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Dow Jones Merchandising A full list of all merchandising materials.

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1 Dow Jones Merchandising A full list of all merchandising materials

2 Dow Jones Merchandising 3 or 5 Tier Shelf Rack *Can be ordered as NYP or WSJ specific Rack holds permanent header, side panels and shelf identifiers. *Barrons Header Card and Paneling not Available. Barrons branding implemented on 3 rd shelf ONLY.

3 Dow Jones Merchandising Bench Rack Header and side paneling included NYP and WSJ signage on either side (circled red) Side panels do not include Barrons Shelf tape/stickers (circled blue) need to be included on rack to help promote brand awareness Side Panels Widths Available: 52 or 38 NYP & WSJ Available ONLY

4 Dow Jones Merchandising Bookstore Rack/ A-Frames *Indoor Use ONLY. Limited Stock High cost, alternative to wire racks Rack holds permanent header, side panels and shelf identifiers Easel Rack Ideal for retailers with 1-3 draw Light weight Easy Set-up Dimensions: 53.5H x 17.25W x 16.5D

5 Dow Jones Merchandising Dangler 2 Tier Counter Top Shelf Branding shelf tape/stickers and Sled Cards required Stickers available for all publications *Meant for counter display Danglers can be placed anywhere in store Adhesive material Available for all publications Dimensions: 5w x 3h

6 Dow Jones Merchandising L - Shape Sled Specific for airports and depots. (i.e.. Port Authority, Grand Central) Sled all one piece Dimensions: 12w x 3h Colors: NYP: Black Sled WSJ: Blue Sled POS – Stack Talker, Rack Card, Display Cards Dimensions: Display Card: 11w x 6h Stack Talker: 11w x 8h Rack Cark: 11w x 15 h Can be created for NYP, WSJ and Barrons Please specify publication Limited Stock *Barrons NOT Available

7 Dow Jones Merchandising TYPES of POS: Shelf Danglers Shelf Talkers Sled Cards POS Positioning & Small POS Clear Sled (most frequently used) Can display any publication Holes in sled (circled) allow for tie wrapping to rack Need sled card or shelf tape/sticker Dimensions: 12x3 11.5x3

8 Dow Jones Merchandising Shelf Tape/Sticker & Sled Cards Static Window Clings Perfect for long or short term window displays in stores. Typically place on store front doors and windows. Shelf Tape/Sticker: 7.5 wide x 1 high 10 wide x 1 high 15 wide x 1 high *Adhesive Sled Cards: 12 wide x 3 high 12 wide x 6 high *non-adhesive Dimensions: Barrons/WSJ: 7 wide x 5 high WSJ ONLY: 7 wide x 3 high NYP: 4 wide x 4 high 5 wide x 8 high

9 Dow Jones Merchandising Refreshing Drink Tubs Useful for Summer months Holds up to 36 bottle of cans Dimensions: 22w top x 19w bottom x 11h *Barrons NOT Available

10 Dow Jones Merchandising To inquire about racks and marketing materials please contact Kyle Kleinschmit (West Coast)Tim Pratt (East Coast)

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