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Bio Digital Signature "Multipurpose Smart ID Card with PKI“

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1 Bio Digital Signature "Multipurpose Smart ID Card with PKI“
Smart Card Logon Bio Digital Signature with Smart Card + e-ID + Credit Card Credit card – POS - ATM National Smart ID "Multipurpose Smart ID Card with PKI“ Dr. Unho Choi UNHCR

Mongolia Nigeria, Kenya …… Iran ICAO, e-UNLP …… Morocco Equator Vietnam Philippines Rwanda Jordan Costa Rica Brunei Iraq Egypt Cameroon Indonesia Kenya US, France, Sweden, Germany, Turkey, Norway …… Panama completed Proceeding Started

3 Sample Nigeria - CHIP DESIGN

4 Nigeria = NID + Credit card
Sample Nigeria = NID + Credit card The credit card provider said it was rolling out a pilot scheme that will initially target 13m people. The project ties in with the Nigerian government’s plans to introduce identity cards and reduce Nigerians’ reliance on cash transactions. Ajay Banga, MasterCard’s chief executive, said recently that the governments in Nigeria and Kenya were talking about moving towards becoming “cashless” societies.

5 eID Migration to Multiapp: eID, eGov, eService
Morpho – Infineon Workshop on eID eID Migration to Multiapp: eID, eGov, eService Three policies are established. eID eGov eServices China Portugal Belgium Indo-nesia Sweden Hong Kong Finland Malaysia Examples

6 Morpho – Infineon Workshop on eID
eID - Multiapp Multi App 1 App 3 App´s 5 App´s 10 App´s eService eService eHealth eTicketing eService eDL eGate eBanking eLibrary eID eService eHealth eTicketing ATM eDL ePurse eGates Travel document Finland FINID Italy CNS Hong Kong HKSAR Malaysia MyKad Example

7 Morpho – Infineon Workshop on eID
eID Government projects needs typically 3 to 5 years to start roll outs. Idea Definition Framework Specification Test/Study Phase Roll Out Albania Algeria Austria 1G Bahrain Belgium China Ecuador Estonia, 2G Finland, 2G Germany, 1G Hong Kong Indonesia, 1G Ireland Italy, 2G Japan, 1G Macao Malaysia, 2G Morocco Netherlands, 2G Oman Portugal Saudi Arabia Serbia Spain Sweden U.A.E, 2G Argentina Bolivia Botswana Hungary Indonesia, 2G Japan, 2G Kenya Poland Romania Rwanda South Korea Sri Lanka Armenia Austria 2G Brazil Chile Cyprus Egypt France India Kirgizstan Nigeria Norway RSA Russia Tanzania Turkey Venezuela Bangladesh Bosnia Germany, 2G Greece Italy, 3G Mexico Taiwan Vietnam Current Status National eID/eGov (Examples) Japan, 1G (JUKI)

: Concept is simple * You are you * - Continue use of “match on card” in existing and new industry specifications. - “match on card” is more generally accepted recognizable in the biometric industry. - ISO/IEC :2010 — Biometric performance testing and reporting : Testing of on-card biometric comparison algorithms - ISO/IEC :2010 used on-card comparison and will use on-card biometric comparison - NIST SP uses  On-card comparison  Fingerprint on-card comparison  On-card biometric comparison - Revisions to the PIV Biometrics Specifications FIPS 201 Updates at Sep 2012 On Card Biometric Comparison (OCC) authentication : The cardholder’s fingerprint biometric representation is captured by the reader and transferred to the card, where it is matched against the cardholder’s stored biometrics.

9 Logical acces to computer
Sample Logical acces to computer

10 MasterCard is partnering with the UN wfp - World Food Programme -
WFP And MasterCard Launch Partnership For "Digital Food"

11 Smart ?

12 Sample France Money at Your Fingertips: Supermarket Tests Biometric Payments By Scanning Fingerprints Instead of Credit Cards

13 End of chip and Pin? Shoppers test payment by fingerprint
Sample End of chip and Pin? Shoppers test payment by fingerprint

14 Kenya 2013 – fingerprint atm
Sample Kenya 2013 – fingerprint atm Banks go for fingerprint identification to curb ATM fraud The Kenya Bankers Association in turn launched a cost-shared Sh2.5 billion plan to migrate all banks to secure ATMs and plastic cards by September 30. Nearly 11 million cards will be affected by the move, but some banks having already issued the new cards.

15 BYOD SECURITY ? Cloud computing ?

16 iPhone 5 Added to US Government Services
Sample iPhone 5 Added to US Government Services all Federal employees to utilize their PIV cards when accessing Government resources.

17 Sample Samsung and LG on the Run to Integrate Inferior Fingerprint Technology into their Somewhat Smartphones ?


19 Smart Payment with Smart (Card + Phone) for Smart TV
1. Fingerprint / Iris PKI ( OTP ) Matching On Card Built in VPN PKI NFC RFID

20 One Stop Smart shop Smart card + POS + ATM

21 Smart cards with an integrated fingerprint sensor
1. Fingerprint / Iris PKI ( OTP ) Matching On Card Embedded Fingerprint Sensing Device for ID Cards The finger sensing device may be embedded into standard laminated identification (ID) cards. A finger sensing device that can image the user's finger through standard laminations used in smartcard and RF-ID card fabrication may now be economically built into those cards, using standard low cost card assembly processes. By Patently Apple 2013 NFC RFID

22 Biometric Security Pay + Report + Transfer

23 Virtual Money ?

24 Internet Bank? - U.S. Senate hearing
Sample Internet Bank? - U.S. Senate hearing

25 Hash ? Address ? Bitcoin payment Addresses
27-34 alphanumeric characters Bitcoin functions using public-key cryptography, in which a pair of cryptographic keys, one public and one private, are generated.[24] In the case of Bitcoin, the public key functions as an address to which payments can be sent, and the private key acts as a safeguard; it must be presented when making a payment from an address. Because anyone with a private key can spend all of the bitcoins associated with its corresponding public key, securing and protecting is important to prevent theft, which has occurred on numerous occasions.[22] The practical day-to-day security of Bitcoin wallets remains an on-going concern.

26 Digital bank ? The financial services industry is becoming what I call the BIT industry (banking, information and technology), where information, through technology, is transformed into knowledge. In this new world, banks should transform into “digital” banks, or rather into new forms of information services company. A new financial ecosystem is being created. In two decades, we will go from 20,000 “analogue” banks today worldwide to no more than several dozen “digital” banks.

27 APP COMMERCE - Internet commerce ?
Sample APP COMMERCE - Internet commerce ? E - Wallet USIM Card Account Bank Account Bank Account Bank Account Bank Account

28 Mutual Recognition ? National ID PKI + Data Driver License Medical e-Voting Pension Passport ICAO Tax Physical Access PC Logon Smart Phone Public-key infrastructure (PKI) is a system for the creation, storage, and distribution of digital certificates for encryption, authentication and digital signature etc. (ITU standard) e.g.: maximum supports 9 PKI keys (physically separated 9 different block for each ) 3. e.g.: it’s compatible with the commercial Smartcard Framework (WSF) and supports applications such as Domain logon, VPN, , secure Web access, and wireless LAN authentication.

29 PKI – Bio digital signature solve ?
Each e-ID + Credit card like Nigeria case Bit Coin + Internet Bank for Smart Wallet Smart Phone App commerce Smart card + Smart Phone + Smart TV Smart Car + Smart Phone like Infotainment issue at CES 2014 Smart Phone with Smart Appliance Automatic Container Tracking for Import/Export by WCO, US TWIC etc. Smart Card for TAXI / Rent car Safety Smart Home Commerce like Internet Commerce etc.

30 Next PKI for bio digital signature ?
Global Root CA for National eID? UN Root CA ? Smart Phone / Smart Card / Smart Car ? ITU : PKI + Biometrics + Cloud etc. ITU + ISO Standard body ?

31 Q&A “ Take chain of Mountain view ” Unho Choi

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