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Black Womens Health Imperative Get Carded! Campaign Black Womens Health Imperative The Medicare Prescription Drug Discount Program – Plain and Simple.

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1 Black Womens Health Imperative Get Carded! Campaign Black Womens Health Imperative The Medicare Prescription Drug Discount Program – Plain and Simple

2 Black Women's Health Imperative2 What is the Medicare Discount Rx Card benefit? A new Medicare prescription benefit goes into effect in 2006 to help elderly people pay for medicine at a reduced cost. In the meantime, there is a temporary program in place that provides 10%-25% discounts off prescription medicine in 2004 and 2005. People with limited income get more. They also can get up to $1,200 in benefits toward the cost of their medicines in 2004 and 2005.

3 Black Women's Health Imperative3 How does the Medicare Rx discount card work? Two different ways: Like a discount card: Each time you show the card, you get 10%-25% off the cost of your prescription. Like a debit card (for those who qualify): Each time you show the card, you pay a small co-pay and the rest of the cost is deducted from the amount of money left on the card.

4 Black Women's Health Imperative4 Who is eligible for the $1,200 benefit? Currently enrolled in Medicare (the red white and blue Medicare card) Have no other prescription drug coverage Single:$12,569 or less annual income ($1,048 per month) Married:$16,862 or less annually ($1,406 per month)

5 Black Women's Health Imperative5 My income is higher than those limits but can I still get help? Yes. Anyone on Medicare can get a card. There are about 40 different Medicare approved discount cards available. But, several of the cards have higher income limits to get the $1,200 benefit: Single: $19,000 or less annually ($1,583 per month) Married: $25,000 or less annually ($2,083 per month)

6 Black Women's Health Imperative6 If I qualify for the $1,200 benefit, do I have to pay anything at all? Yes, a little bit. For example, if the medicine costs $150, you may pay just $15 and the rest ($135) is deducted from the balance of the money left on your card.

7 Black Women's Health Imperative7 How do I get the full $1,200 benefit? You must enroll in the program before December 31, 2004 to get the full $1,200 or end up not getting money that you are entitled to receive. The $1,200 benefit includes $600 in 2004 and $600 in 2005 Any amount of the $600 from 2004 that is not spent can be used in 2005 in addition to the $600 you get in 2005. If you enroll after December 31, 2004, you get just $600 and the longer you wait to enroll in 2005 the benefit gets less and less.

8 Black Women's Health Imperative8 How much does it cost to get a card if your income is limited? For people with limited incomes, there is no cost to get the card. Its free. For people with higher incomes who do not qualify for the credit but choose to enroll in the discount card program, the most any company can charge anyone else for a card is $30 a year.

9 Black Women's Health Imperative9 Are all of the Medicare discount cards the same? No, there are about 40 different Medicare approved discount cards to choose from that cover hundred of medicines. Some cards may not cover the medicines you take. You have to pick the card that covers most of your particular medicines. You may only pick one card.

10 Black Women's Health Imperative10 How can I find out which discount card covers the medicines I take? ONLINE: Go to: (and use the BenefitsCheckupRx program) BY TELEPHONE: Call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) and a specialist can help you decide.

11 Black Women's Health Imperative11 Will my pharmacy take the discount card that covers my medicine? You can use the Pharmacist Locator on the BenefitsCheckUpRX program to make sure your favorite pharmacy takes the card selected or to find the closest pharmacy that does. OR Call your pharmacy and ask if they accept the card you are considering. If not, you can choose a different card.

12 Black Women's Health Imperative12 What steps do I take to get a card and the $1,200 benefit? 15-20 minutes of time to enroll could save you $1,200 on prescription medicines. Step 1: Write down the names of your prescription medicines. Step 2: Write down: Your monthly and yearly income and expenses (such as, retirement benefits, social security, veterans benefits, TANF, workers comp) And, a general idea of your assets (such as, auto, home, life insurance, burial account).

13 Black Women's Health Imperative13 Continued Step 3: Put in the information from Steps 1 and 2 in the BlackWomensHealth.ORG Web site or call Medicare (1-800-MEDICARE). Both can find the best card for you. Step 4: Print out the enrollment form from our Web site. Sign and mail in the enrollment form for the card early enough so the company can get it before December 31, 2004, to get the full $1,200 benefit. If you applied by phone, Medicare will mail you the recommended cards and enrollment forms.

14 Black Women's Health Imperative14 About this Campaign The Black Womens Health Imperative is working in partnership with AARP and the National Council on Aging to outreach to low income elderly people who have the most to gain from the $600 credit that is part of the new Medicare benefit program. Our aim is to increase access to health care.

15 The BenefitsCheckUpRx Tool – Plain and Simple

16 Black Women's Health Imperative16 BenefitsCheckUpRx Helps Decision-making and Enrollment BenefitsCheckUpRx is an online toll that helps in decision-making and enrollment for the Medicare prescription drug card program. It is easy to use and takes approximately 20 minutes online. It helps more people than the Medicare site alone. It is efficient. You can get and print most of the application forms you will need while online. It takes 7-10 days to get your card after the card sponsor receives your enrollment form.

17 Black Women's Health Imperative17 Special feature of BenefitsCheckUpRx The tool looks for the card with the best wraparound coverage for the individual: Wraparound coverage provides more savings in addition to the basic discounts and $600 benefit. Seven companies offer wraparounds on 200+ medicines. Once someone has used up their $600 credit, they can get these medicines for a modest monthly fee or dispensing fee. No card has all of the wraparounds, so consumers need to know which card offers the best coverage for them. Once a consumer knows which cards provide the best wrap-around coverage, the Pharmacy Locator enables them to find the pharmacies that honoring that card that are most conveniently located and/or where the consumer wants to shop. In states where there is a state pharmacy program with a special arrangement with a card sponsor, that program will usually be recommended first.

18 Black Women's Health Imperative18 How to get to the BenefitsCheckUpRx tool Log on to Click the link in the BenefitsCheckUpRx box The link will take you directly to the first screen of the BenefitsCheckUpRx tool Click #2 to begin the questionnaire

19 Black Women's Health Imperative19 The Welcome Screen gets you into the tool

20 Black Women's Health Imperative20 A simple, confidential questionnaire that asks for personal information as well as information on income, expenses and assets to help determine eligibility.

21 Black Women's Health Imperative21 A drop down menu of 1,450 medications allows you to list the medications you need covered

22 Black Women's Health Imperative22 BenefitsCheckUpRx will then give recommendations of the best card and wrap around programs

23 Black Women's Health Imperative23 Sample Case Based on the information that you provided: click here click here Mr. Brown is taking the following medications (click here to make any corrections):click here Exelon (rivastigmine tartrate) Glucophage (metformin HCl) Prozac (fluoxetine HCl) Risperdal® (risperidone) Tablets and Oral Solution We Recommend: Based on the medicines that Mr. Brown uses and other facts that you provided, we recommend that your Mother take the following actions to save money on prescriptions and other health care costs: 1. Sign up for a Medicare-approved drug discount card with the $600 annual credit. Any one of the following cards will be a good choice. We recommend that Mr. Brown selects a card that is honored by a pharmacy nearby.

24 Black Women's Health Imperative24 Sample Case (cont) AARP Prescription Discount Card $600 Credit (United HealthCare Insurance Company - D7074) herehere Click here to locate the pharmacies closest to you that honor this aClaim Rx Savings Club $600 Credit (aClaim, Inc. - D7002) herehere Click here to locate the pharmacies closest to you that honor this ArgusRx $600 Credit (Argus Health Systems, Inc. - D7047 ) herehere Click here to locate the pharmacies closest to you that honor this 2. Apply for other Medicare benefits, if eligible. 3Apply for additional assistance programs, if eligible. The online program will direct you to these options. Just print out, complete and mail the enrollment form(s)

25 Black Women's Health Imperative25 Pharmacy Locator ……

26 Black Women's Health Imperative26 Easily available application forms …..

27 Black Women's Health Imperative27 Next steps….. Become familiar with BenefitsCheckUpRx by practicing once or twice with fictitious responses until program recommendations come up. Also, practice using the Pharmacy Locator by including familiar zip codes. Remember, the enrollment form must be complete, signed and mailed to the specific company the provides the card you selected. Do not mail it to Medicare (CMS).

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