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Importing P-card transactions

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1 Importing P-card transactions
KASBO 2014 Spring Conference

2 Background of KCBOE Program
Implemented the program in 2005 with Chase Bank, moved to 5/3 David Lloyd-Facility Systems Director Began with Facilities Department Today we have 3 corporate accounts, 72 cards

3 Partnership with 5/3 Bank
Provided draft copies of policies and employee agreements Created Reporting Structure to fit our needs Extremely important for file download process Customized download file for importing Document for customization was provided by Tyler Tech through the Knowledge Base

4 SDG2 Website-MasterCard with 5/3 Bank Verify that cards report to correct departments-Screen Shot #1 Departments are responsible for coding transactions Done directly in sdg2 website-Screen Shot #2 Automated goes on to all users notifying them of the due date of coded transactions

5 File Download Schedule a report
Select site specific report created by 5/3 Bank (Jackie Wheeler)-Screen shot #3 Determine how your district will download transactions based on the reporting structure setup- KCBOE uses Org Points Download file to PC

6 Munis Import Financials>Accounts Payable>Invoice Processing>Purchase Card Import Purchase Card Import-Screen Shot #4 Define screen Import Review errors Status codes Review Invoice Entry/Proof for totals and errors

7 Questions??

8 Screen Shot References

9 #2

10 #3

11 #4

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