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Director of Procurement: Cindy Conlon. Reporting into the Vice President of Business and Financial Affairs The Office of Procurement is responsible for.

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1 Director of Procurement: Cindy Conlon

2 Reporting into the Vice President of Business and Financial Affairs The Office of Procurement is responsible for services in the following areas: Purchasing of goods & services (bids, contracts, etc) Inventory Control University Printing Services & Central Store University Mane Card (Campus Debit & ID Card)

3 Printing Letterhead Stationary Large volume B/W Duplication Color printing options: single page, invitations, brochures, booklets and posters Color paper printing Binding options: Saddle-stitch, Plastic Spiral, Plastic Comb, Metal-back Book style Central Supply Paper, toner, inkjet cartridges, CDs, envelopes Located in the Basement of Bibb Graves Mr. Chuck Montgomery

4 Identification Card Building Access Library Copier Usage Student Athletic Admission Debit Card Capabilities Discount Services Vending Services Located in GUC Lobby Area Manager: Mrs. Karen Kennedy

5 Zethelyn Johnson x 4206 Jack Belew x 4335 Cindy Conlon x 4293 Located in Bibb Graves Rm21

6 All expenditures greater than $200.00 require a purchase order. Only the University Procurement Office has authority to create a purchase order or change a purchase order. Only a few individuals are approved to sign contracts and obligate University funds. UNA is subject to the AL Bid Law 41.16.2. It is the responsibility of the Procurement Department to ensure compliance with this law through policies and guidance to the UNA community.

7 Code of Alabama Title 41 Chapter 16 Article 2: Competitive Bidding on Public Contracts Generally Code of Alabama Title 39: Public Works

8 Any purchase of goods or services exceeding $7500.00 within one fiscal year must be formally bid using a sealed bid process. Examples: Any item that independently costs $7500.00 or more. Service or Maintenance contract that will exceed $7500.00 over life of agreement. Common items bought across campus that fall subject to the bid law: computers, printers, office supplies, furniture, printing, t-shirts, etc.

9 Submit desired requirements to Procurement office (preferably electronically) Procurement will create bid & send invitations for sealed bid responses. Bid award factors may be set to ensure adequate needs are met. Bids are opened & tabulated in public The tabulation results will be forwarded back to the Requisitioner with an Award Recommendation. Upon agreement the Bid Award is posted At this time the Requisitioner is free to submit a requisition for purchase. 2 Week Minimum/ 4 weeks Preferred

10 Online Requisition Requesting a Purchase Order Staples online Purchasing Credit Card ****************************************** Disbursement /Payment Request(or Reimbursement)

11 1. Create Requisition On-Line (Una Portal) 2. Forward Signed Requisition Copy to Procurement Office (include 2 copies of documents that detail item(s) needed) 3. Mailed orders are printed in 3 copies: White Copy – Vendor Blue Copy – Requisitioner Pink Copy – Accounts Payable 4. E-Mailed orders are sent directly to the Supplier and the Requisitioner 5. Upon receipt of goods/services sign the Blue copy (or print e-mailed copy)& forward to Accounts Payable to authorize payment. Time Required – 1 Week

12 Requisition Purchase Order A Requisition is a Request for approval to order; the Purchase Order is the commitment of the UNA Funds. An invoice cannot pre-date a purchase order

13 Office Depot (O.D. Card with P.O.) Hobby Lobby (H.L. Card with P.O.) Michaels Sams Club (Sams ID Card with P.O.) Southern Family Market Lowes ( Commercial Service Desk) Target (Target Card with P.O.) Goodman Sporting Goods Local Hotels Most Hardware Stores Submit Itemized List of Required items with Requisition

14 Must have a User ID tied to Department Index code. (set up in Procurement Office) All orders are reviewed for compliance to policies & then approved for shipment or removed. Minimum Order placement $30.00 Orders that exceed $200.00 require a UNA Purchase Order (follow the requisition process & include the Staples order # >$200) Orders normally arrive within 24 to 48 hours. Send signed Receipt (and Blue copy of purchase order if applicable) to Accounts payable to confirm receipt of items.

15 Walmart (get tax id card at customer service desk) On-line Airfare Registration Institutional Memberships Subscriptions Unique On-Line Purchases Student Group Travel Other approved purchases <$200.00

16 Department Funds -> Cost Center Head Travel (including registration for travel) -> Supervisor of the individual traveling Contracts –> consult the Business Office Student Travel -> Department Chair and Dean Grants -> P.I. and Grants Accountant

17 Reimbursement of Small Purchases made <$200.00 Payment Request of Institutional Memberships, Dues, Subscriptions, etc. Payment of Invoices not tied to a University Purchase Order.

18 Do not commit to a supplier until you have an official purchase order. Do not change a purchase order without approval from procurement. Remember to return the blue copy of the purchase order to Accounts Payable. Remember to submit a Credit Card Usage form with original receipts for any P-Card use immediately. Try to Plan ahead & avoid Impulse buying! If you have any doubts regarding Procurement Please Call us (x4206)

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