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Getting to Know the Credit Card Rules: Credit CARD Act of 2009 NEW!

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1 Getting to Know the Credit Card Rules: Credit CARD Act of 2009 NEW!

2 February 22, 2010

3 Communicate with Consumers CHANGE COMING

4 Communicate What? When? Interest rate increases Fee Changes Other significant changes 45 Days Notice Required

5 CAUTION! Interest Rates

6 When Changes are Coming: Decisions Cancel Card Accept changes Risk increased payments

7 Exceptions Variable interest rate tied to index Introductory rate expires Fail to make payments as agreed 45- day Notice

8 Time to Pay Off Balance New balance$3,000 Minimum payment due$90.00 Payment due date9/20/XX Late payment warning: If we do not receive your minimum payment by the date listed above, you may have to pay a $35 late fee and your APRs may be increased up to the Penalty APR of 28.99%. Minimum Payment Warning: If you make only the minimum payment each period, you will pay more in interest and it will take you longer to pay off your balance. For example: If you make no additional You will pay off the And you will end up charges using this card andbalance shown on thispaying an each month you pay... statement in about... estimated total of Only the minimum payment11 years$4,745 $1033 years$3,712 (Savings +$1,033)

9 Rate, Fee and Limit Changes Interest rate increases for the first year

10 Exceptions Variable interest rates Introductory rate ends 60+ days delinquent Non-compliance in workout agreement Exceptions

11 Increased rates apply only to new charges New Old Increased rates apply Do not apply

12 Over-the-limit (O-T-L) transactions Opt-Out No o-t-l transactions No fees if o-t-l transaction slips through Opt-in Allows o-t-l transactions Only one fee per billing cycle Can be revoked at any time

13 Limits high card fees Annual fees, application fees, etc. Capped at 25% of initial credit limit Example: Card limit $500 x.25 Max first year fees $125 Exception: Does not apply to penalty fees

14 Standard Payment Times Must receive bill 21 days before due Consistent due date 5:00 pm cut-off Weekend/holiday provisions

15 Fair Application of Payments Payments above minimum applied to highest interest rate first Exception: Deferred interest plan Consumers: Pay less interest Get out of debt faster

16 Ends Double-Cycle Billing Two-cycle billing bases finance charges on both the current and previous balance More costly to consumers Finance charges will now be computed only on current cycle purchases

17 Deceptive Marketing of Credit Reports Advertisements for free credit reports must disclose that free credit reports are available under Federal law at:

18 Restricts Cards to Students Applicants < 21 must have Adequate income OR Cosigner OR Completion of certified financial literacy course Restricts credit limit increases Limits prescreened offers Restricts promotional gifts Disclosure of marketing contracts

19 Establishes Gift Card Protections Five year expiration limit Limits inactivity fees Yields to stronger state laws Covers both retailer gift cards and prepaid general use gift cards Limitations to coverage

20 Summary: Changes address Communication requirements Rate and fee increases Balance pay-off data Over-the-limit restrictions Protections for underage consumers Billing and payment structure Deceptive marketing of credit reports, and Gift card protections

21 Any Questions? For more information about managing money, credit, saving and investing ask about the LSU AgCenters Saving and Investing for Life (SAIL) Program.

22 References Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve. (2010). What you Need to Know: New Credit Card Rules. Consumer Union. (2009). Upcoming Credit Card Protections. Johnson, C. & Gorham, E. (2009). Credit CARD Act of 2009: The changes and when they take place. Extension Extra. South Dakota State University Extension Service. McFadden, L. (2009). 8 major benefits of new credit card law. Retrieved from Prater, C. (2009). What the new credit card reforms mean to you. Retrieved from The White House. (May 22, 2009). Fact Sheet: Reforms to Protect American Credit Card Holders. Retrieved 7/2/09 from Reforms-to-Protect-American-Credit-Card-Holders

23 Developed by: Jeanette Tucker, Ph.D., LSU AgCenter Visit our Web site Louisiana State University Agricultural Center, William B. Richardson, Chancellor Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station, David Boethel, Vice Chancellor and Director Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service. Paul D. Coreil, Vice Chancellor and Director Pub. 9/09 Issued in furtherance of Cooperative Extension work, Acts of Congress of May 8 & June 30, 1914, in cooperation with the United States Department of Agriculture. The Louisiana Cooperative Extension Services provides equal opportunities in programs and employment.

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