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Hallmark Retailer Report Ryan Kozar Denise Burkholder Erin Beyer.

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1 Hallmark Retailer Report Ryan Kozar Denise Burkholder Erin Beyer

2 History –1910 – Joyce Clyde Hall starts wholesaling postcards –1911 – Joyce and his brothers form Hall Brothers –1925 – The word "Hallmark" first starts to appear on cards –1928 – "Hallmark" now appears on all cards –1944 – The slogan, "When You Care Enough To Send the Very Best" is first used –1949 – Hallmark signature and crown logo created –1954 – Name officially changes to Hallmark Cards, Inc. –1956 – Company moves to Kansas City, Mo. –1966 – Hallmark International organized –1994 – Hallmark Gold Crown® Card becomes the first consumer- reward program in the greeting card industry. –1996 – Corporate Web site launched: –2002 – Donald J. Hall Jr., grandson of Hallmark founder J.C. Hall, is named president and chief executive officer

3 Mission –Hallmark has believed in the very best of human nature, the desire each of us has to live a life that intertwines in meaningful ways with others. –That Belief Drives their Mission to Help People… …Communicate…Connect…Celebrate –When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best

4 Background –43,000 Retail Outlets in the U.S. –Net Revenues of $4.2 Billion –Worldwide: 18,000 Full-Time Employees –Creative Staff of 800 Artists, Designers, Stylists, Writers, Editors, and Photographers –More than 48,000 Products in its Line at Any One Time –Publishes Products in More than 30 Languages and Distributes in More than 100 Countries

5 Corvallis –Location: 932 NW CIRCLE BLVD

6 Competitive Advantage Cards! –Logo has meaning caring enough to send the VERY best! –Allied Card Lines Shoebox Maxine –Song CardsSong Cards –E-cards (online) Hoops and Yoyo Gold Crown Program

7 Competitive Advantage (cont.) Ornaments –Decoration –Collection: Series Hall of Fame Online –Coupons – Direct –Coupons –PromotionsPromotions Hallmark Magazine

8 SWOT Analysis Strengths –Good customer service –Small town atmosphere –Many loyalists –Offers benefits for those loyalists –Tradition & reputation Weaknesses –Little foot traffic –Small retail space –Location (crime) –Lack of signage options –Overpriced balloons

9 SWOT Analysis Opportunities –Local store commercial –Students & parents –Relocation to downtown Threats –Rices Pharmacy Gifts and Wine –OSU Bookstore –Card-making computer programs –E-cards –Fred Meyers –Dollar stores

10 Sources,

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