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UNC Charlotte Purchasing Card Program Annette Heller.

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1 UNC Charlotte Purchasing Card Program Annette Heller

2 Agenda Program Overview Program Benefits Roles and Responsibilities How do we get started? Once we have card(s), what do we do? Resources Questions

3 Purchasing Card Program The purchasing card (p-card) is a tool to facilitate the purchasing of goods The p-card is a Visa credit card issued through Bank of America The p-card is for university business only

4 Purchasing Card Program The purpose of the program is to simplify the procurement and payment processes for small purchases Single purchase limit is $2,500 Daily limit is $5,000 Monthly limit is $25,000

5 Program Benefits No vendor setup required Eliminates creating a requisition and PO for low dollar allowable purchases Eliminates using personal funds Simplifies the travel prepayment process No waiting for reimbursements Provides convenience to purchase online Immediate access to goods Immediate payment to vendor

6 Roles and Responsibilities Accountholder Makes allowable purchases Turns receipts into reconciler Reconciler Collects receipts Allocates and documents purchases in Works Approver/Manager Reviews allocations and comments in Works Submits reconciliation packet

7 Roles and Responsibilities Department Head Provides fiscal oversight and management of business operations Selects department employees for participation in the program based upon business needs Accounts for the use of the p-card in the department

8 How do we get started? 1.Discuss program with Department Head to determine who should participate in the program 2.Complete the application 3.Register for training through Skillport All participants (accountholder, reconciler, approver) attend a one hour training session

9 Once we have card(s), what do we do? Make allowable purchases Upload receipt online Provide online signoff for purchases Submit reconciliation packet monthly Receipts only, no 16 digit card numbers

10 Resources Purchasing Card Website Forms FAQs Testimonials Reference Materials Purchasing Card Manual Purchasing Card Procedures: Purchase to Reconciliation Packet Allowable and Non-Allowable Expenses Purchasing Card Calendar Training Registration link Link to Bank of America Works system

11 Message from Mail Services Always include your department name for mail order deliveries when using the p-card Laura Rice Mail Services

12 Questions Annette Heller Purchasing Card Administrator (704) 687-5763

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