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1 eAYSO: Regional Treasurer Presented by: Rand Potter eAYSO Commission.

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1 1 eAYSO: Regional Treasurer Presented by: Rand Potter eAYSO Commission

2 22 Webinar Guidelines 2 This is a 45min webinar We have many items to cover and hence no questions will be entertained at any point. So please note down your questions with the slide # if applicable. At the end of the webinar a contact email will be provided. All questions or comments must be sent to that email Webinars sessions will be repeated until End of February

3 33 What are we going to learn? 3 Region Invoices Region Statements & Reports Processing Dropped Players Accepting Credit card payments from parents Payment settings Account information

4 4 Region Invoices

5 55 Treasurer Access

6 66 Region Invoices 3 Types of InvoicesDefault is All …change to current year to pay invoices All Unpaid Invoices will default to Pay Click to create Remittance Advice Type will be Paid, Unpaid, Credit or Pending

7 77 Region Invoices Remittance Advice is created. Send with check to NSTC Click to Print or Save

8 88 Region Invoices Note new mailing address for Payments to NSTC

9 9 Region Statements and Reports

10 10 Region Statements & Reports NSTC A/R Stmts, Bank Stmts, NAP reports and Budgets are scanned and available on eAYSO Be sure to select the Fiscal Year for which you wish to view statements Click on link to view Bank/NSTC Statement detail or NAP detail

11 11 Processing Dropped Players

12 12 Processing Dropped Players Select Awaiting Request to see Players available for NSTC Fees Credit Dropped player credit requirement: Player has not practiced or played in ANY game

13 13 Processing Dropped Players Check only players meeting qualification for a credit of the NSTC fees paid If player doesnt meet refund criteria simply mark as Drop/No Credit Once boxes have been checked …Click on Submit to continue to Credit Claim form

14 14 Processing Dropped Players Click so the form can be printed for RC signature and mailing to NSTC Green is good! However you must print the form and the RC must sign

15 15 Processing Dropped Players RC must sign this request no other regional signature is accepted. Then mail to NSTC-Finance

16 16 Accepting Credit Card Payments from Parents

17 17 Accepting Credit card payments Offering the credit card payment option for parents when they complete the player application is an optional feature for Regions To setup this option for your Region contact Donna Marini from Elavon by email or by phone Plan ahead 4-6 weeks to enable credit card payments for Region

18 18 How will Parent will know if Region Allows Payment by Credit Card?? If your Region allows Credit Cards…Parents will see an active link. Otherwise link is inactive

19 19 Payment settings Important Region payment settings on the following screen ONLY applies if your Region uses online payment with credit cards

20 20 Payment settings Select Current Program Enter start & end dates of discount Enter Early Reg discount amount (if any) Enter discounts for additional children Enter start & end dates Click Update Enter other (optional) fees & amounts

21 21 Update Region Account Settings

22 22 Account information Complete this information

23 23 Account information

24 24 Account information Enter authorized signers names Update when finished

25 Dont forget the Help menu Use the tools on HELP - Excellent Tips - User Guides - Online Lab Exercises

26 26 Contact information 26 Questions or comments regarding this presentation: Questions or comments about eAYSO: OR call (866) 588-2976

27 Dont Forget the Help Menu Use the tools on HELP - Excellent Tips - User Guides - Online Lab Exercises

28 28 Thank you 28

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