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HILLSBOROUGH COMMUNITY COLLEGE PURCHASING DEPARTMENT Vonda Melchior, Purchasing Card Program Budget Officer (813) 253-7107 Terry Fryman, Purchasing Card.

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1 HILLSBOROUGH COMMUNITY COLLEGE PURCHASING DEPARTMENT Vonda Melchior, Purchasing Card Program Budget Officer (813) 253-7107 Terry Fryman, Purchasing Card Program Administrator (813) 253-7130

2 BENEFITS OF THE HCC CREDIT CARD Cardholders: Purchase small dollar consumable supplies faster Specific purchases will be easier Groups and individuals to focus on the value-added aspects of their jobs Travel arrangements faster

3 BENEFITS OF THE HCC CREDIT CARD The College: Allows Purchasing and Accounts Payable to focus on higher yield, value added activities It reduces the number of purchase orders, invoices, and checks for payment It reduces costs associated with processing invoices for payments It reduces costs of issuing checks related to travel

4 BENEFITS OF THE HCC CREDIT CARD The Supplier: Payment is more expedient – two days vs. 30 days Invoices do not have to be prepared, mailed, or tracked

5 HCC CARD PROGRAM OVERSIGHT Budget Officers Responsibilities: They must have an overall knowledge of the HCC Card Purchasing policies and procedures. Its their responsibility for reviewing and monitoring expenses. Reviewing receipts and statements monthly on HCC Cardholders expenses incurred.

6 Cardholders Responsibilities: Cardholders have been assigned the delegation for authority to make purchases for business purposes only. Cardholders abusing card privileges will be subject to disciplinary action. Cardholders are required to process their transactions by the 10 th day of the next month; Example: April transactions by the 10 th of May. Security and proper use of HCC P-Card. Only Cardholder should utilize the HCC P-Card. All purchases must be made for the benefit of HCC. Ensuring the receipt of the materials purchased, and follow up with the supplier to resolve any delivery problems. Timely follow up with supplier on erroneous charges, disputed items, or returns for credits. Obtaining receipts Immediately contacting Bank of America, and Purchasing about lost or stolen cards. Repeated incidents of missing receipts will result in disciplinary.

7 Cardholders can easily obtain account information by signing into WORKS Current account balance Recent transaction information Credit available General information about the HCC Card Account Commercial Card Activation HCC P-Cards are activated by Cardholder by calling the Bank of America

8 CARD USAGE GUIDELINES Travel Arrangements & small-dollar purchases $750 per transactions. Physical Plant and Maintenance Supplies Conference Registration and Membership Dues Authorized Campus sponsored events catered through Lackman Culinary Services Library and Learning Resource Materials Freight Expenses and Postage Charges In Place of Petty Cash Purchases Off Campus P-Card Sponsored Events (Room Rental, Refreshments (if authorized), AV Equipment) Repair Services Background Checks Security for Rental Equipment Subscriptions and Memberships Ongoing small purchases, e.g. laser cartridges Emergency Purchases of gas or repairs for college vehicles. Office Supplies from OfficeMax via website Office supplies may not be ordered or picked up in person from other vendors. OfficeMax offers next day, desk top delivery.

9 ACCEPTABLE USAGE FOR TRAVEL EXPENSES Registrations Lodging Expenses Airfare, rail, or car rental charges Parking and tolls NOTE: The card may not be used for meals while on business for the College. Meals are to be reimbursed through your travel authorization documentation.

10 CONSEQUENCES OF IMPROPER USE OF THE HCC CARD The HCC Card represents the Colleges trust in Cardholders, with empowerment as a responsible employee of the College to safeguard and protect College assets Your HCC P-Card CANNOT be used to purchase the following: ATM/Cash Advances of any Type Alcoholic Beverages, beer, wine, liquor Consulting Services Construction and Renovations Contract Agreements of any type that require a signature Insurance Contracts and Leases Purchases involving trade of College Property

11 CONSEQUENCES OF IMPROPER USE OF THE HCC CARD Capital Outlay Purchases with 70000 sub account. Minor Equipment Computers Computer Equipment Furniture Office Equipment Athletic Equipment Equipment Items more than $1,000 requiring a property control asset tag

12 CONSEQUENCES OF IMPROPER USE OF THE HCC CARD Additional Prohibited Items Gratuities Gifts Office and Holiday decoration Flowers Pictures Food items for staff parties Office refrigerators Microwaves Coffee pots Coffee and condiments Holiday Greeting Cards

13 CONSEQUENCES OF IMPROPER USE OF THE HCC CARD Additional Prohibited Items Cont; Gasoline for Personal Vehicles Pyramiding Purchases – several smaller dollar purchases are made over a short period of time in lieu of combining the purchases. To avoid the competitive quote requirement of purchasing policy and/or the P-Card daily or monthly limits). Firearms of any Type Leases and Lease Purchases Personal Purchases of any Type Prescription Drugs and Controlled Substances Radioactive and Hazardous Materials Reimbursement of any Type Donations Controlled Substances Long-Term Rentals

14 CONSEQUENCES OF IMPROPER USE OF THE HCC CARD Additional Prohibited Items Cont Retail stores (on-site) or on-site at vendors location. Costs the College the employees time, exposes the employee and the College to unnecessary risk, takes the employee away from their normal duties. Occasional trips to retail stores are permitted. Repeated trips to retail stores or the suppliers location will be scrutinized and may be grounds for discipline. First call Purchasing to determine if other solutions will meet their needs.

15 CONSEQUENCES OF IMPROPER USE OF THE HCC CARD Purchasing goods or services from a business of which the employee, or employees spouse or child is on officer, partner, director, proprietor, or in which any of them has a material interest (per Florida Statute 112.313)

16 CONSEQUENCES OF IMPROPER USE OF THE HCC CARD Additional items that may be added to this list as needed.

17 HCC CARD ABUSE Abuse of the HCC P-Card may result in revocation of your HCC P-Card and appropriate disciplinary action that may include discharge. Policy violations include, but are not limited to: Purchasing items for personal use Allowing another individual to use your HCC Card Using the HCC Card for unauthorized purchases Failure to return the HCC Card when the card has been terminated or upon request Failure to retain proper documentation Repeated use of the Affidavit for missing receipts Failure to submit signed monthly statements to the Bursar

18 HCC CARD ABUSE Consequences Written warning to the cardholder with copies to the responsible Budget Officer and Cabinet Member. Suspensions of the HCC Card account. Additional training. Violations may be reported the CFO, Cabinet Members and Executive Director of Human Resources. Possible termination or criminal prosecution. College may report personal purchases as taxable compensation

19 ISSUANCE GUIDELINES Any employee who travels, requisitions, or purchases supplies and approved contracted services is a prime candidate to receive the HCC Card. Employees who travel regularly or coordinate travel arrangements Employees managing specific site programs (general maintenance supplies, repairs, supplies, tools, safety supplies, uniform rentals, etc.) Secretarial and administrative personnel (office supplies, misc. items, etc.) Any employee whose job responsibilities generate small- dollar purchasing activity College Administrators and Budget Officers

20 MAKING A PURCHASE All purchases made on the HCC Card must exclude sales tax. You will need to provide the supplier with a copy of a Sales Tax Exemption form/letter if they dont already have one. If problems are encountered with supplier obtaining purchase authorization and/or declining your purchase, confirm: Supplier has documented credit card number and expiration date correctly. If HCC Card is still declined, contact Purchasing, Terry Fryman (813)253-7130, or Stefanie Faber (813)253-7101.

21 PURCHASING OVER THE INTERNET The HCC Card is a good tool when purchasing supplies for travel services over the Internet. Confirm you are dealing with a reputable supplier Confirm site is secure (padlock in one of the four corners of a secure web-site) Use extreme caution when providing credit card and personal information

22 ITEMS MUST BE SHIPPED TO CENTRAL RECEIVING Instruct supplier that address label/packing label accompanying the package(s) must contain the following information: Hillsborough Community College Central Receiving YOUR NAME, CAMPUS, BLDG, & ROOM # 10414 E. Columbus Dr. Tampa, FL 33619

23 If the item must be installed or is unusually large or heavy and requires special delivery arrangements, please call Purchasing before placing the order.

24 EMPLOYMENT TERMINATION AND TRANSFERRING TO ANOTHER POSITION Employment to a New Position Notify the HCC P-Card Administrator Transferring to a New Position Notify the HCC P-Card Administrator

25 PROCESSING RECEIPT DOCUMENTATION Acceptable, original receipt documentation includes a supplier produced or non- College document that records the relevant details for each item purchased, including: Quantities Amounts Description of what was purchased Total charge amount Supplier's name and address

26 PROCESSING RECEIPT DOCUMENTATION A receipt must be obtained from a Supplier. If all avenues for obtaining a missing receipt have been exhausted, use the Affidavit Form that requires the following: Name of Supplier Purchase amount Date of transaction Description of the item(s) purchased (include enough information for College Personnel and State Auditors to understand what has been purchased) Cardholders signature and Budget Officers Signature Attach to monthly statement.

27 PROCESSING REALLOCATION, RECEIPTS & STATEMENTS Each purchasing card will be set up with a default general ledger (GL) account tied to the card. When items are purchased that fall under the default GL account, no re- allocation is needed. Example, if your default GL account is XX-XXXXXXXX-65502-XX (office materials and supplies) and you pay for a hotel room in Tallahassee using you p- card, the charge for the hotel room must be re-allocated to GL account XX-XXXXXXXXX- 60502-XX (out of district travel).

28 PROCESSING REALLOCATION, RECEIPTS & STATEMENTS Cardholders are responsible for their own transaction re-allocations and signoffs in WORKS. The Card Holder makes a purchase using the p- card. If the purchase is for an item that falls under a General Ledger (GL) Account that is different from their default GL Account, then the Transaction must be Reallocated to the correct (GL) account number in WORKS. Card Holder then must signoff the transaction which moves it to the Accountants queue.

29 PROCESSING RECEIPTS & STATEMENTS Review transactions for the month and attach the associated receipts. The Card Holder will sign the statement and send it to their Budget Officer. The Budget Officer will review the transactions, sign the statement, and forward the statement and receipts to the Bursar in a sealed envelope Note that all Budget Officers must have their statements approved and signed by their Budget Officer. This means that the Campus President or Vice Presidents must sign statements for Administrators who report to them. These statements maybe file at the approving Budget Officers Bursar Office on their campus.

30 HCC CARD AUDITS Cardholder Expenses will be reviewed on a monthly basis by staff from the Purchasing and Accounting Departments to confirm adherence to internal controls and to the policies and procedures outlined in this Guide. Cardholders will be contacted via email for clarification when unclear transactions appear. Action may be taken against the Cardholders HCC P-Card account depending on the severity of the non-compliance and the Cardholders history of non-compliance. Examples of issues of non-compliance: Use of the HCC Card for the purchase of restricted commodities Use of the HCC Card by an unauthorized individual Failure to comply with purchasing policies and procedures.

31 RETURNS, CREDITS, AND DISPUTES As soon as possible, the Cardholder should contact supplier for any erroneous charges, disputed items or returns See manual for steps

32 CARD SECURITY HCC Cards should always be treated with at least the same level of care as personal credit cards. Sign your HCC Card as soon as you receive it. Keep the HCC Card in an accessible, but secure location that is accessible only to you. Guard the card account number with care. Do not post the account number at a desk or in a day planner. Do not enter the HCC Card number in an email or fax. Only enter the charge card number on a secure web site Keep an eye on your HCC Card during ALL transactions. Always know where your HCC Card is located Be aware of what you are signing – your signature can copy through to other slips placed underneath. Do not discard credit card related paper work in public areas. Always be sure to shred all documents that contain credit card account number. Do not give your HCC Credit Card number over the telephone unless you know you are talking with a reputable supplier.

33 PHISHING SCAMS College emails continue to receive messages that appear to be sent by financial institutions, internet services or companies asking the users to update personal information. Financial institutions DO NOT request information via email that requires you to follow a link to another site.

34 BUDGET OFFICER RESPONSIBILITIES HCC Card Issuance Review All Monthly Statements Appropriateness of the expenditure and reasonableness of the amount Availability of funds Compliance with budget allocations Timely Notification of Terminated Cardholders

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