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First in Student Discounts Worldwide 1 ISE Cards Issuing Office Tutorial.

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1 First in Student Discounts Worldwide 1 ISE Cards Issuing Office Tutorial

2 First in Student Discounts Worldwide 2 Welcome We have tried to create a simple overview about the ISE Card to help you to reach a better understanding about what the ISE Card is and how it can help students, faculty members or youths who are planning to travel or study abroad. We hope you enjoy the presentation and look forward to welcoming you as a new ISE Expert!

3 First in Student Discounts Worldwide 3 What is an ISE Card? ISE stands for International Student Exchange. Even though student is in the name, there are three versions of the ISE Card. One is for faculty members, one is for students (of any age) and one is for youths (between the age of 12 and 26). The ISE Card was created as a way to help those who were traveling to be able to save some money by receiving special discounted rates at overseas locations simply by presenting their card. Eventually these benefits grew to include medical & evacuation coverage, an emergency hotline, and airline bankruptcy protection. The best description of an ISE Card is as an International ID that is recognized worldwide and comes with all of the above benefits. ISE Cards are currently being issued in over 50 countries worldwide.

4 First in Student Discounts Worldwide 4 Overview To begin, we will highlight some of the pieces that contribute to making the ISE Card one of the best International ID Cards in the world… Airline Bankruptcy Protection ISE Validity Issuing office support Discount Guarantee Evacuation Coverage ISE Contributions Medical Benefits Emergency Hotline ISE Discounts

5 First in Student Discounts Worldwide 5 ISE Discounts ISE Cardholders are eligible to receive amazing discounts at a wide variety of international locations! A complete listing may be found at: Some highlighted ISE discounts: 50% off on ALL major sites in Egypt including the Pyramids, Abu Simbel and the Egyptian Museum! Special rates for a one-way pass on the Eurostar train that runs underneath the English Channel connecting France and England! 50% off on all long-haul rail journeys throughout Australia!

6 First in Student Discounts Worldwide 6 Medical Benefits Each ISE Cardholder automatically receives up to US$2,000 in basic medical coverage simply by owning an ISE Card. Six things to remember: The Cardholder pays the first US$100 (US$100 deductible) and then receives as much as he/she needs up to the US$2,000 amount. There is no restriction on how much of the US$2,000 may be awarded per day-this is nice for short hospital stays…. ISE Cardholders must keep all receipts and submit them to the ISE Head office once their trip is over to receive reimbursement. No pre-existing conditions are covered by this plan, which is administered by Worldwide Assistance. In emergency situations, payment can be guaranteed by Worldwide Assistance to the health care provider. Cardholders must first submit their claim to their primary insurance provider and ISE cards will reimburse up to US$2000 of any amounts not paid.

7 First in Student Discounts Worldwide 7 Emergency Hotline Each ISE Cardholder has access to a 24-hour, toll-free emergency hotline that may be called from anywhere in the world. The hotline number is found on the back of each ISE Card, and 24 different languages are spoken by the Worldwide Assistance representatives, so foreign cardholders need not worry about calling. The phone line may be used for travel assistance needs as well as medical and legal emergencies.

8 First in Student Discounts Worldwide 8 Evacuation Coverage Each ISE Cardholder automatically receives up to $5000 US in evacuation coverage through Worldwide Assistance. $100 deductible Cardholders will receive as much of the $5000 as is needed This coverage is beneficial for situations in which cardholders get stranded and need to be rescued.

9 First in Student Discounts Worldwide 9 Discount Guarantee ISE guarantees all of its discounts. If ISE Cardholders do not receive a discount at a location listed on the ISE website, they will receive double their money-back. Therefore, cardholders can feel confident that ISE stands behind its reputation and will do whatever it can to try to make their travel experience a pleasant one.

10 First in Student Discounts Worldwide 10 Airline Bankruptcy Protection Each ISE Cardholder automatically receives up to US$2,000 in airline bankruptcy protection. If an airline goes bankrupt and a cardholder is left stranded, all they need to do is call the hotline number and they will be able to use as much of the US$2,000 as they need in order to make other arrangements to get back home.

11 First in Student Discounts Worldwide 11 ISE Contributions ISE is dedicated to increasing student awareness about the world and the plights of those living in situations less fortunate than their own. That is why ISE supports UNICEF. For every dollar that is contributed by our cardholders to help a child, ISE Cards matches that amount and adds two dollars more.

12 First in Student Discounts Worldwide 12 ISE Validity Each ISE Card is valid for one full year from the date of purchase. All ISE Cards must be activated after being issued in order to be valid. Cardholders or issuing offices may go to: and click on Activate your ISE Card to fill out the online form. ISE Cardholders with cards that have not been activated may not receive all of the benefits that come with their ISE Card.

13 First in Student Discounts Worldwide 13 Issuing Office Support ISE offers continual support to all of its issuing offices. If there is ever a question or concern, we welcome you to write us at: and we will get back to you In the next section we will cover the following topics in more detail: Issuing Office Questions Issuing ISE Cards Online resources for agents How to add discounts

14 First in Student Discounts Worldwide 14 Issuing ISE Cards Five important points to remember: ISE Cards must only be issued to those who can prove their student, faculty or youth status. When you make a mistake on a card, keep it and send it back to the ISE Head office for credit. Dont give cardholders a blank card. They can add their photo-thats it! Sell ISE Cards in any way you like…in a package, individually, or give them away as a promotion! There is a minimum order of 50 cards. Orders can be placed by either calling the Head office, writing an e-mail, or filling out an order form at:

15 First in Student Discounts Worldwide 15 Issuing ISE Cards And just a few more points….. The ISE Card normally retails for $25.00 US but you can sell it for whatever amount you like. The difference between Students and Youths is that Students can be of ANY AGE and Youths must be between the age of 12 and 26. When describing the ISE Card, its best if you mention that it is an International ID Card in addition to all of its other benefits.

16 First in Student Discounts Worldwide 16 Online Resources for Agents For downloadable images of the ISE Card, ISE logo, posters, brochures, marketing photos, ISE wallpaper, decals, banner images, and ISE stationary, remember the following website:

17 First in Student Discounts Worldwide 17 How to Add Discounts If you want to increase the number of ISE discounts in your area, get involved by telling your favorite restaurant, café, or local museum about us! We will list any location free of charge on the ISE website, and the discount can be any amount. To sign-up, all they have to do is fill-out an online form at:

18 First in Student Discounts Worldwide 18 ISE Cybermodel contest Every year, ISE holds a contest in which students may send-in their photo in hopes of being selected as the ISE Model for that year Photos are e-mailed to the ISE Head office and must be in the proper format as the photo that wins will be the photo that is used. The winner will receive a free ISE Card as well as a complimentary round-trip airline ticket anywhere within their part of the world. For additional information, go to:

19 First in Student Discounts Worldwide 19 Why do I need an ISE Card? This is a question that we receive quite often. Below are a couple of possible answers: The ISE Card is an internationally recognized ID Card that clearly shows Student, Faculty or Youth status. This can be beneficial when traveling to foreign countries where any identification you may have in your native language might not be accepted or recognized as a legitimate ID. The ISE Card identifies you as an international traveler. In addition, you will have all of the benefits of the medical coverage, airline bankruptcy protection, and 24-hour toll free hotline.

20 First in Student Discounts Worldwide 20 Thank you for taking the time to view our presentation. Feel free to use it as a reference for when you take the ISE Questionnaire. We hope that you now have a basic understanding of what the benefits of the ISE Card are and we wish you the best of luck and welcome you as an official ISE issuing agent! Please click on the following link to begin the Questionnaire:

21 First in Student Discounts Worldwide 21 ISE Contact Information International Student Exchange Cards, Inc. 11043 N. Saint Andrews Way Scottsdale, Arizona 85254 USA Phone: 1-800-255-8000 (toll-free within USA) 480-951-1177 (calls outside of USA) Fax: 480-951-1216 E-mail: Website:

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