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Bibliography Cards By Mrs. Reynolds.

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1 Bibliography Cards By Mrs. Reynolds

2 Why bother with Bibliography Cards at all??
enable you to keep track of your sources, help prevent plagiarism, and will save you time in the long run (no unnecessary trips back to the library).

3 Information to Put on Bibliography Cards
Author Title Publishing Information Punctuation Publication Medium

4 Authors on Bibliography Cards
Begin the first line of the bibliography entry at the left margin of the card. Indent all subsequent lines five spaces (tab). Author’s last name followed by a comma then first name and middle initial (if given).

5 Titles on Bibliography Cards
Italicize titles of books and periodicals. Place quotation marks around the titles of articles. Capitalize words in titles correctly. Separate titles from subtitles with a colon.

6 Publishing Information
Books Magazines Internet

7 Publishing Info--Books
List the place of publication. Follow the place of publication with a colon, a space, and the name of the publisher. Follow publisher name with comma & publication date. Follow with period and medium.

8 Publishing Info--Magazines
Dates: day, then month, then year. Follow the date with a colon, a space, and the page number. Omit commas between the month and the year. Follow final period with medium and period.

9 Publishing Info--Internet
Information will be inconsistent from site to site. Look for Author, “Article,” Title or Site Name. Version/date. Publisher. Page number. Web. Date of access. <url>. URL is no longer necessary in many circumstances, but instructors are still allowed to insist on them.

10 Punctuation in Bibliography
Follow each item with a period (author, article, book, publishing information). Use only one period when the author’s middle initial is included. Omit the period after magazine titles. Use a period at the end of each bibliography entry.

11 Other Details (helpful hints)
If you use more than one library, list the name of the library where you found this source. For books, list the call number. Make notations of key features of source.

12 Sample Bibliography Card 1
Greenberg, Jan. Advertising Courses: How Advertising Works. New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1987. Print. Do you know what kind of source this is? Book or Magazine? Yes!! It is a book.

13 Sample Bibliography Card 2
McCommons, James. “The Comeback of Moose.” Country Journal May- June 1991: Print. What does stand for? Page numbers in the magazine.

14 Sample Bibliography Card 3
Barker, Joe. “Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial.” 2 Sept. Web. 14 October 1997. <http:// Edu/ TeachingLib/Guides/Inet /FindInfo.html>. When did the researcher look up this information? Yes. October 14, 1997.

15 Additional Bibliography Help
For more tips on writing bibliography cards, consult an MLA Handbook, the librarians, OWL at Purdue, or your teacher. Don’t just guess...

16 It Could Spell Disaster!!!

17 The End

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