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© 2006 Palm, Inc. All worldwide rights reserved. SD Cards Library.

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1 © 2006 Palm, Inc. All worldwide rights reserved. SD Cards Library

2 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Agenda for SD Cards Managing expansion cards SD card readers SD card file structure –Root AUDIO PALM DCIM –PALM Folder Launcher Programs Test your knowledge!

3 © 2006 Palm, Inc. To facilitate the group environment, please turn off all cell phones and pagers during our session. Thank you!

4 Managing expansion cards

5 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Managing expansion cards Insert and eject cards. Rename and format cards. Copy files between handheld and card. Delete files from handheld or card.

6 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Almost all palmOne handhelds have an expansion card slot

7 © 2006 Palm, Inc. The expansion card slot accepts two kinds of cards MultiMediaCards (MMC) can be read-only, or read-writable, a great way to distribute data and programs. Secure Digital Cards (SD) transfer data at a fast 10MB per second, support a standard mode of operation, and are guaranteed to be interoperable with other SD devices.

8 © 2006 Palm, Inc. The handheld chirps when the card is fully inserted To eject a card, push it slightly back into the slot To insert a card, push it gently into the expansion slot WARNING !!! Never PULL a card out. This could severely damage your handheld.

9 © 2006 Palm, Inc. When working with expansion cards you use two applications Card Info Launcher

10 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Use Card Info to work with the entire card See general info –Card name –ID number –Amount of free space Rename a card Format a card

11 © 2006 Palm, Inc. View the general information for a typical expansion card Tap Card Info Card name, type, and size Scroll to bottom to see the unique ID number

12 © 2006 Palm, Inc. You can rename a card, but you cannot change its ID number Select Rename CardWrite new name Tap Rename

13 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Formatting a card destroys all its data Select Format CardAnswer warning Tap OK Name card Tap Format

14 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Use Launcher to work with individual files See details about individual files –Size –Version –Number of records Copy files between a card and your handheld Delete files

15 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Use Launcher to get more info about individual files on the card Select Info…Switch to card Switch views with these buttons Look at information

16 © 2006 Palm, Inc. The Info dialog box has two views plus a link to the Card Info application VersionSize Tap More… to open the Card Info application Card Info application

17 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Use Launcher to copy them from the handheld Install them directly onto the card during a HotSync ® synchronization There are at least two ways* to put files onto an expansion card *Copy files from your desktop PC to the correct folder on the card using an expansion card reader

18 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Use Launcher to copy files between the handheld and a card Select Copy… Switch to card, if necessary Tap file name… Tap Copy By default, an application's data files are also copied. Tap Settings… to change this setting.

19 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Use Launcher to delete files from either the handheld or a card Select Delete…Tap file nameConfirm deletion Tap Delete… Tap Yes Please note that the application and ALL its data are deleted!

20 SD card readers

21 © 2006 Palm, Inc. SD card readers Function. Transfer options.

22 © 2006 Palm, Inc. SD cards = Useful Storage Cards can store both applications and data

23 © 2006 Palm, Inc. SD Card Readers: Function An SD Card Reader allows you to mount an SD card as a disk drive on your desktop or laptop computer via a USB connection. An SD Card Reader enables you to transfer data to SD cards via your desktop/laptop computer. Desktop/laptop System Requirements –Windows 2000, XP Win2K Requires Drivers Win2k Bug Requires you to wait 30 seconds after you dismount the card for the buffer to write. –Macintosh 9.x, 10.x –USB port

24 © 2006 Palm, Inc. SD Card Readers: Transfer Options Install and Quick Install Utility via HotSync operation with connected handheld Drag and drop data via an SD Card Reader –CAUTION - If you use drag and drop, you will need to know where different data types go.

25 SD card file structure

26 © 2006 Palm, Inc. SD card file structure Understand folder structure on SD cards.

27 © 2006 Palm, Inc. SD card file structure AudibleAudio AUDIODCIMPALMRN_AUDIO

28 © 2006 Palm, Inc. files Audible Audio files AudibleAudio AUDIODCIMPALMRN_AUDIO

29 © 2006 Palm, Inc. MP3 files AudibleAudio AUDIODCIMPALMRN_AUDIO

30 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Raw camera pictures - JPEG only JPEG image files AudibleAudio AUDIODCIMPALMRN_AUDIO

31 © 2006 Palm, Inc. AudibleAudio AUDIODCIMPALMRN_AUDIO Palm OS files BackupBooksLauncherPrograms

32 © 2006 Palm, Inc. BackupBooksLauncherPrograms PALM Backup Application Data Backup application data BackupBooksLauncherPrograms PALM

33 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Airframe.pdb eBookStudio.pdb Tungsten.pdb Webstersnew.pdb eReader Books BackupBooksLauncherPrograms PALM

34 © 2006 Palm, Inc. eReader.prc Kinoma.prc Billiards.prc Palm OS Applications BackupBooksLauncherPrograms PALM

35 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Daily Reader DXTG HanDBase KINOMA ShadowPlan MyBible Palm Application Data BackupBooksLauncherPrograms PALM

36 © 2006 Palm, Inc. RealAudio playlists Real Audio Playlists AudibleAudio AUDIODCIMPALMRN_AUDIO

37 Test your knowledge

38 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Test your knowledge! 1 Which application formats expansion cards? 2 How can you reset an SD card's ID number? 3 Which card folder contains JPEGs?

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