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ICT4D and Cash Transfers to IDPs in Bamako CRS Mali Cash, Cell Phones, iPads, & Debit Cards Mobile Services that Empower Vulnerable Communities Ousmane.

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1 ICT4D and Cash Transfers to IDPs in Bamako CRS Mali Cash, Cell Phones, iPads, & Debit Cards Mobile Services that Empower Vulnerable Communities Ousmane MAIGA Head of Program March 20, 2013 ICT4D Conference Accra, Ghana

2 Emergency Cash Transfers to IDPs Bamako (Communes 3, 4, 6) Goal: 4,000 displaced persons (599 households) in Bamako can respond to their top 2 priority needs without resorting to negative coping strategies. Partners: Office of Civil Protection, National Agriculture Development Bank (BNDA), IOM Budget : $ 501,811 USD Length of project: 6 months (July-December 2012) Why ICT4D? Facilitates communication, beneficiary registration, payment verification, M&E, beneficiary dignity

3 ICT4D Solution: iPads for Beneficiary Registration 1. Verification Table 2. iPad Registration Table 3. Accountant Table 4. Payment in secure location Software/Vendor: iPad & license for cloud-based iFormbuilder ( Tech Support Required: None Staff Support: Train staff to use iPads & iFormbuilder; Follow- up during implementation to problem-solve & brainstorm

4 Pros & Cons: iPads PROs Information saved on iPads can be uploaded rapidly to the online database, eliminating data entry errors. Thanks to iPads, the payment/distribution list can be verified the same day with M&E. The ability to take beneficiary photos with iPads serves as a deterrant for non-beneficiaries to cheat the system. CONs Capturing open-ended responses inpost- distribution surveys can be challenging if the surveyor is not very accustomed to typing on a touch-screen tool.

5 ICT4D Solution: Debit Cards 1.Sign contract with bank (BNDA) 2.Bank supplies debit cards & secret PINs 3.Distribute debit cards & PINs to beneficiaries Confirm identity, distribute card & PIN Hostesses assist beneficiaries to use ATMs Djélika Haidara, IDP from Timbuktu, holds her debit card Software/Vendor: Bank Tech Support: None Staff Support: None

6 PROs: Cash vs. Debit Cards CASH Establishes a face-to-face connection between beneficiaries, authorities, and CRS. On-site resolution of problems or questions. Beneficiaries gather in 1 place, making it easier to conduct post-distribution and satisfaction surveys. Same-day verification of the number of beneficiaries that registered and the number that received cash. DEBIT CARD Withdrawals can be made when & where beneficiaries choose, at their convenience. 35 ATM locations across Mali (15 in Bamako). The bank provides all necessary personnel. Eliminates the risk of insecurity or fraud associated with direct cash distributions. Engages beneficiaries with formal banking systems. Training at ATMs

7 CONs: Cash vs. Debit Cards CASH CRS provided all personnel and organized all distributions, including calls to beneficiaries to assign days/times and staff for verification. Potential chaos on distribution days, i.e. beneficiaries may show up on days or times that were not assigned to them, resulting in long wait times. DEBIT CARD Illiteracy makes remembering PINs and using ATMs more challenging. ATMs lacked small bills. ATMs go down when the internet does. Establishing bank contracts can be time- consuming. Beneficiary liberty makes M&E collection more difficult. A BNDA hostess demonstrates how to use the ATM.

8 Lessons Learned using ICT4D CELL PHONES 1.Designate a phone line for feedback, FAQs, advice, etc. 2.Plan for the staff (and staff time) to call beneficiaries to give them distribution times/dates. iPADs 1.GPS on iPads can make it easier to locate beneficiary lodgings in order to conduct M&E. 2.Camara on the iPads makes it easy to identify beneficiaries and resolve any confusion between 2 IDPs. DEBIT CARDS 1.Debit cards uphold beneficiary dignityafter the initial distribution, debit cards can be used at the beneficiarys discretion. NEXT TIME… 1.Add bar codes to beneficiary participation cards to further accelerate registration and verification. This 3-year old, who fled Gao with her mother and 6 siblings, holds her familys participant card, Nov. 2012 (Helen Blakesley/CRS)

9 ICT4D Costs *higher costs may be necessary in areas where bank networks/ATMs do not exist UnitQuantity Unit CostFrequencyTOTAL BNDA Prepaid debit cardCard500$121$6,000 Cost to charge/rechargeRecharge500$21$1,000 $7,000 Orange Money Web SMS service access feefee1$511 Monthly SMS fees (600 SMS)fee1$711 Cash Distribution service feestransaction500$41$2,000 Staff presence at initial distribution (5 locations*3 days)person/day15$451$675 Purchase of cell phonescell phone500$221$11,000 Purchase of SIM cards (donated by Orange)card500$01 $13,797 iPads iPad + Griffin coveriPad2$5491$1098 iFormbuilder licenselicense2$41$8 $1106

10 85% food 43% health 28% lodgings 24% clothes 9% communication/transport 5% to other IDPs Cash-Use (September 2012) Change in Household as a Result of CRS Intervention (September 2012) 85% able to meet family obligations 31% access to basic health services 23% restored dignity 12% access to material goods 4% education 4% other Results Achieved 3,777 IDPs received cash distributions (573 HH, of which 274 were female-headed HH) Total Amount Distributed (*Nov 2012) $ 285,538.70 (cash) $73,078.64 (debit card)

11 Key Messages There is no one-size-fits-all approach in a dynamic, diverse emergency context, even within the same country. Multiple systems (direct cash, debit cards, mobile money) should be considered at the same time in order to serve all those in need. Cash transfers must combine speed, efficiency, and innovation, and the approach must be flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks. Have confidence that people can learn to use new systems, like debit cards and mobile money. QUESTIONS?

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