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Operating Instructions Student Copier/Printers October, 2002.

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1 Operating Instructions Student Copier/Printers October, 2002

2 Step 1 – Swipe Card (top to bottom)

3 Step 2 – Select for PRINT (F1) or COPY (F2) If you select PRINT, skip to Print Section … or Continue for COPY

4 If you select COPY, your name should appear briefly…

5 Use copier controls to make your copies and then Press F3 to END your session. (If you do not END your session, someone elses work may be charged to your account!)

6 The number of copies made will be reported as you are signed off.

7 Print Section

8 If you choose PRINT, you will see this. In ALL cases, choose PRINT HERE. On this and most other menu screens, pressing BACK (above the 7) will end the session

9 Once you have chosen PRINT HERE, those words will disappear. If you want to see the documents available for printing, choose SELECT. If you know you want to print ALL documents on file, choose ALL.

10 If you choose SELECT, a list of your documents will appear. Use the up/down arrow keys (immediately right of the screen) to place the cursor on the document you want to print. Then, press ENTER (bottom-right key).

11 To PRINT the selected file, press F1 To DELETE the selected file, press F2 To EXIT and start over, press F3

12 The screen will indicate progress on the action chosen.

13 Start Over

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