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Positive Behavior Modification System.

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1 Positive Behavior Modification System.
Turn A Card Positive Behavior Modification System.

2 Purpose: To help maintain classroom atmosphere conducive to learning
To help students learn to take responsibility for their own behavior To allow weekly home/school communication about each student’s classroom behavior.

3 How it works Use a pocket chart that is hanging in an easy accessible place in classroom. Each child has a pocket with 4 color coded cards. White, Yellow, Pink, Blue

4 What the cards mean: White Card- Students Name on top. This card means a fresh start and is on top each day to start. It is also were you document each days results. I.e. put a smile for days they stay on white, W for days they get a warning, T for Time out days, N for days that a letter or parent call is needed.

5 Yellow Card This is the warning card
The warning is just a warning no consequence other than turning a card.

6 Pink Card This card is used when a student is disruptive in class the same day. He/ she must “turn a card”, revealing a pink card. This means the student has a time out for 10 min. Basically looses 10 min. of recess. A time for them to reflect on the behavior.

7 Blue Card This is when the behavior continues student is asked to turn to the blue card. A notice will be sent home to parents or a phone call to parents occurs if a child turns to a blue card. If the behavior is a serious nature, the student may need to be sent to principal to talk about it.

8 So what do we do with the cards at end of week?
Well this is a great system to reward students that have not turned cards. Don’t forget we are putting smiles on days that they don’t turn cards. So at the end of week set up a system where they get a for not turning cards, or even just “W”s.

9 Remember always start where students can succeed.
Don’t expect your class to be perfect, work to that. So start with like 3 days with only “W’s” get a prize Then move to 4 then to 5 for the prize!!

10 Keep parents in the loop
Have kids take home the card to get signed and returned. This lets parents know what the kids have done this week. Put the signed cards in with your caught being goods if they are good. Encourage parents to reward at home for good cards!!!

11 Consistency This program works if consistent.
Remember though, teachers do have the ability and know the kids that maybe need extra verbal warnings before turning a card. You guys are great you know it takes a kid with ADHD a few more warnings etc.

12 Consistency…. Having it in every classroom makes everyone on the same page! Specials then will have the consistency Subs will know the plan and be consistent Students and parents will know what to expect each year.

13 Who can turn a card Teachers ask kids to turn the cards
Specialists can ask kids to turn a card If you have lunch or recess duty we recommend you discuss behavior with classroom teacher and the classroom teacher has the student turn a card. - this is due to we have learned sometimes you are working hard to let a kid see success on a day and then someone else has them turn a card and it wrecks what the teacher is working on. Also this allows the teacher to know why you feel the card is needing to be turned.

14 Need help You have some great teachers both in your school and district using this system Talk to them Ask them for help Research it on line, many schools nationwide are using this system.

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