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IBOTrade Commerce BankCard

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1 IBOTrade Commerce BankCard
Presents FranTechUSA

2 What Is IBOTrade Commerce Bank Card?
The IBOTrade Commerce® card is a true bank-issued, PIN-based ATM card accessible Unsurpassed global acceptance in more than 200 countries around the world 1+ million ATMs for cash access Faster/easier service to everyone The perfect card for international trade “real time” purchases

3 IBOTrade Commerce® card Benefit
The IBOTrade Commerce® card is the preset amount card – not a credit card Provided locally (in the region) by our local partners No credit checks or applications required – everyone qualifies No credit fees, overdraft charges, late fees, or interest charges are ever added – everyone is approved Manages expenditures effectively - only the amount loaded on the card is available for purchases or cash withdrawals

4 How Does It Work? The cardholder has access to only the amount of money (or the remaining portion after transactions) stored on the card The card works like a debit card Today's safe, convenient, and flexible way to manage spending Provides front and back-end support services FDIC Insured up to $100,000 per card.  You may manage up to $100,000 per card issued. USA ONLY. International Banking Laws apply

5 Small Business, Commerce and Money Transfer Markets
The IBOTrade Commerce® card principal products and services: Developed for small businesses and customers that needed payment solutions for: International Trade and Commerce Money Transfer Transactions Businesses adopt IBOTrade Commerce® card for payment: A need to receive money immediately and securely Collect money as merchandise is sold For international travel and transactions. The most secure method to pay both for the recipient and the company.

6 Appeals to International Travelers
IBOTrade Commerce® card is the solution to travelers without credit or income qualification through IBOTrade Commerce® Banking Partners Internationally Ability to pay in case of emergency Make purchases at locations worldwide that accept IBOTrade Commerce® card Make cash withdrawals from over one million ATMs worldwide No more check-cashing fees or trips to the bank No risk to the issuer

7 Appeals to Teens IBOTrade Commerce® card is the powerful solution to teenagers and college students without credit or income qualification Make purchases at bookstores, videos and music, groceries, locations that accept IBOTrade Commerce® card Safer than cash – the card can be replaced if lost or stolen Make cash withdrawals from over one million ATMs worldwide No more check-cashing fees or trips to the bank No more time spent waiting in line

8 Transfer Funds by Phone or Internet
Principal feature is the ability to transfer funds in real time from any IBOTrade Commerce® card to any other IBOTrade Commerce® card using: Touch tone telephone The Internet Our local Partner Bank in your Country Can deposit funds on the card and transfer them to another card in the hands of another individual or family member in another part of the country or world. The funds can be withdrawn at a local ATM machine. This feature provides an effective and expedient way to securely send money Cardholders can transfer funds from their card to a legitimate bank account.

9 Advantages Over Logo Debit Cards
The IBOTrade Commerce® card has several advantages over a Visa/MasterCard logo debit card: A Visa/MasterCard® logo debit card, while issued with a PIN, may be used like a credit card, i.e. without a PIN requirement. This means a stolen card or even the card number and expiration date can allow the entire card account funds to be accessed. The IBOTrade Commerce® card is PIN protected in all cases, and, without the PIN, is merely a piece of plastic, making the IBOTrade Commerce® card more secure than a Visa/MasterCard® logo debit card. Because of the idiosyncrasies of the credit card network, and the credit card authorization and settlement timings, a risk of account overdraw is always present with a Visa/MasterCard® logo debit card. The IBOTrade Commerce® card is a real-time attachment of funds and cannot be overdrawn. A lost Visa/MasterCard® logo debit card requires the cardholder to immediately call to cancel the card. Times may vary, but the card balance may take up to two weeks to be recovered. The IBOTrade Commerce® card can be replaced within 3 business days (US Customers ONLY) if lost or stolen, and, during this time, the cardholder knows his funds are still secure. If the cardholder has another IBOTrade Commerce® card, a card-to-card transfer service provider can move the lost card balance to the second card. International customers will be advised by our local Banking partner of the time replacement in their market – country or region.

10 No Need to Wait The IBOTrade Commerce® card can be personally embossed or distributed by number only. Our International Partners issue a card immediately without waiting through a fulfillment cycle, simply by having a supply of cards on hand ready to load at our local Partner IBOTrade Commerce® Bankcard issuer. Secondary card with name embossed can be picked up at a lower cost

11 The Future is Now IBOTrade Commerce® card makes the IBOTrade Platform the right way to trade for the real-time trading of the future.  The reason for that belief is because of the following characteristics: Consumer Benefits Merchant Benefits

12 Consumer Benefits All the convenience of a bankcard for persons currently having no banking relationships Accepted at gas stations, supermarkets, department stores, restaurants and places of entertainment and our approved Trading Partners Benefits of not carrying cash with the convenience associated with bank account holders Facilitation of instant transfer of funds to another card holder at a much lower cost than that of current options Security of a PIN Balance recovery by cardholder in case of lost card Immediate anytime access to account information via the IBOTrade Commerce® web site or telephone and our local Partner.

13 Merchant Benefits Real-time attachment of funds No charge-backs
Lower rates than other forms of payments Increased market share Zero risk

14 KEY REVENUE STREAMS OUR BANKING PARTNER will reap these rewards by partnering with us: EXCLUSIVE PARTNER IN THE REGION! Profit per card distributed Strong percentage (%) share on residuals Shared % on Loading Fees First-Right-Of-Refusal to be Settlement Bank in the region.

15 Goal of this Proposal? Ensure our PARTNER BANK understands the IBOTrade Commerce Card solution Identify how we can work together with you as our partner in your region Agree on Alliance and % share as Banking Partner and Driver of this product in the region Draft contract to work together Sign contract and secure inventory of initial 10,000 IBOTrade Commerce Cards to get started immediately vs typical minimum initial requirement of 50,000 cards

16 Jurisdiction of Operation
REGION: Per our definition, the region we propose to include the following countries: (We include all countries negotiated in your region) Please note: This “region” proposed will be solely based on success produced in PARTNER BANK in the first quarter of our business relationship.

Agree on cooperation and sign Contract between our PARTNER BANK and our USA firm, Trade Portal of the Americas, LLC Secure INITIAL INVENTORY of 10,000 cards Strategize Method of Operation in your country IMPLEMENTATION!

18 Questions

19 Thank you! Thanks you for viewing this presentation.
We are available for all pertinent questions, please feel free to call us at

20 Contact Information: President, FranTechUSA 2299 Main Street Ventura, CA 93001 David Baker, President DIRECT LINE: Philip Nadeau – Chief Executive Officer

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