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O Open 8.30am to 5.00pm Mon – Thurs (4.30pm Fri) o Telephone: 01642 34 (2220) o Support: o Web support

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1 o Open 8.30am to 5.00pm Mon – Thurs (4.30pm Fri) o Telephone: 01642 34 (2220) o Email Support: o Web support o Out of Hours Support (OOH): 0808 168 7145 or 0191 204 8888 Welcome from

2 Where to get help? Athena Building Ground Floor Reception Desk Centuria Building 1st Floor Room H1.03 Clarendon Building 2nd Floor Room CL2.51 Europa Building 1st Floor Room IT1.13 Stephenson Building 1st Floor Room IC1.48

3 Welcome to Teesside University IT Services Everything you need to know can be found on this website o Getting started: o Where to collect your Teesside University Smart Card (TUSC) o Manage your login o Saving and printing your work o Introduction to IT systems: o e-learning@tees (Blackboard) o Email o E-vision o Unity

4 First Steps 1)Collect your card (TUSC) and login details from any Service Desk. 2)Login to an available computer to access your account. 3)Change your password by going to Register Your security details. Change your password. Self Service Password Recovery Register for MyPrint services

5 Saving Your Work o When you login to a University computer your Homespace is shown as network drive labelled as U:\ o Note: SCM students need to follow these guidelines Click here for a video presentation

6 Printing Register your Teesside University Smart Card (TUSC) o Browse to to register your card. o Wait 30 minutes before using your card for the first time How to top-up your credit: Credit can be added at Credit Stations across the campus or purchased online from Note: On-line top-up is not available until 24hrs after registering. How much? Printing costs are available from Click here for a video presentation

7 MyPrint Mobile MyPrint Mobile allows you to submit print jobs remotely using your own desktop PC or wireless device (laptop, iPad, smartphone etc.) providing you have both an email client and internet access. Click here for a video presentation

8 Cashless Catering Register your Teesside University Smart Card (TUSC) o Browse to to register your card. o You need to wait until the next day to use your card. Cashless can be used at any Café and Coffee point at either Campus. More details How to top-up your credit: Credit can be added online from and select Make a Cashless top-up. Note: Online top-up will be available from 08:00 on the day following registration. Credit balances are not transferrable between Cashless and MyPrint accounts. Cancelling or Replacing a TUSC Card You can cancel your TUSC card and obtain a replacement from (free for name changes or if your TUSC card is damaged and not functioning correctly otherwise £5).

9 e-learning@tees (Blackboard) Is the University Online Learning Environment. Your Course, Lecture & Tutorial information can be found on this site Browse to Please login and check your course module list as soon as possible, If any modules are missing please speak to your School Administration Team.

10 Blackboard Mobile Learn Access your course anytime, anywhere You can: View Content View Announcements Use the Discussion Board, blogs and journals The app costs £1.49 per device per year.

11 Unity University information from the Unity Web Site Browse to Select the Resources link for access to: E-Learning@tees, eVision, Your Email, Your University Homespace (U: Drive) Select the My University link for access to: Library Summary, Location Timetables, My TUSC, My Details, Software Downloads

12 Student Email The University will communicate with you using your dedicated e-mail account. You should check your University mailbox frequently to see if there is any outstanding mail for you. Browse to Login with your student username and password. You have just under 25 Gb of space available for your mailbox so you should manage it by deleting old and unwanted messages on a regular basis.

13 E-vision E-vision is Teesside University's On-line Records System. E-vision helps students to manage the data held about them from Application through to Graduation. Browse to e-Vision allows students to: Apply, Register and Re-enrol online Edit your details Find out when confirmation of attendance is sent to the Student Loans Company Organise your graduation ceremony Print your Council Tax Certificate Print your enrolment letters Receive your results and assessments messages Request/Receive a CAS Number for renewing your VISA Update your passport/visa information (overseas students)

14 What other IT services are available? From any Service Desk you can get help with the following: IT Support AV Support Laptop \ Mobile Device Support: Wi-Fi Access Support: Connect your Laptop or Mobile Phone* to the Campus Wi-Fi network EDUROAM Loan Equipment: Limited course related equipment maybe be available for short term loans *Not all mobiles are capable of being connected.

15 Software Deals for Students Benefit from great software deals from Microsoft and other leading brand names. You are advised to check with your local IT Service Desk for the availability of other deals Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam Software on your home PC:- You are urged to ensure that a free copy of this software is installed. However only one version should be installed on any computer.

16 IT Checklist: In your first few days at University we recommend you do the following checks: Collect your TUSC (Student Card) and IT login details. Can you Login to a computer? Can you find your University Homespace? Have you changed your password to something you can remember? Have you registered on the MyPrint System? Have you registered on the Cashless Catering System? Can you access your University E-mail account (MyMail)? Can you login to Blackboard? Are your modules available?

17 Legal Requirements o REMEMBER to logout when you leave o NEVER let others use your account o IT Regulations IT Regulations o Personal Pictures, Music & Movies must not be downloaded or saved onto your homespace.

18 Any Questions? This information is available at our IT Help Centre: Self Help

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