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DUE DATE for ALL sets: Friday, May 17th

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1 DUE DATE for ALL sets: Friday, May 17th
NOTE CARD FORMAT REQUIREMENTS: You will need at least 10 Information Cards/Note Cards per subtopic/category. There are no excuses. You must see Mrs. DeFilippis or Mrs. Stauss with any questions or concerns as they arise. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE. You will have three piles or “sets” of information/note cards. They will based on the categories: Childhood/Personal Background Info, Obstacles He/She had to Overcome, and the Impact he/she had on our generation. The final three piles will be collected and count as a test grade. We will start by doing one source at a time. DUE DATE for ALL sets: Friday, May 17th

2 Source Card/Cover Card
Author’s Name. If you have no author then it is the title of the article in quotation marks. Sean Smith Anne Frank Biography Print Obstacles He/She had to Overcome Student Name Title of the book or article if you have author “Print” tells us it was a “printed” book. Websites are considered “WEB”. EBSCO is considered “DATABASE”. Title of subtopic (one of the 3 categories)

Each set of information/note cards will have a “cover” card also known as a “source card”. Sean Smith Anne Frank Biography Print Childhood/Background Info Student Name Information Cards Obstacles He/She had to Overcome Impact on this Generation

Smith, Sean Childhood/Background Info Pgs (Leave Blank if No Page #’s) Student Name Author’s Name or Title of Source if there is no author. Sub-topic the information falls under NOTES: Your Information Cards will consist of mostly paraphrased (summarized) content, with some quoted content. You should have NO MORE THAN 2 QUOTES PER SUBTOPIC/CATEGORY. You may skip one line between each fact.

Smith, Sean Childhood/Background Info Anne Frank was born "Annelies Marie Frank" on June 12, 1929. She had a sister named Margot who was three years older than her. She grew up in a typical upper-middle class German-Jewish family with her parents Otto and Edith. Pgs Student Name NOTES: Remember that paraphrasing means to summarize a source’s (author’s) words AND ideas by putting them into your own words. Ask yourself, How would I explain this information to my friends or family? Failure to paraphrase effectively is considered plagiarism. When quoting someone from a source who is not the author of the source, remember to include that person’s credentials (what makes him/her an expert?).

6 FINAL INFORMATION If you are absent any day this week you must continue to work on the information/note cards. This will count as a test grade and we cannot move forward without completing all of our information/note cards. All note cards should be placed in order and contain source/cover cards. They should hand a rubber band around them and labeled with your name on them. This will all be done in class. You will receive a week, which is more than enough time. If you do not complete the assignment in class you must complete it at home.

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