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USAFMCOM Operational Support Team

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1 USAFMCOM Operational Support Team

2 Objectives Why ECC. Where is the ECC used. Need to Know.
How to use ECC.

3 Why we have the ECC EagleCash™ (EC) is a card-based cash management program used by the U.S. military to reduce the amount of U.S. currency transported to support contingency areas of operation.

4 Why we have the ECC EagleCash is a Stored Value Card that replaces dollar bills and coins with secure and convenient “electronic currency”. Main Goal is to remove all currency from theater. More convenient for Soldiers with 24-hour access to the Eagle Cash Kiosk. No more waiting in long lines in the Finance Office.

5 Where Can I use my Eagle Cash Card.
Most FOBs use Eagle Cash at: Bizarre PX/BX Vendors Post Office Finance Office Barber Shop

6 Need to Know Soldier’s will only be allowed to get $100.oo per month off of the Eagle Cash Card from finance. If the money is not in your account do not load money on to your card. The max upload limit on your Eagle Cash Card is $9, Max load limit per day is $350.00 Unload can be done at anytime for any amount as long as it’s on your Eagle Cash Card. Eagle Cash Card is a great way to put money in your Saving’s Deposit Program. SDP load exception.

7 All you need to use the ECC
Eagle Cash Kiosk Eagle Cash Card

8 How to use the Kiosk Insert Eagle Cash Card chip first into the Kiosk.
Electronic Chip Card Reader

9 How to use Kiosk Enter your four to six digit pin and press enter.

10 How to use the Kiosk

11 Kiosk Loading Funds Warning:
Make sure you have enough money in your bank account to do this transaction.

12 Kiosk Loading Funds Enter the amount that you would like to take out of your bank account and press enter. Max $350 Then you will get an option to print receipt.

13 Unload funds Select the unload funds function at the main menu.
Enter the amount you would like to unload and press enter. It’s strongly recommended that you keep your receipts. It should return to your bank account within three to five business days.

14 Card to Card Transfer Select the card to card transfer function at the main menu. Enter the amount you would like to transfer to another soldier’s card. After it is finished validating your card you will then insert the card you are wanting to transfer your electronic funds to.

15 Card to Card Transfer After the second card was put into the Kiosk you will enter your four to six digit to validate that is in fact your card. Both soldier’s should get a copy of the receipt.

16 And always remember to take your receipt.
How to use the kiosk And always remember to take your receipt.

17 Any Questions? ???

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