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L Card Showcase Camille Boileau Chad Hardy University of Queensland Law Society Inc.

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1 L Card Showcase Camille Boileau Chad Hardy University of Queensland Law Society Inc

2 What you will hear from us today: What is the L Card? What does the L Card look like? L Card statistics L Card deals How to get deals How to create the card Selling the L Card Marketing Pros Cons Summary

3 What is the L Card? The Law Card. A student discount card offering deals for nightclubs, retail stores, campus venues etc. Joint initiative between UQLS, QUOTALS and GULS. Sold for $10 each, this includes membership to the UQLS or respective organisation. Mainly organised by VP Socials (QUT has L Card Convenor). Started in 2001 to compete with the SECS Card which is now defunct muahaha (L Card competing slogan from 2001: Only old men pay for SECS).

4 What does the L Card look like?

5 Does it sound familiar? You might have used it at last years September Council in Brisbane!

6 L Card Statistics Cards sold this year at UQ: 5000+ Cost of printing cards ~ 0.28c each card. Therefore profit: $48,600 which is used to fund other UQLS initiatives. 5 front of card sponsors. Tiered sponsorship – Gold/Front, Silver/Back, Bronze/Website only 50+ venues with the L Card.

7 L Card Deals Quality over quantity Major sponsors: Free entry into major Brisbane nightclubs: Alhambra Lounge, Birdees, Fridays, Oh Hello, the Met. UQ Union – a large tied sponsorship arrangement. Silver sponsors (examples): On campus: $3 chips at UQ Pub, free coffee with pizza purchase. Off campus: $400 tailored suits, 10-20% off food and beverage at Brisbane venues, free chips at Grilld, express entry to venues, discount beauty services.

8 How to get deals First brainstorm venues that you want to approach, potential deals that you want, and the main selling points in your favour. Create a generic sponsorship prospectus. Draft a simple 1 page contract for silver sponsors where venue can fill in the deal that they are willing to offer. Split up the different venues amongst your exec and approach venues. VP Socials should have sit down meetings with big ticket sponsors and will need more thorough contract.

9 How to create the card Think of a name. Think of a slogan: 2009: Lets talk about lex. 2010: L Card: your partner in crime. 2011: Boom! L Card. 2012: L Card: join the party today. 2013: Gotta love L Card. Choose a colour scheme. Hire a graphic designer to create design. Get the cards printed.

10 L Card Designs

11 Selling the L Card Packed 3000 show-bags that had giveaways from sponsors, bottle openers, drink vouchers, special hot pink L Card sunglasses for those who checked in four friends, etc. Hired a dunk dank, music, lollies. 50+ volunteers decked out in hot pink L Card shirts. College selling – setting up lunchtime stalls at Colleges to sell cards. Sell L Cards at UQLS events. Must have an L Card to attend UQLS events.

12 Selling the L Card

13 Marketing Market day. Selling catch phrases e.g. if you go to Fridays only once this year you will have already paid off cost of L Card. L Card website: L Card facebook page: over 1700 likes, frequent updates, competitions and giveaways. Separation of marketing streams e.g. UQLS Law Dinner with L Card Law Dinner after-party. L Card Launch in semester 1 and semester 2. L Card photo frame used in photos at events.

14 What to avoid… Our VP Socials received death threats after posting this on facebook.

15 Summary: How to set up a discount card 1.Choose name, colour scheme and slogan. Hire a graphic designer for design. 2.Set up a prospectus outlining current LSS member database, events that can be tied in with the card and promotional opportunities. 3.Brainstorm with your exec venues that you would like to approach. 4.Approach silver venues with simple 1 page contract – they fill out the deal that they are willing to offer (usually signed and filled out on the spot). 5.Negotiate with front card sponsors at the start of the year when selecting social event venues. 6.Get cards printed. 7.Promote and sell discount card.

16 Pros First mover advantage. Significant fundraising for UQLS initiatives. Gives us negotiating power with venues – in exchange for being on front of L Card they give us significant contra and venue discounts when we host events there e.g. pub crawl, bands night and after-parties. Student involvement. Foster good relationships with other QLD LSSs. Time intensive over Christmas break but is then minimal work for the rest of the year.

17 Cons Significant workload in setting up a discount card from scratch. Competition with other student society discount cards on campus (same deals – want exclusivity). Issues with membership (UQLS v L Card membership – non law students). Data entry of membership forms – secretary. Logistics of selling cards on the day – receipts, cash handling etc. Venues not honouring deals/venues changing management.

18 Questions? Chads condom balloon piggy.

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