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Readers DigiReader Series Digital Proximity Readers

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1 Readers DigiReader Series Digital Proximity Readers
Magnetic Stripe Readers w/ keypad option FastLane Access Optical Turnstile Smart Contactless Reader Biometrics

2 Pick the technology that suits the application
Digital proximity Magnetic stripe Keypad Multiple technology Biometrics Smart Card Analog proximity

3 Award-winning design is attractive, functional
DigiReader Digital Proximity Readers: Flexible, affordable, secure reader options Award-winning design is attractive, functional Latest proximity technology is fast, secure ADA-compliant readers allow true hands free access Add extra layer of security with optional keypad Mount anywhere Mullion mount Glass mount Affordable options with advanced features

4 DR4203 DigiReader Compact proximity reader
Feature Mullion mount Easy installation Read range to 4 inches with DuraKey Application Ideal for indoor & outdoor applications where space is limited

5 DR4205 Series DigiReader: Affordable proximity with flexible options
Feature Security and dependability of proximity at a cost similar to magnetic stripe Keypad option provides extra layer of security Offers most advanced features and technology Easy to install Weatherized versions for outdoor applications Wiegand version provides specification-compliance Glass-mount option Read range to 6 in. w/ DuraKey WSE

6 DR 4226 DigiReader: Affordable long-range proximity
Features Read range to 24 inches with DuraKey Low-cost, long range control solution Weatherized for outdoor use Applications Cost-effective option for applications that require convenient, hands-free access Parking lots Easier access for disabled

7 DR4238 DigiReader: Ultimate read range for passive proximity
Features Read range to 36 inches with DuraKey Applications Ideal for applications that require most convenient, hands-free access Parking lots Easier access for disabled Any application that requires long-range hands-free access Inventory control

8 DigiReader key benefits summary
Advanced technology is fast, secure, dependable Attractive and functional design fits in any decor, holds up to harsh environment ADA-Compliant proximity provides convenient, hands-free access Affordable options make proximity available to any company Increased security with integrated keypad

9 MSR Series Magnetic Stripe Readers Low-cost access control solution
Features Durable die-cast metal Weatherized versions Functional Audible and visual status Bi-directional reads ABA Track II, high coercivity magnetic stripe cards Secure Optional integrated keypad provides extra layer of security WSE WSE

10 FastLane Access: Optical Turnstile for easily monitoring flow
Features Allows relatively free flow of credential holders Digital readout gives greeting, instructions, thanks Bi-directional monitoring tracks entrance and exit of credential holders Applications Use at perimeter gates for employees and visitors Easily monitor and control crowd flow FastLane Access is an advanced optical turnstile that is ideally suited for areas where standard entrance technology is either unnecessary, prohibited, or inconvenient. Fast Lane Access bi-directionally monitors movement of people with high precision and collects area-specific or system-wide population data from all connected access control units. A fluorescent text display on the unit’s top panel displays information to users, including greetings, instructions, company name, or system-wide time and date.

11 Extended Read Range RFID
Credential selection Features Extends read range to 1 meter Passive RFID technology Pairing with free flow access turnstiles Applications Parameter gates for high capacity access Application with least disturbance of cardholder Disabled cardholders

12 Smart Contactless Card & Reader
Features Ideal for multi-use applications High security Resistant to vandalism Additional security with PIN or Biometrics read-write memory for large storage capacity Applications Access control (physical or logical) Time & attendance Electronic purse Vending Leisure activities Transportation (access & payment)

13 The future of access control

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