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HUAWEI 12005-11-17 Installation and Configuration Attention! :Do not insert the Data card before installing the EC321 Manager. Step 1: Install.

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1 HUAWEI 12005-11-17 Installation and Configuration Attention! :Do not insert the Data card before installing the EC321 Manager. Step 1: Install EC321 Manager Step 2: Insert the Data Card in the laptop Step 3: Installs the driver Step 4: Start EC321 Manager 4 Installation Steps

2 HUAWEI 22005-11-17 Installation of EC321 Manager Insert the CD in to the CD ROM Drive Installation will start automatically. (If not, execute the setup.exe file in the CD ) Step 1:

3 HUAWEI 32005-11-17 Installation of EC321 Manager License Agreement

4 HUAWEI 42005-11-17 Installation of EC321 Manager Choose your installation destination location

5 HUAWEI 52005-11-17 Installation of EC321 Manager Select program folder

6 HUAWEI 62005-11-17 Installation of EC321 Manager Installing

7 HUAWEI 72005-11-17 Installation of EC321 Manager Setup complete!

8 HUAWEI 82005-11-17 Shortcut Icon The shortcut icon will appear on the desktop

9 HUAWEI 92005-11-17 Inserting the data card Insert your EC321 data card into the PCMCIA slot of your laptop Pull out antenna Step 2:

10 HUAWEI 102005-11-17 Hardware Driver Installation Windows will find new hardware and install the Modem driver automatically. Please choose Continue Anyway. Step 3:

11 HUAWEI 112005-11-17 Hardware Driver Installation Install COM port driver, please press continue any way.

12 HUAWEI 122005-11-17 Hardware Driver Installation After installing the Data Card driver, several devices would be added to the Operation System. Huawei Mobile Connect – 3G Modem Huawei Mobile Connect – 3G Application Interface NEC PCI to USB Open Host Controller (two) Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller

13 HUAWEI 132005-11-17 Hardware Driver Installation Go to device manager:

14 HUAWEI 142005-11-17 Main Screen The initial minimized screen To start the program EC321 Manager, double click the Huawei Mobile Connect icon on the desktop Step 4:

15 HUAWEI 152005-11-17 Main Screen The maximized screen

16 HUAWEI 162005-11-17 Huawei Data Card-EC321 EC321 Manager GUI Description Accessing the Internet Call Service SMS Messages Call log Contacts Diagnostics

17 HUAWEI 172005-11-17 Accessing the Internet Creating a new profile 1. Select [Settings/Network Connection Settings] on the menu bar 2.Click.

18 HUAWEI 182005-11-17 Accessing the Internet 3. Enter a new profile name in the "Profile name" field. 4. Enter required relevant information for the settings. 5. Click to finish creating the profile.

19 HUAWEI 192005-11-17 Dialer Screen Statistic Click on to set up a connection Duration Volume Rates Signal Network

20 HUAWEI 202005-11-17 Volume display and statistic Volume display and statistic Volume statistic of the current connection (including connection time, data volume, sending/receiving volume, rate as well as the maximum rate of sending/receiving) Volume statistic of the last connection (including the volume of sending/receiving and the connection time) Statistic of total volume (including the total volume of sending/receiving and the connection time), which can be reset

21 HUAWEI 212005-11-17 Call Service Keypads

22 HUAWEI 222005-11-17 SMS Messages Main menu

23 HUAWEI 232005-11-17 SMS Messages SMS writingthe maximum length of each message is 1000 English characters SMS format A maximum of 160 English characters can be contained in each message while sending and receiving SMS division If the length of sending message over 160 in English characters, the message would be truncated to several parts SMS to group You can send a message to a group of 20 phone numbers at most separated by Semi colon SMS Storage A maximum of 1000 messages can be stored in the Outbox, Inbox, Draft, Trash and delivery report box respectively SMS Management You can import messages saved in data card and the EC321 Manager from one to another between corresponding boxes. SMS ring toneRing tone can be customized

24 HUAWEI 242005-11-17 Managing Your Contacts

25 HUAWEI 252005-11-17 Managing Your Contacts

26 HUAWEI 262005-11-17 Managing Your Contacts Contacts Capacity: A maximum of 1000 Contact entries are supported. Each contact includes name, Mobile, Home,Office Email and Comments Import/Export contact entries saved on the EC321 Manager & the data card or copy/move entries from one to another

27 HUAWEI 272005-11-17 Call log Main menu

28 HUAWEI 282005-11-17 Call log Call logs Call logs capacity: A maximum of 1000 dialed, received and missed call logs can be stored respectively Sorting the call logs: Name, phone number,Time & call duration

29 HUAWEI 292005-11-17 Date / Time displayed in the call logs The EC321 automatically takes the date & time as entered by the user in the laptop. Note: User can change the date & time in the laptop which appears on the GUI screen. Note: The data card will not take the Network date/time and hence, the data/time mentioned in the call logs may be different from that in the bill.

30 HUAWEI 302005-11-17 Diagnostics Diagnostics is another useful tool to get information about data card (Firmware, ESN, API etc)

31 HUAWEI 312005-11-17 FAQ Q: How to Judge whether the EC321 data card has been installed correctly? Answer: After installing the software and then inserting the EC321 data card, Check whether HUAWEI Mobile Connect-3G Modem, HUAWEI Mobile Connect-3G Application Interface & 3 devices in Universal Serial Bus controllers are displayed in the device manager. If a yellow exclamatory mark or other signs appear in front of the devices, it means that the data card has not been installed correctly and you need to uninstall and then install again.

32 HUAWEI 322005-11-17 FAQ Q : How to dial the telephone numbers with + sign? Answer : Two ways to input + sign: Double click the */+ key on the telephone service interface; Input + through the laptop keyboard.

33 HUAWEI 332005-11-17 FAQ Q: After installing the EC321 Management Software, the system always prompts Data Card does not Exist or unavailable. Why? Answer: Probably you have inserted the data card before the completion of installing the EC321 management software. Pull out the data card and insert it after the installation of EC321 management software is completed. Then, install the EC321 hardware driver by following the guide for hardware installation.

34 HUAWEI 342005-11-17 FAQ Q: What shall I do if I cannot access the internet? Answer: Check whether the account is a post-paid card and is activated for data access. If you are sure that the account has been Data activated, and still the problem exists, please refer to the user guide to implement relevant settings.

35 HUAWEI 352005-11-17 FAQ Q: Only part of the message is displayed after I use the Paste function to edit it. Why? Answer: While editing the message, at most 1000 characters are supported in the text. If the quantity of the pasted information exceeds the limit, the excess text will be deleted automatically.

36 HUAWEI 362005-11-17 FAQ Q: When a message is received, no prompt window appears. Why? Answer: Because you have not set the function of Display alerts when a message is received. Select [Settings/Options], and then check the Display alerts when a message is received from the Message alerts settings.

37 HUAWEI 372005-11-17 FAQ Q: Why cannot I paste the telephone number? Answer: Only telephone numbers containing 0123456789#*+ are legal. Confirm no other character is contained in the cut or pasted texts.

38 HUAWEI 382005-11-17 Troubleshooting Q : When connecting to internet, Windows pops up a message: Connection setting busy. Why? Cause: The Modem driver is not installed correctly. Answer : Uninstall and reinstall the EC321 Manager; Insert data card thereafter. Confirm the Modem driver is installed correctly in device manager.

39 HUAWEI 392005-11-17 Troubleshooting Q: If Windows Hot fix is installed, and the Windows pops up a message: PPP Connection Control Protocol Terminated and the data card can not connect to network. Why? Cause Windows hot fix has changed some system settings. Answer : Uninstall EC321 Manager and install it again.

40 HUAWEI 402005-11-17 Troubleshooting Q : While connecting to internet, windows pops up a message: Can not connect to remote computer. Why? Cause The cause maybe: 1. The account data service is not enabled or data service is terminated. 2. Network setting is incorrect in EC321 Manager. 3. CDMA signal is too weak. 4. Antenna is not pulled out.

41 HUAWEI 412005-11-17 Troubleshooting Answer : 1. Confirm that the account data service is enabled. 2. Setting networks parameter as mentioned below: Phone number Username Password 3. Ensure good coverage area. 4. Pull out antenna.

42 HUAWEI 422005-11-17 Troubleshooting Q: I can make a call and send SMS, but I can not connect to Internet, and the Connect icon is grey. Why? Cause Your Modem driver is not installed correctly. Answer: Please reinstall the EC321 Manager and insert your data card.

43 HUAWEI 432005-11-17 Troubleshooting Q: EC321 Manager can not be used with Users/Power Users group in Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Why? Cause Its the limitation of Users/Power Users group. Answer: Users group can not use EC321 Manager, but can dial to network through network connection offered by OS.

44 HUAWEI 442005-11-17 Troubleshooting Q: Laptop hangs after installing EC321 Manager. Why? Cause T he laptop has not installed the Modem driver which should installed as default in laptop, as EC321 is in conflict with the default Modem already existing in the laptop. Answer: Remove EC321 data card Uninstall EC321 Manager Install laptops default Modem driver Install EC321 Manager Insert EC321 data card

45 HUAWEI 452005-11-17 Troubleshooting Q : Why does the data card disconnect automatically after connecting to network for 3 to 5 minutes? Cause The operating system has not been installed with the required service pack. Answer: Windows 2000 OS requires Service Pack 4 or later version. Windows XP OS requires Service Pack 2 or later version.

46 HUAWEI 462005-11-17 Troubleshooting Q : EC321 data card cant install in DELL D500. Why? Cause: There is a conflict with ports. Answer: 1. Uninstall the EC321 Manager software. 2. Plug in the data card, wait till the USB Host Controller driver is OKpop up appears on the right bottom corner of the screen. (Note: If a pop up of the installation Wizard of Huawei EC321 device appears, please cancel that dialog box.) 3. Open "Device Manager" (method: My Computer -> properties -> hardware -> Device Manager)

47 HUAWEI 472005-11-17 Device Manager USB Host Controller driver

48 HUAWEI 482005-11-17 Troubleshooting 4. Expand Universal serial bus controller option; 5. Double click "Standard Enhance PCI to USB Host controller", update its driver. During the update, browse the location of driver to the directory of the driver in this RAR file. After updating completely, Windows will find a USB Root Hub device automatically and ask to install the driver. Please browse the location of driver to the directory of the driver to this RAR file. 6. If the update is successful, the device manager should have the following information: ----Universal Serial Bus Controller ----NEC PCI to USB Enhanced Host Controller ----USB 2.0 Root Hub Device

49 HUAWEI 492005-11-17 Troubleshooting 7. Also check if there is an option as mentioned below: Universal Serial Bus Controller ---- Intel(r) 82801DB/DBM USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller - 24CD If it exists, please disable the same. 8. Plug out the data Card. You can now install the EC321 Manager software as per the normal process.

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