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P-Card Program Overview Define the P-Card & its purpose Summarize personnel responsibilities Review WORKs procedures Provide DOM cardholders and liaisons.

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1 P-Card Program Overview Define the P-Card & its purpose Summarize personnel responsibilities Review WORKs procedures Provide DOM cardholders and liaisons with updated P-Card information Department of Medicine

2 It is a Visa credit card issued from Bank of America It is issued to a specific employee It is to be used for official MUSC business only It is fast and flexible purchasing for authorized items under $2,500 What is a P-Card?

3 Purchases UNDER $2,500 Memberships Airline tix for employees ONLY Advertising Registration fees Radioactive substances Computers, parts, equipment, accessories (if Apple product, always get approval from Vertelle Seabrook in Purchasing prior to purchase and note in internal notes section in UMS) Computer Software through Compusult (always get prior approval for computer software from Vertelle Seabrook in Purchasing prior to purchase – especially if license/maintenance involved & note in internal Notes section in UMS) Books Lab supplies Postage / Stamps Temp employment agencies Freight/express/delivery Office supplies Office furniture Lab coats (w/o personal embroidery) Gift cards for study participants (prior approval by P-Card Administrator) Use vendors on contract whenever possible Purchases OVER $2,500 Memberships/dues - especially for organizations that are political Action Committees or that function as Charitable Organization (Ex: SCMA- MEDPAC) Airfare for non-employees Hotel room charges Maintenance agreements (written-signed contracts) Lease agreements (contracts) Microwaves, refrig., freezers unless specified for patient care or research Consultants Employee meals Entertainment; meals, florists Telephone, cell phones Individual professional licenses – except SC Medical License & SC DHEC License 1099 reportable – purchase of individual services Personal charges (gifts, plaques, embroidery,etc) Authorized v Non Authorized

4 Authorized Items: Guidelines for Memberships Must be a direct benefit to MUSC Must be institutional not individual Must relate specifically to an employees job or function Memberships with subscriptions are allowable if both benefit MUSC and subscription is kept in a departmental library Memberships to SC Medical Association or American Medical Association is permitted for students only (no faculty) Memberships to charitable organizations is strictly prohibited

5 Authorized Items: Guidelines for Radioactive Materials Radioactive materials (substances) may be purchased with the P-Card only if approved by University P-Card Administrator, Sharon Ford

6 Authorized Items: Guidelines for Gift Cards Prior approval from P-Card Administrator, Sharon Ford Purchased for study participants (clinical trial grants) only

7 Cardholder Department Liaison Department Manager P Card Program Administrator Key Players

8 Must be employee of MUSC (or affiliate;i.e. UMA) Department Head must approve employee as cardholder P-Card request forms must be completed and submitted to P-Card Administrator for approval Attend training Be knowledgeable of authorized and unauthorized P- card purchases Cardholder

9 1.Review procurement request to determine if P- card allowable. If allowable, then… 2.Enter information in UMS procurement screen. This is important because UMS will know if there is sufficient funds to pay for this P-Card request UMS will provide a document control/reference number. This is important as it will tie your P-Card purchase to a SmartStream transaction (important for reconciliations) Print the UMS document control/reference number form 3.Place order to vendor Give vendor the document control/reference number from UMS form. This will be like a PO and will be helpful in identifying specific purchases Cardholder Responsibilities

10 4.Print a copy of UMS voucher 5.Give Liaison a copy of the UMS voucher 6.Receive the item(s) - Attach the invoice, packing slips, and any other paperwork to UMS voucher. Sign and date the voucher indicating receipt of items - Give the paperwork (UMS voucher w/ all attachments) to Liaison -Note: One transaction may contain 10 items. The vendor could possibly ship each item individually meaning there could be 10 receipts/packing slips. All must be given to liaison. 7. Ensure proficient knowledge of P-Card policies and procedures as violations can result in loss of privileges Cardholder Responsibilities, CONTD

11 1.Purchase of alcohol 2.Split a purchase to circumvent the $2,500 limit 3.Use another cardholders card 4.Provide your card to another person for use 5.Purchase of personal items 6.Continuous purchase of unauthorized items 7.Failure to provide liaison with required documents Examples of Cardholder Violations

12 Violation 1:Notification of infraction sent to cardholder, liaison, dept. manager, and department compliance file. Violation 2:Meet w/ P-Card Administrator. Receive additional training. Notification will be sent to cardholder, liaison, dept manager, and department compliance file. Violation 3:Termination of P-Card rights for the cardholder, liaison, and potentially the department. *If the infraction is deemed to be deliberate, fraudulent, or illegal, then card will be immediately terminated, and cardholder/liaison/and potentially department will lose P-Card privileges. This can occur for any violation depending upon the severity. Action Taken for Violations

13 Be appointed by Department Administrator Attend training Be knowledgeable of P-Card policies & WORKs procedures Be organized Maintain filing system for P-Card transactions Liaison

14 1.Maintain proficient knowledge of P-card policies, procedures, and allowable/unallowable charges; 2.Retain organized filing system of all UMS forms, receipts, packing slips and bank statements; 3.Allocate P-card transactions in WORKs 4.Update P-card Administrator (Sharon Ford): new UDAKs change in default UDAK lost/stolen card terminated cardholders Liaison Responsibilities

15 5.Obtain department administrator signoff on transactions if cardholder serves as own liaison 6.Match all transactions w/ receipts, packing slips, etc to the bank statement 7.Sign bank statement verifying that statements match attached paperwork. Liaison Responsibilities, CONTD

16 Allocate each transaction from default UDAK to correct UDAK Enter UMS reference # (this is necessary and important for UMS reconciliation purposes) Identify those transactions that require sales tax Identify and resolve any disputed transactions Report any questionable transactions to Department Manager WORKs

17 Oversee the P-card program for the department Establish and maintain departmental policies and procedures that are in-line to the institutions Establish best practices for: –WORKs –filing system (hard copy and/or electronic) –Disputes –UMS reconciling Communicates user requests to university officials Conducts monthly internal audits of P-card transactions Report any unallowable/unauthorized purchases to Internal Audit and Program Administrator Notify and counsel cardholders and liaisons of any violations or fraudulent activity associated w/ the P-card. Department Manager Responsibilities


19 Be proficient in the institutional P-Card policy Know and practice DOM procedures (that are in line w/ MUSC) Understand your role Act responsibly Communicate with other P-Card Players Ask questions Keys to Success

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