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Card Stacking Propaganda

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1 Card Stacking Propaganda

2 All propaganda is BIASED!
What is PROPAGANDA? The deliberate spreading of ideas, information, or rumors for the purpose of helping or hurting a particular cause, institution, or person. All propaganda is BIASED!

3 What are some examples of propaganda?
Ads on TV, in magazines, etc. Political material Brochures Other examples?

4 CARD STACKING What do you notice?

5 Card Stacking Definition
A type of propaganda that tells all the positives about a product, person, etc. without telling any of the negatives. It is usually “word heavy”.

6 Your Turn Choose a magazine.
Find an ad that you believe is an example of card stacking propaganda. Share the ad with your shoulder partner and get feedback.

7 Wrap up In your own words, define propaganda.
In your own words, define the card stacking propaganda technique. Write one question you have about either card stacking, propaganda, or something you should already know about propaganda.

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