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A Simple Cost Effective Solution to the Complete Tray Card System.

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1 A Simple Cost Effective Solution to the Complete Tray Card System.
Oline Ordering!

2 Tray Cards: Designed For the Working CDM.
Ease of use is priority one! You need only basic computer skills. Simplicity and dependability! Written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. Resident information updates right from your Tray Card screen. Integrated menu system! Satisfies both static and selective menus. Print cut and go! Disposable paper resident interactive Tray Cards. Oline Ordering!

3 CDM Information Resident Interaction Selective or Static Menus
Our system will accept any private or vendor menu system. Change Date First Name Last Name Beverages Resident Interaction Likes Dislikes Room Number Print and cut Meds. Adaptive Equipment Diet Snack Labels Over 10 Reports Review Date Supplements Care Plan Notes Oline Ordering!

4 Meeting the CDM Needs Resident: Name Room# Diet Supplements Adaptive
Menu changes Documentation Reports Care Plan Changes Physicians orders Discharges Admissions Resident: Name Room# Diet Supplements Adaptive Review date Card update Likes / dislikes Beverages Comment section Excel Resident Reports Display Menus For Resident Halls…….More Communication with dietitian Communication with nursing Resident preferences Tray Line Production Oline Ordering!

5 Navigation Easy Menu Options Integrated Toolbox Oline Ordering!

6 Dietitian / Dietary Manager / Resident Interaction
Update records in seconds Over 10 dietary reports Print 3 diet cards per sheet Print 30 snack labels per sheet Print a single diet card Manage your cyclic menus Print dining room menus for your residents Advanced search features Manage multiple homes or departments. Oline Ordering!

7 Your Working Environment
Text Update Review Go Cut Print Oline Ordering!

8 Key Benefits Oline Ordering!
Dependable resident database files. 3 resident diet cards are printed per page for easy reading by your staff and residents. Cut and go! Diet changes and physicians orders are easily entered into your database in seconds. Resident changes are made to your Tray Cards™   in seconds. Text based files are edited for permanent changes easily from a utility window. Ease of use, only basic computer skills are required. Affordable! less than half the price of our competitors Easy to setup or we will do it for you. We handle multiple screen resolutions that other systems wont. No confusing textboxes, your changes and edits are done right in your Tray Cards™  file that is displayed on your screen. We also handle Spring Summer and Fall Winter menu cycles tools for resident interaction. Displayed on your Tray Cards™  is a vast feature rich reporting module. Alternate menu offerings are displayed from our dining room menus that are in your software package. We've teamed our software with the power of Microsoft Excel © to handle your reports. We did this to allow you to not just print your reports but to save them to a file for documentation purposes. All of these functions are completely automatic, the commands are handled by our software. A 100 bed home can enter resident database information in less than 1 hour. No charge for upgrades, No special paper NO FEES. No charge for building your resident database if you have 50 residents or less. No additional charges. No time limits, No annual fees. System requirements: Windows, 12mb disk space, CD rom. Microsoft Excel (For reports) Oline Ordering!

9 Summary Purchase online with confidence:
Pricing Summary We are Tray Cards a company that has revolutionized the dietary tray card system. We, in the health care field, have worked with every tray card system out there. Plastic cards, Spreadsheets, hand written forms, colored dots and complex computer programs that fall short of providing useful resident information. Well, we've solved all of those problems by creating a no nonsense approach to the Tray Cards system.  It works on a simple to setup and maintain resident and menu database. No more unsanitary plastic cards. No more writing and erasing dozens of spreadsheet files. Our system is designed to take your dietitian or dietary manager out of the office and back on the floor! Physician orders are posted and saved in an instant. Menus are loaded and ready to print at a push of a button. Use your own menus our menus or any vendor’s menus. Easily add an entire menu system. There are numerous automated features that are easy to use by any member of your staff. Phone: Web: Fax: Oline Ordering! Purchase online with confidence:                                         We accept U.S. checks and money orders. Foreign currency handled at current exchange rates. 

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