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MIT Web Credit Card Processing Lorraine J. Rappaport.

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1 MIT Web Credit Card Processing Lorraine J. Rappaport

2 The Business Case Inquiries from internal merchants to Accounting and Information Systems expressing a need for: –Secure online credit card processing –Help to create storefronts Accountings desire to: –Streamline procedures for recording receivables –Reduce the number of cash and check transactions processed by the Cashiers Office

3 Design Considerations Must allow for multiple distinct storefronts/merchant Ids Server must encrypt data transmission (no plans to store credit card data) Merchants must be able to customize, e.g., to require customer registrations or not Credit card verification and credit card settlement must be separate steps

4 Design Considerations (cont.) Transaction server must not require that we use a specific web catalog tool. That is, merchants should be able to utilize existing web storefronts if they wish Must be able to integrate with SAP R/3 and potentially merchants databases. Ability to send email, fax, etc. notifications desirable

5 Host vs. Buy? Decision to BUY based on: Desire to control as many aspects of the configuration and operations as possible Expectation that this is a long-term investment Possibility of designing additional services around this, e.g., greater support for one-time event registrations

6 Host vs. Buy? (cont.) Possible expansion of this solution for other types of purchases, e.g., internal provider transactions, etc. We would prefer not to pay transaction costs or any other costs tied to volume or other growth metric

7 Proposed Design

8 (Buy) Vendors Considered Trintech (PayWare Net) Open Market (Transact) SAP (Online Store) Also looked into: Clear Commerce Pandesic

9 Tentative Recommendation Trintech(pending in-house evaluation), because: Architecture seems more flexible, adaptable Better able to support possible future applications Company seems to have a better understanding of the financial industry Much less expensive Collaboration with SAP

10 Catalog Development Tool Currently evaluating Intershop May need other options - - Suggestions welcome!

11 For More Information… Call or email me: 617.253-0749 or Our project web page:

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