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Pierre Winiger Technical Partner Manager Product News.

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1 Pierre Winiger Technical Partner Manager Product News

2 New FAS-Systems

3 Entry-Level Roadmap FAS2040 FAS2020 FAS3210 Today3Q 20114Q 20111Q 20122Q 2012 2U SAS 4U SATA FAS2240 FAS2040

4 432TB 144 Drives 408TB 136 Drives 4,320TB 1,440 Drives 6TB Flash Cache 4,320TB 1,440 Drives 8TB Flash Cache 1,800TB 600 Drives 1TB Flash Cache 3,600TB 1,200 Drives 3TB Flash Cache 2,880TB 960 Drives 2TB Flash Cache 720TB 240 Drives 512GB Flash Cache New Entry Systems Added to Line Truly unified Most efficient Extremely flexible FAS/V3210 FAS2040 FAS/V6240 FAS/V6280 FAS/V3240 FAS/V6210 FAS/V3270 FAS2240 Unified Storage Architecture

5 FAS2240-2 Front View

6 FAS2240-2 Rear View

7 FAS2240-4 Front View

8 FAS2240-4 Rear View Processor controller modules Power Supply/Fan Module

9 FAS2240 I/O Connections With Mezzanine Card Option Optional

10 FAS2240 Configuration Details Based on SAS shelves –FAS2240-2 uses DS2246 and internal SAS disks –FAS2240-4 uses DS4243 and internal SATA disks –Up to 24 internal disks for both form factors Same controller PCM used in both models 4x GbE ports and 2x 6Gb SAS ports per PCM Optional mezzanine card per PCM –2x 10GbE - or - –2x 8/4/2 Gb FC (target or initiator mode) - or - –No card, slot can be left empty

11 FAS2240 Configuration Details FAS2240-2 internal disks –12 and 24 disk orderable configurations –450GB or 600GB 10K SAS supported at launch FAS2240-4 internal disks –12 and 24 disk orderable options –1TB, 2TB SATA, and 3TB SATA available at launch

12 FAS2240 Back-end SAS Storage Supported shelves and modules –DS2246 with IOM6 –DS4243 with IOM3 –Mixing DS2246 and DS4243 supported Only applies to FAS2240, not other platforms Supported disks –All SAS disks supported in above shelves –SSDs are supported externally in DS4243 shelves Available starting January 2012 Set FAS2240 shelf ID with external SAS storage

13 FAS2240 Back-end FC Storage Supported shelves and modules –DS14mk4 with ESH4 –DS14mk2 with ESH4 ESH2 is not supported in Data ONTAP® 8.1 –DS14mk2-AT with AT-FCX Supported disks –144GB and larger 15K FC disks –500GB and larger SATA disks Unsupported disks –Any 10K FC disks –36GB and 72GB 15K FC disks

14 FAS2240 Upgrade Guidelines FAS2240 can be converted to storage shelf –Replace PCMs with correct IOMs –Connect to controller –Assign disk ownership Existing SAS shelves cannot be converted into FAS2240 –FAS2240 always ships as a new system –FAS2240 cannot be created in field by converting a shelf

15 FAS2240 Software Bundles Data ONTAP® Essentials included with FAS2240 –Includes ALL protocols at $0 charge –Performance optimization: FlexShare® –Storage efficiency: Thin provisioning, deduplication, compression, Snapshot –Core management: System Manager, Operations Manager, Provisioning Manager, Protection Manager –High availability: Cluster failover, RAID-DP®, Snapshot, DSM/MPIO, SyncMirror®, OSSV –Secure multi-tenancy: MultiStore® Complete Bundle SnapManager ® Suite + All Protocols SnapVault ® FlexClone ® SnapMirror ® SnapRestore ® Optional Bundles

16 FAS2240 and FAS2040 Comparison HA Configurations FAS2040 HAFAS2240 HA Processor Cores4x 32-bit4x 64-bit Hyperthreading CPU Physical Memory8GB12GB Onboard I/O 4x 4Gb FC 8x GbE 2x 3Gb SAS 8x GbE 4x 6Gb SAS I/O Expansion Option Optional 10GbE or 8Gb FC Maximum Spindles136144 ManagementBMCService Processor (SP) Data ONTAP® Support7.3.2+, 8.0.x, 8.1.x8.1

17 FAS2240 Performance Overview SFS2008 NFS

18 FAS2240 Performance Overview OLTP

19 Data ONTAP 8.1

20 Data ONTAP 8.1 New Feature Overview Platform support is the same as for 8.0.x plus new FAS 2240 32-bit aggregate expansion and conversion Larger 64-bit aggregate sizes Default Snapshot reserve settings reduced –Aggregate snapshot default = 0% (except when using SyncMirror) –Volume snapshot default = 5% Compelling storage efficiency enhancements –Deduplication, data compression and cloning

21 Data ONTAP 8.1 New Feature Overview Non-disruptive 1-step Upgrade Feature parity with Data ONTAP 7.3.3 and later –SnapLock DataMotion for vFiler use case expansion –vFiler migration from faster to slower controllers and from faster to slower storage media is supported –Enables non-disruptive down-tiering of NFS and iSCSI data

22 Data ONTAP 8.1 New Feature Overview All new aggregates will default to 64-bit format –Root aggregate will default to 64-bit format In-place expansion of existing 32-bit aggregates to the 64-bit format Physical replication between volumes within different aggregate types 32643264

23 64-bit Aggregate and Volume Size Limits Maximum aggregate sizes increase for most systems with 8.1 (both modes) Volume limits remain the same; now full size can be achieved 8.1 volume limits also apply with deduplication & compression enabled FAS/V Model Aggr & Vol Limit 8.0.x Dedupe Vol Limit 8.0.x Aggr Limit 8.1 Vol Limit 8.1 6280, 6240 6080, 6070 100 TB16TB162 TB100 TB 621070 TB16TB162 TB70 TB 6040, 6030 3270, 3170 70 TB16TB105 TB70 TB 3240, 316050 TB16TB90 TB50 TB 3210, 314050 TB16TB75 TB50 TB 3070, 304050 TB16TB50 TB 204030 TB16TB50 TB30 TB

24 In-place Expansion Overview Availability –Both 7-mode and C-mode supported –No license required –Supported on all platforms Expansion process –Triggered automatically when aggregate is grown beyond 16TB –Expands the aggregate and all volumes within the aggregate –The expansion is in-place, non-disruptive and does not require a data copy

25 In-place Expansion Overview Performance Impact –Minimal impact on system throughput –No interruption to storage services during the expansion process Space usage –On-box tool available to estimate space required for expansion SFS benchmark SPC-1 benchmark

26 Sample completion times Aggregate sizeVolume size # of volumes Usage in each volume Completion time 16TB10G49950%~30hrs 16TB13TB1100%~28hrs 13TB12TB130%~10hrs 13TB1TB1090%~1hr 13TB100GB10070%~1hr 13TB25G49966%~1hr 13TB400G4030%~1hr

27 Flash Cache Fast Rewarm Cache data will preserve in FlashCache –For graceful failures system halt reboot cf takeover –Only works with FlashCache (no PAM I support) No rewarming for non-graceful events –panic –power cycle –cf forcetakeover Automatically on, no need to tweak

28 SAS Tape Drive Support Starting with Data ONTAP 8.1, SAS tape drives are supported Has to be connected directly to a SAS port

29 Deduplication Enhancements no license keys any more general performance enhancements will be enabled by default for new FlexVols Dedup continues after HA failures no maximum dedup limits any more (equals maximum volume limit for platform)

30 Compression Enhancements Is GA now – no PVR required No license key required Inline & Post-Processing (both or post processing only) Integrated with Deduplication: -same schedule -New options to dedupe CLI commands Less limits: -no volume size limits -but still for 64bit aggregates only Support by System Manager 2.0

31 OnCommand System Manager 2.0 Newest Features: Easier, More Powerful than Before Management of 7-Mode and clusters Easy wizard setup and configuration: CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, FC, and FCoE Simple device management: –Intuitive browser –Dashboard view and graphical reports –Automated workflows Powerful Data ONTAP features: –Storage efficiency and security –High availability and replication –Virtualization Platforms: –Windows or Linux –NetApp Data ONTAP software –VMware® ESX integration wizard

32 Record Performance, Linear Scaling on Demand

33 World-Record NFS Performance NetApp ® FAS6240 systems in 24-node cluster Better performance for demanding NAS workloads Higher efficiency saves infrastructure costs Enterprise-class capabilities for nondisruptive operations NetApp Isilon EMC VNX VG8 IBM SONAS

34 Linear Scaling on Demand FAS6240 systems running Data ONTAP ® Cluster-Mode Start with the right size cluster for todays storage requirements Nondisruptive, massive unified scalability to handle future needs Consistently fast response time for demanding applications Consistent Response Time Linear Scaling

35 Leading Performance and Efficiency for Demanding NAS Storage Infrastructure NetApp delivers better value 35% higher performance 40% faster response time 50% fewer disks 80% fewer controller nodes NetAppIsilon Ops Per Second (SPECsfs2008 NFS) 1.51M1.11M Response Time1.53ms2.54ms # Disks17283360 # Controller Nodes24140 Performance Efficiency FAS6240 24-node cluster with Data ONTAP ® 8


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