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C C ustomer R R elationship M M anagement IMEN381 Management Information Systems of 20090491 Hyungsoon, Park 20090507 Geunha, Oh 20090969 Yongjin, Park.

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1 C C ustomer R R elationship M M anagement IMEN381 Management Information Systems of 20090491 Hyungsoon, Park 20090507 Geunha, Oh 20090969 Yongjin, Park

2 About HyundaiCard SWOT Analysis of HyundaiCard Problems of HyundaiCard in past Using IS; CRM - What is CRM? - CRM in HyundaiCard - Effect Using IS; TPS for CRM - What is TPS? - TPS in HyundaiCard Value Chain P5CFM Application of Hammers reengineering to HyundaiCard Contents

3 About HyundaiCard - Introduction & History Introduction - 1 - Hyundai Card is the credit card subsidiary of the Hyundai Automotive Group. - major business: card issuing and operating. Hyundai Card is pursuing a global company status through partnerships with the world leading financial company GE Consumer Finance, and continues to grow rapidly through supports from our customers by obtaining several awards. Eg] - 1 st in NCSI (National Customer Satisfaction Index) - The most recommendable card company (Net Promoter Score) In the past several years, Hyundai Card adopted innovative credit card design such as mini-card, transparent card. It also achieved outstanding success with differentiated marketing strategy using VVIP card. After 5 years since its establishment, the company achieved a 7-fold growth in market share. History

4 About HyundaiCard - Market Share & Net Profit - 2 - Market Share Market Share Trend YearMarket Share (Sale on Credit) Ranking 20021.9% 20034.1% 20047.8% 20059.8% 200611.8% 200712.8% 200813.8% 200915.7%2 nd (1 st : Shinhan Card) 201015.7%2 nd (1 st : Shinhan card) Net profit YearNet Profit (billon Won) 1999(590) 2000(150) 2001635 2002(145) 2003(627) 2004(218) 200586 2006281 2007234 2008202 2009213 2010284 Market Share Net Profit

5 SWOT Analysis of HyundaiCard - SWOT Analysis - 3 - Competitive status State of External environment StrongWeak OpportunitiesConcentrationTurnaround ThreatsDiversificationLiquidation S.W.O.T. Analysis

6 Problems of HyundaiCard in past - Credit Card Weak Crisis, Following Company, Many competitors - 4 - Solution! Following Company Credit Card Weak Crisis in 2003 Many competitors Customer Relationship Management

7 Using IS; CRM - What is CRM? - 5 - - An integrated system and databases accomplishing a variety of customer-focused business processes that support the three phases of the relationship between a business and its customers. Managing the full range of the customer relationship involves two related objectives: one, to provide the organization and all of its customer-facing employees with a single, complete view of every customer at every touch point and across all channels; and, two, to provide the customer with a single, complete view of the company and its extended channels. CRM(Customer Relationship Management)? Customer RelationshipManagement

8 Using IS; CRM - CRM in HyundaiCard - 6 - Management systems to CRM in HyundaiCard CLM(Customer Lifecycle Management) office - One of CRM team. 60 employees manage the customers analyzing the 7million members(2009) data like buying habits, card use, life style. P&C(Program & Communication) team - One of CRM team. They strategize the customer manage- ment and communicate with customers by analyzed data. * Role: communication with customers. EEP(Early Management Program) - They recognize how customers use credit card, what they need for 6 months after issuing credit card. CRM By CRM, HyundaiCard analyze What customers need then They provide great event proper to customers and develop fancy design Target Segment By target sement, HyundaiCard segmented VVIP, also potential VVIP customers then They provide special design and marketing to VVIP, keep relationship with VVIP Crisis Following company Many competitors

9 Using IS; CRM - Effect - 7 - Contact Center & Innovative Cus tomer Satisfactor y Policy VVIP Effect of CRM Customer can connect Hyundai Card by Contact center directly. -> Recognize customers information Hyundai Card innovated the system to react customers complain immediately marketing which targeted high- income group at the first time Although the annual fee is 1million won, Hyundai successively collect 1500members in 3years by providing premium service CRMEffect

10 Using IS; TPS for CRM - Introduction of TPS and TPS in HyundaiCard - 8 - TPS in HyundaiCard TPS? - TPS is a type of information system. TPSs collect, store, modify, and retrieve the transactions of an organization. Transaction is an event that generates or modifies data that is eventually stored in an information system. -> It manages DATA that must be left in a consistent state. Transaction Processing System IS TPSCRM SIS is the key of At the time Hyundai Card planned to perform CRM, TPS would not be providing all the DATA CRM needs Then, HyundaiCard should innovate

11 Hyundai Card motivate customers appetite to use their services Analyzing customers needs, Hyundai Car could get great marketing effect Value Chain - Value Chain focused on CRM - 9 - Marketing & Sales Developing specific service that is fitted to specific customers to diversify Hyundai Card service for value creation in terms of service Services Primary Activities Support Activities Because CRM integrates customer- related data from outside and inside of company and analyze it for maximize customer-centered information material, company can easily design marketing activities and service that they provide for value creation using CRMs information material Technological development

12 P5CFM - Poters 5 Competitive Forces Model - 10 - P5CFM Threat of new entrants Because of a huge entry barrier in credit card industries, so threat of new entrants is low. Suppliers Since large numbers of suppliers, also technology isnt important, so bargaining power of Hyundai Card to suppliers is strong. Substitutive Products Credit card is a very convenient means of trade and there are few products which can be replaced. Buyers Because there are so many kinds of credit cards, so power of buyers was strong. However, by CRM, Hyundai Card get strong bargaining power. Low Strong Low Weak -> Strong Such as Shinhan card, Samsung card, KB card

13 Application of Hammers reengineering to Hyundai Card - Reengineering to Hyundai Card; Career Market - 11 - The radical redesign of an organizations processes, especially its business processes Improving the main standard things such as price, quality, service, speed. Reengineering Career Market Career Head of Department Career Employees who want to change department By Career Market, employees registered their career, and they can change department

14 Question? - 12 - M I S

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