of the Convention Which Countries are Parties? Who are the Competent Authorities?

5 U.S. Department of State5 Applies To … Public Documents Birth, Death, Marriage Certificates Documents Issued by a Court or Tribunal Notarial Acts – notarized documents Patents Extracts from Commercial Registers Diplomas

6 U.S. Department of State6 Apostille Authorities U.S.A. Authentication Officer, Acting Authentication Officer and Assistant Authentication Officer, United States Department of State - Clerks and Deputy Clerks of Federal Courts of the United States of America - State Notary Public Administrators -

7 Part II: Why Digital Signatures?

8 U.S. Department of State8 What is a Digital Signature? Digital Signature: A cryptographically computed value that binds the identity of a signatory to the signed document. The resulting signed document is protected against unauthorized modifications and can be used to achieve non-repudiation.

9 U.S. Department of State9 U.S. Legal Framework Federal Legislation and Directives: Government Paperwork Elimination Act (GPEA) Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-SIGN) PDD-63 & President Management Agenda (PMA) State Legislation: Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA)

10 U.S. Department of State10 International Legal Framework 1961 Hague Apostille Convention 1996 UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Commerce 2001 UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Signatures 2005 UNCITRAL Convention on Electronic Contracting (pending)

11 U.S. Department of State11 Practical Drivers Easier to detect fraudulent signatures Entire documents are protected cryptographically from tampering Digital signatures are becoming more common U.S. Patent and Trademark Office signs applications Government Agencies currently looking to use digital signatures to save money Others applications sure to follow

12 Part III: Requirements

13 U.S. Department of State13 Smart Cards and Keys Digital signature key pair is generated on the card. There is a public key and a private key. The private key never leaves the card. The public key is available to the world. Public key is certified by a certificate. S SALLY B JONES 0012345 12/99 IE Department of State

14 U.S. Department of State14 Hardware and Software Required to Sign Software –Datakey CIP (card reader software) –Precise drivers –Adobe 7.0 Hardware

15 U.S. Department of State15 Requirements for Validation eDocument with Digitally Certified eApostille Adobe 7.0 Reader (FREE) Web link to check authorization

16 Part IV: How would it work?

17 U.S. Department of State17 Attaching an eApostille

18 U.S. Department of State18 Select Attach a File

19 U.S. Department of State19 Choose File Attachment Icon

20 U.S. Department of State20 Choose Sign from the Toolbar

21 U.S. Department of State21 Apply Certifying Signature

22 U.S. Department of State22 Confirmation to Certify Document

23 U.S. Department of State23 Disallow any further changes

24 U.S. Department of State24 Select Visibility

25 U.S. Department of State25 Use Your Mouse to Sign

26 U.S. Department of State26 Select Signing Credential

27 U.S. Department of State27 Save as New Signed Document

28 U.S. Department of State28 Save As…

29 U.S. Department of State29 Enter Smartcard Password

30 U.S. Department of State30 You Have Successfully Signed the Document

31 U.S. Department of State31 Check Validation

32 U.S. Department of State32 Successful Validation

33 U.S. Department of State33 Invalid Signature

34 U.S. Department of State34 Unsuccessful Validation

35 U.S. Department of State35 Questions & Answers

36 U.S. Department of State36 Points of Contact Jeffrey Kovar U.S. Department of State 202-776-8342 Monica Gaw U.S. Department of State 202-736-9107

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