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Presented by: B.C. Worsley Banking Coordinator 924-4362, On Line Reporting for Credit Cards.

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1 Presented by: B.C. Worsley Banking Coordinator 924-4362, On Line Reporting for Credit Cards

2 Credit Card reporting systems NOVA/MerchantConnect/ViaKlix

3 Universitys Credit Card Processor NOVA –Reporting Tools MerchantConnect –for statement information for up to 12 months for both swipe and Web accounts –the only tool for swipe terminal merchants –and transaction detail for up to 30 days Viaklix – for Web users only –Daily settlement –Unsettled batches –Settled batches for up to 12 months

4 Register

5 The account number 8xxxxxxxx The Bank number = 5794 5794 Use your UVA email address of choice UVA ID Only one user can have access to an account and, the department must register for each NOVA account number, web and swipe.

6 Select Then

7 Statements for BOTH Swipe terminal users/Web Users and Third Party Vendors This is place to find the monthly fees, chargebacks or equipment trade out charges.

8 Batch number Batch Date Batch under Paid by merchant = Total of MC/Visa Charges $2,200.00 AmExp and Discover charges Are listed under Paid by Others

9 Other information available under REPORTS is Daily Settlements/Batches for Past 30 days for swipe users, Chargeback information, and a Transaction search tool. Yours might say Deposits instead of Settlement

10 The settlement report Is similar to the Web Reporting tool - ViaKlix You can drill down on Any screen by selecting Any BLUE information

11 Drill down to batch detail Drill down to the Batch Drill down to the card type totals

12 Is the ONLY reporting tool that will break down the credit card batch into different card types. ViaKlix DOES NOT provide subtotals for MASTERCARD/VISA DISCOVER AMERICAN EXPRESS

13 Drill down to the individual credit card type transactions

14 And finally To the Individual transaction detail for the person whos credit card was used. You can identify card type by number. Master Cards begin with the number 5 Visa cards begin with the number 4 Discover cards begin with the number 6 American Express cards begins with a 3 Or, the Card Class

15 Charge back and retrieval detail Drill down on the case number to the status of the dispute.

16 Web reporting for Nova

17 4XXXXXX Here, Account Number is the ViaKlix number

18 Change the number of batches displayed on the page if you want. Settled transaction information is available for up to one year! Drill down on the settlement date for batch detail.

19 Drill down on the trans date for individual sales Locate an approved transaction by accessing the Search Transactions option.

20 Register Then Log in

21 So with Nova, you will access each account individually. Swipe numbers will have one log in/password/account and Web numbers will have a separate log in/password/account.

22 Select CONTINUE

23 Activity reporting gives you the Monthly statement from Discover

24 For transaction detail select Merchant Account Summary

25 American Express Take the tour!

26 Your initial Password and ID code will be provided when American Express is added to the Card selection. I suggest you have the site remember your User ID.

27 This is just a information site just like MercantConnect and Discovernetwork. Choose Look for Disputes

28 You may Have the Option to Change the Look of your Monthly Statement.

29 You can get summary or detailed information and some limited drill down capabilities. Try and click on anything in BLUE

30 This is the batch detail from the drill down from Submission Amount

31 This is the information from Settlement Amount

32 Why have access to credit card statement information? A reconciliation tool Discover the source of unidentified charges Determine where a change in a batch total took place Track down a cardholders charge or credit

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